Slightly obscure history

Do you know your slightly obscure history? Click to pick and see.
Sources: search engine, wikipedia, history books
Quiz by WillemLAif
Last updated: April 27, 2021
First submittedApril 27, 2021
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1. Everyone knows the Golden Horde, but who were the White Horde?
Genghis Khan's grandson's troops
Aryan group
Alexander the Great's men
Ukrainian guerrillas
2. Everyone knows the Freemasons, but who were their predecessors?
Dionysian Architects
Bavarian Bricklayers
Odd Fellows
Stanger Things
3. Everyone knows Sputnik was the first satellite, but what was the name of the first US satellite?
Orbiter 1
Explorer 1
Challenger 1
Comrade 2
4. Everyone knows Mohandas Gandhi, but who was Indira Gandhi?
Daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru
Daughter of Zail Singh
Daughter of Mohandas Gandhi
Daughter of Feroze Gandhi
5. Everyone knows the Celtic druids, but how many different layers or levels did they have?
One. Druids.
None. The druids did not have levels.
Three. Acolytes, Druids and Grand or Great Druids.
Five. Told different by colors.
6. Everyone knows George Washington was the first US president, but who's claimed to be the real first president?
John Hanson, President of the United States in Congress assembled
John Smith, President of the 13 states
Thomas Mifflin, President of Pennsylvania
Elias Boudenot, President of the Congress
7. Everyone knows Christianity persecuted their competition out of Rome, but which faith was their early main rival?
8. Everyone knows about Philosophers' Stone, but what was it supposed to be exactly?
A special gemstone
A book with secret knowledge
An alchemical substance
Stones hanging from a philosopher
9. Everyone knows 5G is the latest generation in digital mobile telecommunications, but what was the first one?
0G in 1946 by Motorola/Bell
1G in the 1979 by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone
2G in 1991 by Radiolinja
3G in 1998 by NTT DoCoMo
10. Everyone knows the first Olympic Games under IOC were held in Athens in 1896, but how many nations took part?
11. Everyone knows Adidas and Puma are huge sportswear manufacturers that used to be one company, but what destroyed the relationship between brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler?
Drunken brawl
Denazification proceedings ("Nazi trials")
Competitive courting
Disagreements on direction of the company
12. Everyone knows the first cloned mammal was a sheep, but what animal was the first extinct one cloned?
Woolly mammoth
Tasmanian tiger
Gastric brooding frog
Pyrenean ibex
13. Everyone knows anime since it has existed for over a century, but when did the first anime in the unique Japanese style appear?
14. Everyone knows alien (=extraterrestrial, not illegal) abductions have been with us for quite a while, but when was the first one to get widespread media attention?
30 BCE, Roman Egypt, Cleopatra
1952, England, David Icke
1957, Brazil, Antônio Villas Boas
1974, USA, J. Allen Hynek
15. Everyone knows Mad Max, but what movie is said to have inspired the creators of that movie?
Dirty Harry
Equalizer 2000
Things to Come
A Boy and His Dog
Level 76
Apr 27, 2021
A few curious notes:

You can get an alien abduction insurance in the UK and in the US. According to wikipedia, in UK alone, 30,000 people have taken it.

At least 1 UFO abduction case has been recorded in the 1800s. In 1897, a mystery airship with three tall, slender and downy haired humanoids tried to abduct two men.

The Korean animation was based in Pyongyang before the split of Koreas. A studio still exists there, and is rumored to have started offering contracts to "westerners".

The first modern revival of the Olympic Games had only two countries take part: Greece and Ottoman Empire.

The druids had two "capitals", both located on an island (not the same one) around Great Britain. (I'll check the book, in case someone's interested.) Celtic druids were generally trained in England.