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Hint about the person on the left, with a small description and a quote.
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Last updated: July 10, 2018
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Infiltrated the wildlings by pretending to forsake his Night Watch brothers. This character was brought back to life after being betrayed and killed by his friends.
"The long night is coming and the dead come with it."
Jon Snow
Lived in exile in Essos with her advisors and dragons. Is one of the biggest contesters to the throne.
"We will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground!"
Daenerys Targaryen
A knight who commands under House Lannister and was helped to defy certain death after a head crushing battle.
(No significant quotes)
Ser Gregor Clegane / The Mountain
Queen Regent of the Seven Kingdoms and is fiercely protective of her three children.
"When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground."
Cersei Lannister
Met and befriended a Stark child on the road north. Was brought to Dragonstone as a sacrifice for Stannis Baratheon, but was set free.
"I've been hammering an anvil these past 10 years. When I hit the steel, it sings. Are you going to sing when I hit you?"
A prostitute of Winterfell who goes south to King's Landing, where she tries to climb the ladder of power by working for and getting close to a man who is both a brothel owner and the Master of Coin.
"Your grace, too much pain will ruin the pleasure."
This character is the 997th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, is the estranged father of Ser Jorah. He gave up his lands to serve the Night's Watch.
"When dead men and worse come hunting... you think it matters who sits on the iron throne."
Jeor Mormont
This character has put her survival skills to use as she continues to evade the Lannister forces that seek her.
"Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe."
Arya Stark
This character is a healer working on the battlefields of the War of the Five Kings and later marries Robb Stark. She claims to be from the Free City of Volantis.
"Can you leave the war for one night."
Talisa Maegyr
This character is a boy with special insights and in season 3 he and his sister join Bran in his journey to the Wall and beyond in order to help him to find the Three-eyed .
"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, the man who never reads lives only one."
Jojen Reed
↕ Fiercely proud of her free status. Her opinions have clouded Jon’s stance about the Night’s Watch.
"You know nothing Jon Snow."
A mercenary who joined up with one of the Lannisters in The Eyrie in return for a rich reward. This character was knighted for his bravery during the Battle of the Blackwater.
"Give me ten good men and some climbing spike. I'll impregnate the b*tch."
A Bannerman of the North and Lord of the Dreadfort who is later killed by his bastard son.a
"If you acquire the reputation of a mad dog then you will be treated as a mad dog."
Roose Bolton
A devout and pious man, this character came to King's Landing after Tywin Lannister's death to serve the poor, downtrodden and infirm. Cersei appoints him as High Septum.
"All sinners are equal before the gods."
The High Sparrow
This character who was Mistress of the Eyrie, is the widow of Lord Jon Arryn. Born to the Lord and Lady of the Riverlands.
"You don't fight with honour."
Lysa Arryn
Nakedly ambitious, this character left the Small Council to marry Lysa Arryn and secure the Vale to the Lannister's side.
"I did warn you not to trust me."
Petyr Baelish / Littlefinger
The ex-commander of the Kingsguard, after Jaime taking his title, he left Kings Landing to seek Daenerys Targaryen to repay her for failing her family.
"Even now I could cut through the five of you like carving cake."
Barristan Selmy
This character has since realized that King's Landing isn't the fairy tale she assumed it would be.
"No need to seize the last word Lord Baelish, I'll assume it was something clever."
Sansa Stark
What this character lacks in size and strength, he makes up for in mental acuity. Was the hand of the king in his father's absence.
"It's not easy being drunk all the time. If it were easy, everyone would do it.”
Tyrion Lannister
This character was the personal bodyguard to King Joffrey and carried out his commands, no matter how monstrous.
"F*ck the king."
Sandor Clegane / The Hound
This character is the wife of Stannis Baratheon and is kept locked in a tower on Dragonstone.
"You have no idea what people will do."
Selyse Florent
The warrior leader of a vast tribe of horseman in Essos.
