Things people confuse #2

Can you guess these things people confuse quite often?
I have simplified many of the concepts.
Source: I've been asking people what things/concepts they often or always confuse. The detailed explanations can be found in books, wikipedia, dictionary etc., in case you wish to go deep.
Quiz by WillemLAif
Last updated: June 3, 2020
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mental help professionals who usually study you by asking questions and giving suggestions, NOT medical doctors and do not give you drugs, studied mental health in theory and practice but not necessarily any physical health
mental help professionals who are also medical doctors and can prescribe you drugs, more focused on the physical side of your ailments (e.g. CT/PET scan, blood samples etc.), may have read only one course of psychology or otherwise very little
a clawed crustacean that lives in salty water and is often served as food that's just too damn laborious to eat
a clawed crustacean that lives in fresh water, look somewhat like the smaller versions of the above
England, Scotland and Wales
Great Britain Northern Ireland
United Kingdom
language: "to act on" or "to move", think of starting something (in psychology the word is related to feelings)
language: "to accomplish", "result in/from", something produced by a cause, think of finishing something
a savory liquid that can be eaten (drunk, really) as a 'food' alone, but is usually prepared for making other dishes
a food based on the previous that can be more like purée or more watery that includes all sorts of things like potatoes, vegetables, meet, rice or whatnot
a human categorization that is largely based on physical appearance such as skin color and other things, cannot be changed
a human categorization that is based on shared culture, language, customs and beliefs, can be changed
animals, heroes in a half shell, basically well shielded reptiles who live most of their lives in the water, but lay eggs on land
animals, sort of 'cousins' of the previous, well shielded reptiles who live exclusively on land and cannot swim at all
religious thought: strictly believes there is no deity / supreme being or beings
religious thought: is not a member of any particular religion, rejects organized religion and their dogma, but can be open to the existence of god or gods, or simply thinks the subject matter is irrelevant
emotion: you know or imagine that you, or someone you're responsible for, have done something wrong, causing you to feel remorse and act extra virtuous e.g. by restraining or punishing yourself or by paying back the victim somehow, generally caused by breach of your own internal values
emotion: you know or imagine that you have done something dishonorable, degrading, humiliating etc., (or that someone has done something to reflect the listed things on you) causing you to feel worthless, small, powerless, angry, irritated etc. and causing you to act by hiding, denying or revenging, generally caused by violation of cultural or social values
acting considerate, pleasant, gentle, avoiding confrontation, doing favors, giving support and not waiting to be paid for it in any way
lacking firmness or strength, a pushover based on the 'evidence' listed above
justice and fairness (although, not in the business sense)
having the same amount of quantity, value, rank, ability etc. as someone else
a criminal who kills multiple people in many separate incidents (2 words)
serial killer
a criminal who kills multiple people during one incident (2 words)
mass murderer
to go or be in a horizontal position
to put or place something or someone in a horizontal position
you behave, dress, talk etc. in a certain way because of peer influence
you behave, dress, talk etc. in a certain way because of your boss, parents, someone with power over you commands/expects you to do so
actor: in Superbad, Juno, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Arrested Development, he's Canadian
Michael Cera
actor: in The Social Network, Zombieland, Now You See Me, The Art of Self-Defense he's American
Jesse Eisenberg
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