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61,0102023-08-15 Click Fast to Save the USA
16,3992024-01-03 Clics en chaîne
13,2292023-10-25 Is... It... Art?
4,3262023-08-17Click Chain
2,6032023-04-25Click Chain #5
2,3662023-10-01Click Chain #3
2,0172023-09-15Hack the Quiz #1
1,6762022-06-15Words that End in "-usty"
1,6012023-04-25Click Chain #2
1,5272023-04-25Click Chain #8
1,3762023-04-21Click Chain #7
1,3372023-08-12Click Chain #20
1,3372023-04-16Click Chain #4
1,1802023-09-25Multiple Meaning Countries
1,0842023-09-05A Shift in an Amazon Warehouse
1,0552023-04-19Click Chain #6 - Difficulty+
1,0362023-04-27Click Chain #9 - Literally
9012023-04-27Click Chain #10
8632023-10-16Name a Gemstone A-Z
8492023-08-26Click Chain #12 - Plus
8192023-04-29Click Chain #11 - A-Z
8002023-04-05One-Word Movie Quotes by Picture
7942023-10-24Click Chain #15
7872023-02-05SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - G
7552023-10-21Click Chain #14 - WW II
7012022-09-09Music, Literature, or Film? Europe Edition
6722023-09-09Escape from Scramble Mountain
6562023-05-08Click Chain #13 - Figuratively
6482023-12-30Click Chain #17+
6392022-11-02Jeppy's Halloween
6152023-06-06Click Chain #16 - Television & Cinema+
5932022-10-31Homophone Pairs
5752023-06-13Click Chain #19 - Literally
5702022-11-25Wonky Word Clicking - B
5292023-06-07Click Chain #18
4962023-09-29American History... or Canadian?
4692023-02-17Rhyming Synonyms
4522023-01-14Lion King Characters by Screen-time
4382023-11-27Mother Teresa... or Miley Cyrus?
4332024-01-08Events from the 2010s... or 1910s? #QCC2010
4092023-09-04Hollow Words
3952023-04-06Movies by Pictures of the Villains
3882023-03-13Hack the Quiz #2
3732023-12-08Tom Hanks is Bad at Boating
3702023-11-02Somewhat Easy Logic Puzzle (SRP)
3572023-01-26SAT Words Click Quiz - A
3322023-01-26SAT Words Click Quiz - B
3042023-01-26SAT Words Click Quiz - C
3032022-11-03Countries by Total Caloric Intake... In Order!
3032023-10-15Click Chain #21 - Old Testament+
3012022-10-01Click Fast but Accurately
2842023-03-14Hack the Quiz #3
2772023-06-14Click Fast to Survive!
2712023-10-24Click Chain #22 - American History+
2612022-12-09Mystery Movie Monologue #1
2522023-05-02Suffixes All the Way Down Click Chain
2352023-01-26SAT Words Click Quiz - F
2262023-03-14Hack the Quiz #4
2242023-01-26SAT Words Click Quiz - E
2212023-12-26Taylor Swift or Taters?
2202023-01-26SAT Words Click Quiz - G
2112023-02-19SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - D #2
2102023-03-15Hack the Quiz #5
2092022-09-24Click the Fate of Henry VIII’s Wives
2072023-01-28SAT Words Click Quiz - K
2002023-01-26SAT Words Click Quiz - H
2002023-01-27SAT Words Click Quiz - N
1952023-01-27SAT Words Click Quiz - I
1942023-01-28SAT Words Click Quiz - S
1942023-01-27SAT Words Click Quiz - M
1932023-02-20SAT Words Click Quiz - D
1912022-10-09Wonky Word Clicking - E
1892023-01-27SAT Words Click Quiz - J
1892022-12-09Mystery Movie Monologue #3
1882022-10-09Wonky Word Clicking - A
1862023-01-27SAT Words Click Quiz - L
1852023-02-04SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - A
1842022-12-05Mystery Movie Monologue #2
1812023-01-28SAT Words Click Quiz - T
1802022-10-08Wonky Word Clicking - C
1782022-06-14One-Syllable Words that End in "-unk"
1782022-10-10Wonky Word Clicking - M
1742022-09-14Click the Alphabet
1732023-01-28SAT Words Click Quiz - R
1702023-01-27SAT Words Click Quiz - P
1692023-02-05SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - H
1682022-12-06Mystery Movie Monologue #6
1682022-10-09Wonky Word Clicking - F
1672023-03-15Hack the Quiz #6
1672023-03-16Hack the Quiz #7
1662022-10-08Wonky Word Clicking - D
1632022-10-07Click the Idiom Ending
1622023-01-27SAT Words Click Quiz - Q
1602023-01-27SAT Words Click Quiz - O
1592022-06-18Words that End in "-inge"
1582022-09-28Old-Timey Slang - A
1572023-01-29SAT Words Click Quiz - Z
1542023-01-28SAT Words Click Quiz - V
1542023-01-29SAT Words Click Quiz - W
1542022-12-06Mystery Movie Monologue #4
1532023-02-04SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - B
1502023-01-27SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - I
1492023-01-28SAT Words Click Quiz - U
1472022-10-10Wonky Word Clicking - J
1452023-02-04SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - D
1452022-11-25Wonky Word Clicking - H
1442023-01-29SAT Words Click Quiz - Y
1432023-01-25D.C. or Marvel... or Neither?