(translated) "If this is a dream, I will kill the man who tries to wake me."
Khal Drogo
Over-indulged and cowardly, this character has a cruel streak, particularly when it comes to those who are vulnerable. This character was very much the centre of the Purple Wedding.
"You can't talk to me like that! The king can do as he likes!."
Joffrey Baratheon
This character is the 10-year-old head of House Mormont of Bear Island, and is allied with the Starks.
"I don't plan on knitting by the fire while men fight for me."
Lyanna Mormont
A prostitute who made an immediate impression on Tyrion Lannister. Is also Sansa Stark's maid.
"I am yours and you are mine."
This character is the sister of Ned Stark, she was promised to wed Robert Baratheon, but she was supposedly kidnapped and raped by Rhaegar Targaryen but later found out to be false.
(No quote)
Lyanna Stark
Working with Stannis Baratheon, this character is a red priestess from Asshai, who worships the Lord of Light.
"There is only one hell, the one we live in now."
Melisandre / The Red Woman
Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North. The childhood friend of Robert Baratheon, was a key player in Robert's rebellion, helping to win the throne from the Targaryens.
"The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword."
Eddard (Ned) Stark
This character is Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, it was he who slew the Mad King in violation of his oath to protect the royal family.
"I will kill the whole bloody lot of them until you and I are the only two people left in this world."
Jaime Lannister
This character is the young daughter of Stannis Baratheon. Her face is disfigured by the disease Greyscale, but she is not yet crippled by it.
"Old people are terrible at learning new things."
Shireen Baratheon
This character is the head of House Frey, Lord of the Crossing and bannerman to House Tully. He is known for outliving his many wives (now on his 8th) and siring over 100 children (both bastard and trueborn).
"Stark, Tully, Lannister, Baratheon. give me one good reason why I should waste a sing thought on any of you."
Walder Frey
After taking Winterfell, this character captured Theon Greyjoy and slowly tortured him into submission.
"My mother thought me not to throw stones at cripples... but my father taught me to aim for their head."
Ramsay Bolton
The daughter of Balon Greyjoy and his wife Alannys Harlaw, and elder sister of Theon. She is fierce and proud, and defies traditional ironborn gender roles by commanding her own ship, the Black Wind.
"We are a sea people. Our god is a sea god."
Yara Greyjoy
Former pirate, this character becomes the king of the Iron Islands after throwing the previous king of a high bridge.
"I wasn't born to be king. Paid the iron price and here I stand."
Euron Greyjoy
A former ward of House Stark, this character was quick to join his close friend Robb in his rebellion against King Joffrey. But upon returning to Pyke as Robb's envoy, this character betrayed the family that raised him.
"Its better to be cruel than weak."
Theon Greyjoy
This character is a highborn lady who would rather be a knight. As Catelyn Stark's envoy, she escorted Jaime Lannister back to Kings Landing.
"Nothing's more hateful than failing to protect the ones you love."
Brienne of Tarth
This character lived in exile in Essos acting as an advisor to Daenerys Targaryen.
"There is a beast in every man and it stirs when you put a sword in his hand."
Jorah Mormont
A tyroshi sellsword who becomes Daenerys' advisor and lover, whom she orders to stay in Meereen to keep slavery banned.
"Show too much kindness, people won't fear you. If they don't fear you, they won't follow you."
Daario Naharis
Formerly a slave in Astapor, this character is fluent in nineteen languages and serves as Daenerys' trusted advisor and handmaiden.
"I am glad you saw me."
This character is an Unsullied purchased by and sworn to Daenerys Targaryen. He is the commander of Daenerys's Unsullied and one of her trusted advisors.
"I promise you, a single day of freedom is worth more than a lifetime in chains."
Grey Worm
A legendary wildling leader who supports Mance Rayder, this character is a fair and formidable warrior, who later becomes leader of the wildlings.
"I like you boy, but if you lie to me I'll pull your guts out through your thrust."
