Tourism: Worst tourists in the world!

Name the countries where the worst behaved tourists come from.
Source: Worst tourists in the world rankings 2012-2018, published by many incl. Business Insider, Conde Nast, South China Morning Post etc.
Comments from other tourists, waiters, hotel receptionists and locals in touristy places.
Quiz by WillemLAif
Last updated: February 14, 2019
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Highest worst-rankings
They come from...?
Some of the comments from hoteliers and voting tourists.
1. several times
"They urinate and defecate everywhere, including the front lawn of Louvre" "A __ teen wrote his name D_ J_ in the temple of Amenhotep III. It's a 3500-year-old temple!" "They are obnoxious, selfish, rude, loud and only think of and see themselves." "Cutting queues is their national sport."
1. only once less than ^
"Loud and obnoxious. Ignorant and oblivious to their surroundings." "44% of ___ respondents even rated their fellow countrymen as the worst in the world." "The loud know-it-all who disrespects local culture and dresses like a professional golfer on acid." "Take rude pictures in front of holy places." "Insincere." "__ thinks every­one should do things his way. If they don’t, the answer is usually to throw fistfuls of dollars around until they do."
2. extremely often, a regular in top three
"Give them a drink and they’ll be running naked through the streets in no time. Some have perfected the hotel-balcony-to-pool jump, while others could pick a fight with their own shadow." "They seem to think that people abroad are the foreigners in their own country!" "The ___ descend down upon Eastern European cities and Spanish islands to terrorize and drink them dry. They have done great damage to the reputation of native ___ speakers in cities such as Prague and Riga. They can be incredibly aggressive towards complete random strangers."
3. a lot of the time, nearly always in top five
"42% of __ consider their own country the most ill behaved." "They tend to drink a lot and refuse to respect the rules." "Everything in their hotel room becomes their own personal property." "__ are the unsmiling masters of the cultural faux pas and practitioners of the “no one likes us; we don’t care” approach to travel."
3. and usually in the top six
"Rule-obsessed, unfriendly and stubborn." "The sunbed-snagging __ have turned complaining into an art form." " __ want everything exactly as described in their vacation pamphlet. They may file a long letter of complaint if their hotel room is missing even a single washcloth." "__ tourists take their holidays so seriously, it’s hard to tell if they are actually having fun."
2. but pretty much always right behind ^
"Penny-pinching, rude and terrible at languages." "...their tourists the most likely to engage in rude or scandalous behaviors." "Have you ever heard the "Oh, in (homecountry), things are much better…" Well, with them, you hear it all the time."
4. often in a tie with ^
"Exporting tourists who are among the rudest and lewdest of all world travelers." "__ are ignorant, they don't speak any language and expect that in every country, people speak __ to please them. __ are rude, extremely loud, shout at you, harass women in the most rude and explicit way, drink and destroy everything around them." "__ seem to live in their own private world, and show little regard for those around them. Unless of course they find someone in your party attractive. In that case, they will walk right up to your girlfriend and tell her that she is the most beautiful girl in the world, before immediately turning to her friend and reciting the same exact lines."
4. and nearly always in tie with the ^ & ^^
"__ are renowned for being rude, impatient, noisy and high on drugs." "In Nepal my hiking guide told me mountain lodges preferred to pretend to be full rather than taking them. It's not worth the absolute unpleasantness, and possibility of being robbed." "Cheap." "Racists and supremacists." "Rude and always with a total disrespect for the local people. I witnessed two episode where groups of __ became violent. One for protecting girl they were harassing, one for telling them off after they stole everything from an old man's fridge."
5. and nearly always in top ten
"Like their southern neighbors, but a little more polite and a little less ignorant." "The crown of the worst tourist behaviour of all time probably goes to this __ guy who, in Berlin, did the Heil-Hitler pose while his girlfriend took a picture…"
5. and often in top ten
"__ gives __ and __ a run for their money as the worst-behaved country when it comes to travelers." "No respect to anyone and they treat everyone as if we are their servants." "Don't respect personal space and don't watch their kids."
5. and usually in top twenty
"You will always know when __ is nearby because you'll hear them first." "Some of the world's most notoriously ill-behaved travelers." "Drunken, disrespectful of local culture, crass and ignorant."
10. and close by
"__ are the most naughty of all world travelers." "Noisy, obnoxious, rude..."
4. but nearly always behind all of the above
"Binge drinking, sex in public and constant bravado." "In Laos, the first night of my arrival at a hostel, __ girl brought back another tourist to the dorm and had sex in the middle of 9 other people trying to sleep. The night following the incident, again. I screamed at her, saying that we’re trying to sleep. From that point on, she acted as if she had been wronged."
11. and around top twenty
"Beautiful country, worst people in the history of planet."
14. and steady around top fifteen
"They have an incredible lack of open mind about different things, different ways of living. Extremely self-centered." "One of the loudest countries and go to bed at 11, 12 or even 1 o'clock. This is also a country that loves to party." "Loud, disrespectful. Their concept of tourism is to go abroad comparing everything with __."
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Feb 13, 2019
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