1422023-02-04SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - C
1412022-10-10Wonky Word Clicking - G
1352022-12-19Click Religions by Country
1352022-12-07Mystery Movie Monologue #8
1332022-09-14Click Hero
1332022-10-10Wonky Word Clicking - I
1332022-10-18Wonky Word Clicking - P - #2
1322023-01-29SAT Words Click Quiz - X
1302022-10-18Wonky Word Clicking - R
1282022-06-18Words that End in "-bble"
1272022-10-18Wonky Word Clicking - Q
1262022-10-10Wonky Word Clicking - K
1262022-10-10Wonky Word Clicking - L
1262022-06-17Words that End in "-unch"
1262022-06-15Words that End in "-ynx"
1262022-10-11Wonky Word Clicking - N
1252023-02-05SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - E
1242022-12-06Mystery Movie Monologue #5
1232022-10-19Wonky Word Clicking - W
1232023-02-06SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - L
1222023-02-06SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - J
1212023-02-2421 Hands of Blackjack
1202023-12-11Click Chain #23 - World War I+
1192023-11-02Somewhat Easy Logic Puzzle #2 (SRP)
1182022-06-27Words that End in "-eaky"
1182023-03-30Hack the Quiz #10
1182022-10-18Wonky Word Clicking - P
1172023-02-08SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - P
1172023-03-17Hack the Quiz #8
1162022-12-10Click Beatles or Elvis - 62 Top 5 Hits
1162023-02-21SAT Words Click Quiz - G #2
1152022-10-20Wonky Word Clicking - V
1142023-02-07SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - N
1142023-02-06SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - K
1122023-02-05SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - F
1112023-03-09Words that End in "-cess"
1112022-05-18The Apostrophe Quiz
1112022-12-09Mystery Movie Monologue #10
1102023-02-09SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - T #1
1102022-12-07Mystery Movie Monologue #7
1092022-12-08Mystery Movie Monologue #9
1092022-10-20Wonky Word Clicking - S - #2
1092023-03-28Hack the Quiz #9
1082022-09-14Click to Add Dice Values
1062024-01-02Click Chain #24
1052022-10-17Wonky Word Clicking - O
1052023-02-18SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - B #2
1042023-01-19Rhymes with -OUGH Words Click Quiz
1042022-10-19Wonky Word Clicking - T
1042022-06-17Words that End in "-uke"
1042022-10-01Click the Animal Adjective
1032022-06-16Words that End in "-upt"
1032023-02-07SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - M
1032022-10-20Wonky Word Clicking - Z
1022022-06-18Words that End in "-oot"
1022023-03-31Hack the Quiz #11
1022022-12-22Click Leaders of WWII Nations
1012022-12-11Mystery Movie Monologue #11
1012023-01-28SAT Words Impossible Click Quiz - A
1012023-02-08SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - Q
1012022-06-18Words that End in "-aste"
1012022-12-12Mystery Movie Monologue #12
1012022-10-21Wonky Word Clicking - Y
1002023-02-07SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - O
1002022-06-27Words that End in "-arious"
1002023-02-08SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - R #2
982023-02-17SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - A #2
982022-10-19Wonky Word Clicking - U
982023-09-20Hack the Quiz #12
962022-10-19Wonky Word Clicking - S
942023-04-02Hack the Quiz #13
942023-02-08SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #1
932022-06-14Words that End in "-unky"
932023-09-10Chess… or Checkers?