Tormund Giantsbane
This character, Lord of the Eyrie and Defender of the Vale, is the only child of Jon and Lysa Arryn and a sickly boy doted on by his mother.
"Shall we throw him through the moon door."
Robin Arryn
A free folk of Craster, who becomes in love with one of the night's watchmen and then travels with him to the citadel.
"Sometimes, do you talk fancy to me on purpose to confuse me?"
A eunuch and a member of the Small Council, this character is also a master of disguise. Along with Littlefinger, he is always aware of what goes on in Court as well as the whole of Westeros. He is sometimes known as the spider.
"The storms come and go, the waves crash overhead, the big fish eats the little fish, but I keep on paddling."
Lord Varys
She is as clever as she is deceitful. Renly Baratheon’s widow, she then got engaged to Joffrey Baratheon and later Tommen before meeting her end at The Destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor.
"I am the Queen. It is my duty to serve my husband the king."
Margaery Tyrell
One of Winterfell's many loyal servants, this character is simple-minded and oversized but is proved an imperative part of Bran Stark's mission beyond the wall.
"Hold the door"
Hodor / Walder
Crippled after Jaime Lannister pushed him from a tower, this character travels with his bannermen Jojen and Meera Reed to fulfill the visions that he and Jojen share.
"I can't do it by choice. I don't know how. It happens in my dreams.”
Bran Stark
A serious man who preferred the solitude of the family seat in Dragonstone to King's Landing, this character is still challenging his nephew Joffrey for the Iron Throne. He killed his rival brother with dark magic.
"The castle can be rebuilt, in time. It's not the walls that make a lord, its the man."
Stannis Baratheon
The youngest of the Sand Snakes, this character is proficient with daggers.
"You want a good girl, but you need a bad p*ssy."
Tyene Sand
This character is the second eldest of Prince Oberyn’s bastard daughters. Her mother was an Eastern noblewoman who brought her up to be cultured, graceful and deadly with a whip.
(No real significant quotes)
Nymeria Sand
A fearsome warrior, she is the eldest bastard daughter of Prince Oberyn Martell. Her mother was a Dornish peasant girl who caught the eye of the Prince.
(No real significant quotes)
Obara Sand
This character was the ruling lord of Dorne and older brother to the late Prince Oberyn Martell. Unlike his brother, he is even-tempered and deliberate.
"We do not mutilate little girls for vengeance. Not here. Not while I rule."
Doran Martell
This character is Prince Doran’s son and heir to Dorne. His father betrothed him to Myrcella Baratheon as part of the alliance offered by Tyrion Lannister, then acting as Hand of the King.
"Do you want to marry me because our families arranged it?"
Trystane Martell
A prince of this Dorne, this character is also a fierce fighter who earned the nickname, the "Red Viper" and was killed during a fight with Gregor Clegane.
"Tell your father I am here. Tell him that Lannisters aren't the only ones who pay their debt."
Oberyn Martell
A reformed smuggler, it was this character who provided Stannis' forces much-needed provisions during the long siege of Storm's End. He serves as Hand to King Stannis.
"What would a Frey know of honour."
Ser Davos Seaworth
The widow of Ned Stark, this character has been trying to reunite her scattered family while respecting the wishes of her eldest son Robb, King in the North.
"I was born born a Tully and wed to a Stark. I don't tighten easily."
Catelyn Stark
Lord of Winterfell and later King in the North, this character planned to avenge his father's death and bring his sisters home. His direwolf is named Grey Wind.
"You think I'm fighting a war for people to sing songs about me?"
Robb Stark
Both this character and her brother believe Bran Stark to be crucial in the oncoming war against the White Walkers. This character is the eldest child and only daughter of Lord Howland Reed of Greywater Watch.
"Some people will always need help. That doesn't mean they're not worth helping."
Meera Reed
The youngest of Cersei’s children, this character inherited the throne after the death of his brother.
