The 100 (TV Show) Ultimate Quiz

Are you a real "100" fan? (Seasons 1-5)
Quiz by Frank24
Last updated: July 14, 2018
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Who was the first chancellor on the Ark?
Thelonious Jaha
Who shot Raven and caused her to become impaired?
John Murphy
How many chancellors did we receive throughout the show?
5 (Jaha, Diana, Abby, Kane, and Pike)
Who is the current one? (Season 5)
Marcus Kane
Who was the commander of Polis, who also had a relationship with Clarke?
Who stabbed and killed Finn Collins?
Clarke Griffin
Where was "the chip" that Jaha was distributing suppose to take you?
City of Light
Who shot and killed Lincoln?
Charles Pike
What does Bloodreina mean?
Red Queen
Who is the Bloodreina?
Octavia Blake
After Clarke took down ALIE and the City of Light, what was coming that would destroy the Earth?
Who did Bellamy have a relationship with on the Ring during that?
Arkadia was originally called what?
Camp Jaha
How did Lexa die?
By who?
Who took Octavia under their wing and taught her how to be a warrior?
Throughout Season 2, who was Clarke and the others determined to take down?
Mount Weather
Who died that made Jasper go crazy?
Maya Vie
Who did Monty kill to save Octavia?
Hannah Green (his mom)
How many years did Bellamy, Echo, Monty, Harper, Emori, Murphy, and Raven stay in Space?
Who is portrayed by Chelsey Reist?
Harper McIntyre
Who did Octavia kill to win the Conclave for the bunker?
Who is Miller's ex boyfriend?
Who is Miller's new boyfriend?
Eric Jackson
What were Lincoln's last words?
May We Meet Again
Who did Raven sleep with to get over Finn?
Bellamy Blake
Who massacred a grounder village causing him to die?
Finn Collins
What was the name of the deadly rain that occurred days leading up to Praimfaya?
Black Rain
Who is the grounder that saved Octavia and became a friend of all and member of Arkadia?
Who was speared by a grounder but survived in Season 1?
Jasper Jordan
What were Finn's last words?
Thanks, Princess
Who is portrayed by Paige Turco?
Abby Griffin
Who is the pilot of Eligius?
Miles Shaw
Who was forced to stay behind on the Ring, while the others went back to Earth?
Raven Reyes
What did ALIE force her to do which made Abby take the chip?
Slit her wrists
How many people per clan were allowed in the bunker?
Who did Clarke think turned in her father until it was later confirmed that it was Abby?
Wells Jaha
Who brought Octavia back to Arkadia after she was stabbed by Echo and fell of a cliff?
Is Diyoza's baby a boy or girl?
Who came to the rescue and helped Jasper blow up the bridge?
Monty Green
What is Azgeda?
Ice Nation
What were Jaha's last words?
Take Me to Wells
How many FULL seasons was he alive?
Who was the King of Azgeda?
King Roan
Who did Clarke shoot and kill in Mount Weather?
Dante Wallace
Who was his son?
Cage Wallace
What famous singer made an appearence on the show and sang a song?
Shawn Mendes
Who is ALIE's creator?
Who is the little boy that Jaha had to protect in the bunker?
Ethan Hardy
CHALLENGE QUESTION: Who was portrayed by Rhiannon Fish?
Level 51
May 5, 2023
Mendes should be accepted for Shawn Mendes