922023-02-10SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - W
912023-02-08SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - R #1
902023-01-09Mystery Movie Monologue #15
892023-09-16Hack the Quiz #14
892023-02-09SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - T #2
882023-02-18SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - C #3
862023-02-11SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - Y
862023-02-20SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - E #2
852022-06-16Words that End in "-cur"
852023-02-09SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - V
842022-06-16Words that End in "-LLET"
842022-12-22Warsaw, NATO or Non-Aligned - 1976
822022-10-20Wonky Word Clicking - W - #2
822023-05-18Words that End in "-umble"
822022-12-12Mystery Movie Monologue #13
822023-05-29American Musicians by Genre
822022-06-27Words that End in "-umpy"
812023-01-08Old English Click Quiz
812023-08-02Words that End in "-ough"
812022-06-27Words that End in "-idge"
802023-02-18SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - A #3
802023-04-04Hack the Quiz #15
792022-06-27Words that End in "-early"
792022-06-15Words that End in "-mply"
782023-01-27SAT Words Impossible Click Quiz - Ob.
782023-02-12SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - Z
782023-02-09SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - U
772023-04-17Hamlet... or the Lion King?
772022-06-18Words that End in "-nky"
772022-06-20Words that End in "-esty"
772022-09-14Click the American Celebrity's Job
772022-09-27Click the Digits of Pi - Thirty-Second Sprint
772023-02-18SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - C #2
762023-02-03SAT Words Impossible Click Quiz - C
762023-02-08SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #2
752023-02-21SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - G #2
752022-09-20Movie Quote Click Quiz
752022-06-27Words that End in "-ushy"
752023-02-18SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - B #3
742023-01-09Mystery Movie Monologue #14
742022-06-15Adverbs that End in "-yly"
742022-06-27Words that End in "-urious"
742022-06-15Words that End in "-LVE"
732023-01-28SAT Words Impossible Click Quiz - B
732023-02-04SAT Words Impossible Click Quiz - G
732022-06-17Words that End in "-sent"
732022-12-22Click Leaders of Cold War Nations
732023-02-21SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - F #4
722023-02-03SAT Words Impossible Click Quiz - D
722023-03-15Uber-Hack the Quiz #1
722022-09-14Click the Spice Girl
712022-10-20Wonky Word Clicking - X
712023-02-10SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - X
712023-02-27SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - H #2
712023-02-18SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - C #5
702023-02-21SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - G #3
692023-02-18SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - C #4
692023-02-21SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - G #4
692023-02-19SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - D #3
692023-02-20SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - D #5
682022-09-24Not Quite Right Idioms
682023-01-14Beauty and the Beast Characters by Screen-time
672023-01-14Aladdin Characters by Screen-time
672022-07-29Countries of Origin for the Global All-Time Top 100 Songs
652023-02-20SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - E #3
652023-05-18Words that End in "-imp"
642023-01-14Alice in Wonderland Characters by Screen-time
642023-09-21Countries with Type-In Shortcuts on Jetpunk
642023-02-12Words about People Click Quiz - A
632023-12-10Country Crumbs
632022-11-04European Countries by Cartoon
632023-02-27SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - H #4
632023-01-18Event to US President Click Quiz
632023-02-20SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - D #4
622022-06-18Words that End in "-the"
622022-06-27Words that End in "-enge"
622022-09-27Categorize the Jargon - Click Quiz
612023-01-19Words that End in "-isk"
612023-02-21SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - F #3
612023-02-03SAT Words Impossible Click Quiz - E
