Anne of Green Gables Characters

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Last updated: January 7, 2018
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Main Character
Anne Shirley
Anne's Best friend
Diana Barry
Diana's Sister
Minnie May
Mr Barry's Sister
Josephine Barry
Calls Anne carrots
Gilbert Blythe
Gilbert's father
John Blythe
Dies young in Anne's House of Dreams
Joy Blythe
Is the first to go to war from the Glen
Jem Blythe
Killed in WW1
Walter Blythe
Gilbert's Favorite Child
Di Blythe
Marries Jerry Meredith
Nan Blythe
Susan's favorite child
Shirley Blythe
Adopts a war baby
Rilla Blythe
A member of the Story Club. Teaches at Newbridge
Jane Andrews
Makes Jane ask Anne to marry him
Billy Andrews
Is seen as boring by people. Studyies at Redmond
Charlie Sloane
Studies at Redmond to be a Minister
Moody Spurgeon MacPherson
Outspoken. has 11 children
Rachel Lynde
Rachel's Husband
Thomas Lynde
A farmer, Adopts Anne
Mathew Cuthbert
Adopts Anne
Marilla Cuthbert
Anne's mother
Bertha Shirley
Anne's father
Walter Shirley
Inlists in the war with Jem. Marries Nan
Jerry Meredith
Doesn't go to Church because she thinks it is Monday
Faith Meredith
Likes to Study Bugs
Carl Meredith
Loves Walter. Never marries after his death
Una Meredith
The Minster in Rainbow Valley
John Meredith
Rosemary and John's son
Bruce Meredith
Makes a promise to Ellen to never Marry. An Episcopalian
Rosemary West
An Episcopalian
Ellen West
Who the Merediths find in a barn
Mary Vance
Doesn't like Methodists
Cornelia Bryant
Adopts Mary
Marshall Elliot
Crys when Dora falls down the stairs because he didn't see her fall
Davy Keith
Davy's Twin who is the opposite to Davy
Dora Keith
Marilla's second Cousin
Mary Keith
Anne and Priscilla meet her in the Graveyard at Redmond
Phillipa Gordon
Annes friend in Queens
Stella Maynard
Lives with Anne in Patty's Place. Stella's Aunt
Jamesia Maynard
Housekeeper for the Blythes
Susan Baker
Invents the Rock People
Paul Irving
Miss Lavender's Husband
Stephen Irving
Anne and Diana find her house when the are lost
Lavender Lewis
Lives with Miss Lavender
Charlotta the Fourth
Lends Anne his Umbrella
Royal Gardner
Roy's Sister
Dorothy Gardner
Dies of Gallioping Consumption at 19
Ruby Gillis
Classmate of Anne's who she doesn't get along with
Josie Pye
Anne's classmate who she can't gain his respect
Anthony Pye
Anne's Cow Dolly runs through his farm
J.A Harrison
Works in the lighthouse
James Boyd
Faith's Chicken
Annes Cat in Anne of the Island
Aunt Jamesia's cat
Aunt Jamesia's other cat
Rilla's Cat when he is happy
Mr Jekyll
Rilla's Cat when it is about to rain
Mr Hyde
Jem's Dog who waits at the train station
Dog Monday
The baby Rills looks after
Tells Rilla about Walter Inlisting
Irene Howard
Ellen's Husband
Norman Douglas
Rilla' teacher that lives with them in the Glen
Gertrude Oliver
Her husband is lost at sea
Leslie Moore
A famous author
Owen Ford
Rilla's Husband
Kenneth Ford
Susan's Cousin
Cousin Sophia
Married in the war
Mirianda Pryor
Mr Whiskers on the Moon
Josiah Pryor
Is married before he leaves to go to war
Joe Milgrave
Jacob Donnell
St Clair
Who Ruby Gillis wishes to marry
Herb Spencer
Anne's teacher before she goes to Queens
Muriel Stacy
Annes first teacher
Teddy Phillips
The Minister Phillipa marries
Jonas Blake
The Minister in the first book
Mr Allan
Diana's Husband
Fred Wright
Diana's First Born Son
Fred Jr. Wright
Diana's Daughter named after her best friend
Anne Cordelia Wright
Diana's Youngest Son
Jack Wright
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