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Which prominent northern city of Italy was the target of a failed campaign by Frederick Barbarossa?Milan/Mailand/Milano
Which Romanian region is the seat of a large German-speaking population?Transylvanian Saxony/Transylvania
Which bundeslander's capital is Erfurt, once a prosperous trading outpost on the fringes of Frankish territory?Thuringia
Which modern day Finnish controlled archipelago was once a Swedish possession, and, still holds a large Swedish-speaking populous?Aland
Excluding Northumbria and Mercia, which other kingdom was established by the Angles in Britain during the great migration period?East Anglia
This city was the capital of the realm of the Teutonic orderMarienburg/Malbork
Henry the Lion, a prominent nobleman of East Francia, was granted two dutchies, Saxony, and Bavaria, which allowed him immense power, and which made the emperor suspicious of his ambitions. Apart from his vast power, Henry is renowned for an urban achievement. Which city, now located in Mecklenburg-Pomerania, and the westernmost mark of former Polabian Slavic settlement, did Henry fund the construction of as a hub for Baltic trade, and that would later become the defacto capital of the Haseatic league of traders.Lubeck
This Frank ventured into Avar territory and instigated a successful Slavic kingdom before proceeding to found his very own empire.Samo
What is this region's largest city?Brasov
Which Germanic people who combined their forces with the Teutones were able to launch large scale migratory campaigns against the Romans before their ultimate defeat by Gaius Marius?Cimbri/Cimbrii
The Slavs inhabiting the Eastern portion of Germany, notably the Sorbs and Orbotrites, were known by what title to the neighbouring Franks and Saxons?Polabian Slavs/Polabians
Name the Celtic culture that was present in Austria before any Germanic comportment was realizedHalstatt Culture
To which branch of the West Germanic dialect continuum did the Lombards pertain to?Irimonic
This pagan Saxon leaderlead a stiff Saxon opposition to the Franks for 20 years before his ultimate defeat and conversion to Christianity?Widulkind
Which mythical entity is known to be the progenitor of all "North Sea" Germanic peoplesYingvi/Ingvi

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