602022-11-21Casino Games by Picture
602023-02-27SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - H #3
602023-05-23Fancy Words for the Primary Colours
602022-06-12Biggest US Urban Areas Outside City Limits
592023-02-24North American Sports Teams A-Z
582022-10-03Tricky True or False Memory Test #2
582022-06-27Words that End in "-stly"
582023-02-27SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - H #5
582022-06-17Words that End in "-upe"
582023-02-06SAT Words Impossible Click Quiz - K
582022-06-12US Multi-State Urban Areas
562023-02-21SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - F #2
562023-05-04100 American Revolution Facts Click Quiz
552022-06-20Words that start with "Bla..." - One Minute Sprint
542023-03-09Word Sequence Click Quiz
542023-03-16SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - I #2
542022-11-03Lowest Possible Keystrokes for Countries of the World Quiz
542022-12-19The Stupidest Quiz on Jetpunk
542023-03-30Don't Not Push the Button
542023-02-07SAT Words Impossible Click Quiz - L
542022-03-18Name a Valid Year: Rulers #1
532023-05-17Directors of Movies Click Quiz
532023-02-06SAT Words Impossible Click Quiz - H
532023-06-21Self-Referencing Puzzle Click Quiz (SRP)
532023-01-22Below the Belt Anatomy Click Quiz
522023-03-16SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - I #4
522023-05-19Words that End in "-tchy”
522022-02-17Nostalgic Children's Television Shows
512023-06-22Name a Valid Synonym
512022-06-30Words that Start with "Every-"
512023-01-14Frozen Characters by Screen-time
502023-03-10Boggle Tiles - Countries
502022-06-20Words that start with "Spr..." - One Minute Sprint
502023-01-07English Monarchy Names - High Scores
502022-09-27Click the Extra Vowel
492023-10-29Irreversible Idioms with Antonyms #1
492023-02-10SAT Words Impossible Click Quiz - M
482022-06-21Words that End in "-tuous"
482023-10-29Top Social Networks in 2022
482023-02-04SAT Words Impossible Click Quiz - F
482022-10-25Famous Duos by Hint
482023-05-19Name a Valid Compound Word
482023-01-14Snow White… Characters by Screen-time
472022-10-22Music, Literature, or Film? USA Pt. 1
472022-10-06Words that Contain "uzz"
472023-01-12Faster than Usain Bolt?
462022-04-06Logic Puzzle - Categories
462022-11-17American Presidents by Caricature
462023-03-29Countries of the World Quiz - With a Secret
452023-03-16SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - I #3
442023-03-16SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - I #5
442023-06-08Musicians by Top 3 Spotify Tracks
442022-10-03Tricky True or False Memory Test
442023-10-03Most Common Gemstones in English
442023-01-10US States vs. Countries Area Click Quiz
442023-05-20Simon Says
442023-02-12Modern Countries Conquered by Normans
432022-10-28Countries that have "Y" as a Vowel
432023-06-30Problem Solver: Just Count to 20...
422022-06-28Finish that Phrase! "I had a bad..."
412022-06-12US Single-City Urban Areas
412023-03-13Keep a Running Tally Click Quiz
412022-04-20High School WW2 Multiple Choice - Totalitarianism
412023-08-02Words that End in "-oky”
402023-05-16Don’t Bore Us, Click on the Chorus!
402023-01-18Borders Click Quiz
402022-06-29Finish that Phrase! "Give me your best ___"
402023-10-10Bible Figures A-Z - Old Testament
392023-01-14Winnie the Pooh (2011) Characters by Screen-time
392023-05-26Six-Letter Country Code Cracking
392023-05-17Click the US Anthem Lyrics in Order!
392023-01-29Is Y a Vowel? Click Quiz
392023-06-05Why did the Chicken…
392022-12-232022 Major Events… or Movie Plots
392023-10-07SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #13 - Daily Word Quiz!
382023-10-27Click The Kinks Song Title Endings
382023-11-02Somewhat Easy Logic Puzzle #3 (SRP)
382023-10-01SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #8 - Daily Word Quiz!
372022-06-12US Multinational Urban Agglomerations
372023-06-16Logical True or False Questions (SRP)
372022-06-13Major Cities by Urban Agglomeration #1
372023-09-11Decoder: Famous Short Quotes
372023-05-30Largest-Area Countries by Language
362022-06-30Words that Start with "Add-"
362023-04-12Blues Musician... or Mobster?
