Elden Ring Regions & Locations

Elden Ring is the first of the Soulsborne series with a map, but how well have you studied it?
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Last updated: April 1, 2023
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Hub for the Tarnished
Roundtable Hold
Lofty location of the first boss
Chapel of Anticipation
Lush, wildlife-filled starting area
Fire-breathing dragon guards this oversized pond
Agheel Lake
Runebears and mysterious howling haunt this forest
Kenneth got kicked out of this castle
Fort Haight
Unrelenting winds here carry eagles (and wolves)
Godrick's Great Rune can be activated here
Divine Tower of Limgrave
Margit guards the entry against 'foul Tarnished'
Stormveil Castle
Southern island, an atmosphere of grief and rain
Weeping Peninsula
Fortress usurped by their Misbegotten servants
Castle Morne
Huge wetland area with forests shrouded in fog
Liurnia of the Lakes
Town sunken into the ground
Academy Gate Town
Home of the peaceful pot people
This entire building can be inverted
Carian Study Hall
Where Ranni abandoned her body
Divine Tower of Liurnia
Ransacked by Ensha, now home to an Omenkiller
Village of the Albinaurics
The 'Coward's Path'
Ruin-Strewn Precipice
Portals to every end of the world atop this hill
The Four Belfries
Iji warns you against exploring this royal household
Caria Manor
Ranni and Seluvis reside here in their Rises
Three Sisters
Rennala enthralled the sorcerers here with the Moon
Raya Lucaria Academy
Bathed in lunar rays, high above the lakes
Moonlight Altar
Area where mutant dogs and giant birds run rampant
Ruined fort on the coast, where a lion still patrols
Fort Gael
Scarlet rot has pooled here, at the centre of the land
Swamp of Aeonia
Ruined sorcerer town where Radahn once studied
Sellia, Town of Sorcery
Dragon sanctuary to the North, bordered by fiery walls
Greyoll's Dragonbarrow
Radahn's Great Rune can be activated here
Divine Tower of Caelid
Alexander looks for the Festival of War here
Redmane Castle
The Elder Dragon lies before this Fort
Fort Faroth
Gurranq's humble abode
Bestial Sanctum
Location of Radahn and Malenia's showdown
Wailing Dunes
Two medallion halves are needed to activate this
Grand Lift of Dectus
Golden mountainous land of the demigods
Altus Plateau
House of Marais, usurped by Elemer of the Briar
The Shaded Castle
Site of the worst battle in the Shattering
Mt. Gelmir
Fort besieged by the Firemonks and left in disrepair
Fort Laiedd
House of assassination which holds many secrets
Volcano Manor
Rykard's Great Rune can be activated here
Divine Tower of West Altus
The Celebrants are holding a strange festival here
Dominula, Windmill Village
Site of Godrick's march on the Erdtree
Capital Outskirts
Gransax's attack marks the only time the wall fell
Leyndell, Royal Capital
Morgott's & Mohg's Great Runes are activated here
Divine Tower of East Altus
Thin and foggy path connected to the North
Forbidden Lands
Two different medallions work here
Grand Lift of Rold
Frozen domain defeated in a war against the Erdtree
Mountaintops of the Giants
Niall's stronghold for him and his no nation army
Castle Sol
Fort of the Firemonks who guard the path ahead
Guardian's Garrison
Corpses of war litter the frozen land
Flame Peak
Area housing the undying fire
Forge of the Giants
Winter wasteland on the way to the promised land
Consecrated Snowfield
Abandoned town with a hidden ethereal side
Ordina, Liturgical Town
Tree grown from a young Empyrean's blood
Miquella's Haligtree
Finlay brought Malenia all the way back here
Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree
Malenia's Great Rune can be activated here
Isolated Divine Tower
Floating city of beasts with a raging storm at its heart
Crumbling Farum Azula
Worship of a deerlike being occurs along these banks
Siofra River
Location of the Fingerslayer Blade
Nokron, Eternal City
Giant ants infest the tunnels carved by this river
Ainsel River
Astel dragged this city underground in the past
Nokstella, Eternal City
An outer god's essence is believed to be stored here
Lake of Rot
Source of the two underground rivers
Deeproot Depths
Royal omen are sent here to rot in secret
Subterranean Shunning Grounds
Conceals the Frenzied Three Fingers
Cathedral of the Forsaken
The coming dynasty of blood brews here
Mohgwyn Palace
Remains of the capital as the Erdtree burns
Leyndell, Ashen Capital
Where you decide the fate of the world
Elden Throne/Stone Platform
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