Statistics for Worst country to be a woman in?

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5.Saudi Arabia"(poor/no) economic access, discrimination, including in the workplace and in terms of property rights, cultural and religious practices"
1.India"sexual violence and harassment, cultural and traditional practices, human trafficking including forced labor, sex slavery and domestic servitude"
3.Syria"(poor/no) access to healthcare, non-sexual violence incl. conflict-related violence as well as domestic abuse, sexual abuse"
6.Pakistan"(poor/no) economic resources, discrimination, cultural, religious and traditional practices incl. so-called honor killings, non-sexual violence, including domestic abuse"
2.Afghanistan"non-sexual violence, (poor/no) access to healthcare, and (poor/no) access to economic resources"
4.Somalia"(poor/no) access to healthcare, harmful cultural and traditional practices, (poor/no) access to economic resources"
8.Yemen"(poor/no) access to healthcare, economic resources, cultural and traditional practices, and non-sexual violence"
9.Nigeria"human trafficking, traditional practices"
7.Democratic Republic of Congo"“hellish living conditions” after years of factional bloodshed and lawlessness, sexual violence"
10.United States"sexual violence, including rape, sexual harassment, coercion into sex and a lack of access to justice in rape cases"

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