362023-01-25Historical Figure Poems by Artificial Intelligence
362022-06-02Famous People in their Native Language
362022-06-14Major Cities by Urban Agglomeration #2
362022-06-12US Urban Areas in a Single State
362022-02-09Puppies or Guppies?
362023-10-14SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #20 - Daily Word Quiz!
362022-12-09Band, Crayon, or Elvis?
352022-09-06Right-Handed Speed Typing
352023-10-19SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #24 - Daily Word Quiz!
352023-06-23Name a Valid Synonym #2
352024-02-22Clics en chaîne #2
352023-01-1450 Ways to Leave Your Lover
352023-09-05Celebrities of the Gilded Age
352023-04-12Metric Prefixes Click Quiz
352022-12-22Click Leaders of WWI Nations
352023-09-10Canadian History: 1896-1911 - The Laurier Era
352023-09-09Locations of the Body Click Quiz
342024-01-02Which Decade? Cold War Click Quiz
342023-11-22American President Superlatives
342022-12-01Early Cinema Monsters by Picture
342023-10-09SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #15 - Daily Word Quiz!
342023-01-08Geography Tri-Chain
342023-02-13Triathlon - Type, Words, Geography
332023-09-30SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #7 - Daily Word Quiz!
332023-10-13NHL Players with Retired Numbers by Team
332023-10-04SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #10 - Daily Word Quiz!
332023-10-12SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #18 - Daily Word Quiz!
332023-10-20SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #25 - Daily Word Quiz!
332022-09-22Nutritious, Noxious, or Neutral?
332023-06-14The Jeppy Shuffle
332023-01-10Men & Mountains Click Quiz
332023-08-26Minesweeper Puzzles
332023-10-08SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #14 - Daily Word Quiz!
322022-06-12US Urban Areas > 2 Million
322023-04-04Obscure Colour-Words Click Quiz
322023-09-29SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #6 - Daily Word Quiz!
322023-10-16SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #21 - Daily Word Quiz!
322023-10-03SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #9 - Daily Word Quiz!
322022-10-26Most Expensive Countries to Buy a Big Mac
322023-09-26SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #3 - Daily Word Quiz!
312023-10-18SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #23 - Daily Word Quiz!
312022-10-06Words that Contain "ulch"
312023-09-14Anatomical Adjectives Click Quiz
312023-10-13SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #19 - Daily Word Quiz!
312022-06-29Finish that Phrase! "I feel pretty ___"
312022-10-27Countries by Total Excess Body Weight
312023-06-30Are We Human... or Are we Geography?
312023-10-06SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #12 - Daily Word Quiz!
302023-08-18Musicians by Flag
302022-06-29Finish that Phrase! "Brand new ___"
302023-04-20Greek Gods A-Z
302022-12-28Spell JetPunk... Using the NATO Phonetic Alphabet
302023-10-10SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #16 - Daily Word Quiz!
292022-09-26Folk Songs by Lyrics #1
292022-09-21English Civil War for 9th Graders
292023-01-13BLT Ingredients
292022-12-01Irreversible Binomial Idioms
292023-12-28Famous People from British Columbia by Picture
292023-03-19German Country Names
292022-12-20Bad Reviews of Christmas Carols
282022-06-30Words that Start with "Ambu-"
282023-10-11SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #17 - Daily Word Quiz!
282023-09-28SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #5 - Daily Word Quiz!
282022-06-28Finish that Phrase! "I trust my..."
282022-06-29Finish that Phrase! "Invasion of ___"
282023-06-27One-Word Countries with 3 Consecutive Consonants
282023-05-24Missing Lyrics - Name that Song
282023-02-02Artificial Intelligence Trivia: A Quiz by AI
282023-07-31Does it Border China?
282023-09-27SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #4 - Daily Word Quiz!
272023-06-27Movies by Musical Performance
272022-06-29Finish that Phrase! "Scared of ___"
272022-07-29Global Top 100 All-Time Hit Singles - Hard (2022)
272022-05-09Demonym Adjectives of the World with a Map
272023-12-05Do You Even Know Word Origins?
272023-05-19Chorus Jumble #7
272023-06-27Words Made From: Algeria
262023-10-17SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #22 - Daily Word Quiz!
262022-06-28Finish that Phrase! "Going to the..."