"The crown and the faith are the two pillars upon which the world rests. Together, we will restore the seven kingdoms to glory."
Tommen Baratheon
Lover of Prince Oberyn Martell, she witnessed his death at the hands of the Mountain and also killed the only Lannister daughter of Cersei and Jaime, Marcella.
"Elia Martell raped and murdered and you did nothing. Oberyn Martell butchered, and you did nothing. You're not a Dornishman. You're not our prince."
Ellaria Sand
The old ruler of the Iron Islands who rebelled against the Iron Island throne nine years before the start of the series. He only has two children left.
"Your time with the wolves has made you weak."
Balon Greyjoy
A wildling woman who tried to kidnap Bran, she is now a close friend. She was escorting Rickon Stark to Last Hearth for safekeeping.
"They say all sorts of crazy things North of the wall."
This character, the youngest of the Stark children, was traveling north with his brother but was captured and killed by Ramsey Bulton. His direwolf is named Shaggydog.
"We're not southerners, and I don't want to leave you."
Rickon Stark
This character was a popular tourney knight and was later persecuted by the high sparrow for rumours of his sexuality.
"Everyone knows everything about everyone. What's the use in trying to keep a secret in a place like this."
Ser Loras Tyrell
This character is Tyrion’s squire. Quiet and unassuming, he saved Tyrion’s life at the Battle of the Blackwater.
"If you didn't snap at me, I wouldn't learn anything."
Podrick Payne
Was king of the Seven Kingdoms after leading the rebellion against The Mad King. Died after a hunting trip.
"I've been sitting here for days! Start the damn joust before I piss myself!"
Robert Baratheon
Matriarch of House Tyrell, also known as The Queen of Thorns, this character was the elderly matriarch of House Tyrell, a master of court politics and was best known for her wit and sarcasm.
"I've known a great many clever men. I've outlived them all. Do you know how? I ignored them."
Olenna Tyrell
This character helped Arya escape from Harrenhal and provided her with an iron coin to ensure her safe passage to Braavos, where he then trained her in The House of Black and White.
"The faces are for no-one. You are still someone, and to someone, the faces are as good as poison."
Jaqen H'ghar
This character lived in Dorne as part of a deal her uncle Tyrion made with House Martell to align their houses and keep the princess safe.
"I know about you and mother, I think a part of me always knew."
Myrcella Baratheon
Once a brother of the Night’s Watch, this character abandoned his vows to join the wildlings. He serves as their King Beyond the Wall.
"The freedom to make my own mistakes was all I ever wanted."
Mance Rader
This lives in self-exile with his sister and is obsessed with regaining his family's throne after Robert Baratheon's rebellion.
"You don't want to wake the dragon, do you?"
Viserys Targaryen
Level 73
Jan 12, 2018
Correct your spelling, please. Also highlight the answers, now you can guess the names randomly. After those improvements, the quiz will rock!
Level 63
Jan 22, 2018
Ramsay Bolton doesn't work for the description belonging to him. Nor does Ramsay Snow.
Level 63
Jan 22, 2018
If you aren't calling him "King Joffrey," then don't use the combination of "Khal Drogo" either. Khal=King - they are titles and NOT part of the person's name.

THE High Sparrow needs to change - we should not need to type the word "The."

Talisa's last name was retconned in as an afterthought into the tv show - she initially didn't have one, so we shouldn't need to type one in either.

Level 63
Jan 22, 2018
Also names have been misspelt - you have got Briennce instead of Brienne, and Bulton instead of Bolton for Ramsay's last name.
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Jan 23, 2018
Thankyou for the feedback, I've fixed all you commented up :)
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Mar 26, 2018
You also need to fix mance rayder (not rader)

And I agree, we should not need to type in the "the" in the high sparrow answer.

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Mar 18, 2019
talisa stark should also be accepted, please...
Level 69
May 11, 2019
Should accept Asha Greyjoy for Yara Greyjoy, given that was the original name given to her in the books