Statistics for Tourism: Which place am I visiting?

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Booking a flight from Santiago, LATAM only, ogling big stone figuresEaster Island
Taking a freight ship from Cape Town, no wait, now I can also fly from JohannesburgSaint Helena
Flying to Tahiti, waiting for the weekly flight to Mangareva, sailing with MV Claymore II to reachPitcairn Island
If it only weren't for the war, I'd fly to the country and take a ferry to the island with funny treesSocotra
Arranging an organized trek, leaving from Longyearbyen, hoping to come back alive in 25 daysNorth Pole
A professional company, training for freezing weather, preparing to ski 50 days to completeSouth Pole
Going to Alaska Air, booking a flight... via Prudhoe Bay, up all the wayBarrow
Going to enjoy the largest island, flying to Nerlerit Inaat, taking a chopper to Itt...(16 letters)Ittoqqortoormiit
Flying to Magadan, driving a long while on the Road of Bones, if it's warmer than -55C kids are expected to go to schoolOymyakon
Hitching a ride from fishing boats of South Africa and prepare for a looong ride, or if I'm lucky, I can get on RMS Saint HelenaTristan da Cunha

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