252023-03-16Finish that Phrase! "Flying to ___"
252023-10-05SAT Words HARD Click Quiz - S #11 - Daily Word Quiz!
252023-05-15Weapon of War… or Delicious Dish?
252022-12-29Words that have AEIOU #1
252023-05-29Was Joe Biden Alive?
252022-10-26Cheapest Countries to Buy a Big Mac
252023-08-17Words Made From: Argentina
252022-05-09Word Popularity - Multiple Choice
252022-10-07Words that Contain "unge"
252023-06-27Words Made From: Andorra
242023-05-17Words that Start the Same #2
242022-06-30Words that Start with "Omni-"
242022-06-29Finish that Phrase! "President ____"
242022-11-01Building Mondegreens
242022-09-03DJs - Country of Origin
242022-01-13Protest Songs
242022-12-19Words that are their own Opposite
232023-06-07When Rhymes Goes Wrong
232023-06-22Words for Baby
232023-05-19Chorus Jumble #1
232023-04-19A-Z: Samuel L. Jackson Films
232024-02-05Click Jumble - Islands
222023-05-17Words that Start the Same
222022-11-14Figures of Western History by Illustration #1
222022-11-14Figures of Western History by Illustration #2
222023-08-03Disney Characters by Celebrity Voice
222023-01-18Super Safecracker
222023-01-17Hack the System - Extreme
222022-09-17Click the Part of Speech from a Speech #1
222022-12-14Musical Movements in American History
222023-05-31Which Leonardo?
222022-10-27Top 10 US Occupational Groups
222023-03-10Welcome to the Quiz Motel
222023-05-19Chorus Jumble #4
212022-06-29Finish that Phrase! "Bag of ___"
212022-06-29Finish that Phrase! "Going to ___"
212023-01-09Box Office & Critical Hit Films
212023-05-26The Greatest Fraction Quiz
212022-06-29Finish that Phrase! "Eat some ___"
212023-05-09NFL Team Flags
212023-06-27Words Made From: Antigua & Barbuda
212023-04-03#1 Hit Songs - Featuring... Who?
212023-07-31One-Ton Cities
212023-08-16Decades: Presidential Birthdays
212024-01-18Question Rush - Difficulty: Grade School
202023-05-19Chorus Jumble #3
202022-12-27Who has more Oscar Success?
202023-06-27Words Made From: Afghanistan
202023-07-06Mean-Spirited Trick Questions
202023-06-27Words Made From: Australia
192022-12-27Answers Contain Buck
192022-12-02Real Words... or Fakes? #2
192023-06-12Michael Phelps... or Aquaman?
192022-11-01Building Mondegreens #2
192023-10-12Garden-Path or Invalid Sentence?
192023-01-25Canadian Cities... or Vegetables?
192022-05-04Estimation Station #1
192022-06-07Were They Elected?
192022-06-28Finish that Phrase! "Bad Case of the..."
192024-02-15Who's Touching My Water?!
192022-09-17Click the Part of Speech from a Speech #3
182023-06-27Words Made From: Armenia
182023-06-01Countries on the Arabian Plate
182022-04-13Question Disorder
182023-05-09NHL Players - 100 Points with Few Goals
182023-01-18Mash 2-Letter Combos
182022-09-17Click the Part of Speech from a Speech #2
182022-02-18Dirty Liars Logic Quiz
172024-01-28Countries On a Sine Function
172024-01-29Country Code-Breaker
172024-02-22Click Jumble - World Cities
172024-01-28Conflicts by Picture
172023-01-22Guinea Pigs... or Pigs from Guinea?
172022-06-28Finish that Phrase! "You are a big..."
172023-09-28Detroit, Michigan... or District 12, Hunger Games
172022-12-03Real Words... or Fakes? #3
172023-05-19Chorus Jumble #6
162022-11-06Triplets General Knowledge Quiz
162022-06-08Who's that Civilization!
162023-09-29New Dictionary Words of 2023
162022-12-04The Great Irreversible Binomial Idiom Quiz
162022-05-24Tiles - Obscure Things
162023-02-24Mergeography #2
162023-01-11Canada's Peculiar Place Names - BC
152022-11-22Hubble Telescope Images
152022-06-28Finish that Phrase! "They are my..."
152023-01-09Old English Origin to Old French Origin
152023-01-13Reuben Sandwich Ingredients
142024-02-14Large Lakes by Bordering Countries
142023-05-26Awful Geography Wordplay
142022-12-02Real Words... or Fakes? #1
142024-02-20Kitchen Utensils by Picture
142023-12-04Flags in a Star Storm
142023-05-19Chorus Jumble #2
142023-01-07General Knowledge... for Aristocrats
142024-01-21Cities Hiding on Your JetPunk Page
142022-09-25Sounds on Old Macdougal's Farm
142022-06-29Finish that Phrase! "A bag full of ____"
132022-12-30Click to Play Blackjack
132024-02-13Eponyms True or False
132023-01-17Home Row Hacker
132023-05-23Many Many Mona Lisas
132023-04-20Number Properties Click Quiz
132024-01-082010s #1 Hits by Synonym, Part I #QCC2010
132023-03-31Is It On the Mississippi River?
132022-12-09Can Musicians Do Things?
132023-06-06Break Out
132022-06-28Finish that Phrase! "I like a good..."
132024-02-02Building Mondegreens #3
122023-11-22State Capitals by Revolutionary Events
122022-11-17Encoded Countries
122023-04-26How Many Abraham Lincolns?
122022-10-06Words that Contain "ulla"
122022-12-051800s American Humorist Spelling
122024-02-05Bird or Boat?
122024-02-22Click Jumble - European Countries
122023-04-15Tri-Rhyme Time
122023-07-14Extreme Word Scrambles
122023-03-23Simpsons Cameo?
122023-01-11Famous Wizards and Sorcery-persons
112023-04-19Too Many Video Game Characters Click Quiz
112024-02-21Counting at the Movies
112022-12-29Longest One-Syllable Words
112023-06-25Beverly Hillbillies Theme Lyrics
112023-01-12Country Maths by Land Area
112023-02-01Name the Game
112022-12-28Spelling Canadian Geography
112023-04-04True or False - Weird History Tidbits
112022-12-31Countries with Geothermal over 1% of Energy
112024-01-082010s #1 Hits by Synonym, Part II #QCC2010
102023-10-26SAT Words Mega-Scramble - S Words
102024-02-21Taylor Swift Songs Easy Click Quiz
102023-09-15Daredevil Darryl Jumps the World
102023-03-17Photographs of Most Populous Cities
102023-05-24Corporations by Data
102023-06-14Moniker Matchup
102023-05-19Do the Cha Cha Slide
102023-06-01Countries on the Somali Plate
102022-12-24Three Real, One Fake - World History 2011-2021
102022-12-29Words that have AEIOU #2
102022-10-06Words that Contain "anz"
102022-11-04Serio-Comic Maps by Country of Origin
92023-06-30Problem Solver - Countries of South America
92023-03-31Is It On the Nile River?
92022-08-19How Are They Related?
92023-04-03Who Has more League Championships?
92023-05-19Chorus Jumble #5
92023-01-02Movies “-of the Apes”
82022-12-28True or False - Weird History Tidbits Part II
82023-01-10Country Sizes by American States Click Quiz
82022-12-31Pivotal Primate Plot Points at the Pictures
82022-11-14The American Revolution Quiz for Non-Americans
82022-12-16Dimby's Old-Timey Yarns - Habsburg Havoc!
82023-08-16The Great Canadian Bigfoot Hunt #QCCLegends
82023-07-02Amazing Pierre Trudeau Facts T or F
72022-12-29Words that have AEIOU #6
72023-04-03Know Stuff or Type Fast
72022-10-06Words that Contain "asl"
72022-12-01Synonyms of “Fortune-Teller”
72022-12-29Words that have AEIOU #5
62022-12-31Countries by Helium Production
52022-12-29Words that have AEIOU #4
52022-12-27Short Words to Very Long Word
52022-12-31Countries by Hydrogen Consumption
52023-06-13Mystery Rhyming Answers
42022-12-29Words that have AEIOU #7
42022-11-25The Impossible Quiz
42022-12-30Words that have AEIOU #3
42022-12-30Bibbidy, Bobbidy, Boo - Count to 52
42022-12-31Countries by Lithium-Ion Battery Supply Rank
32022-10-27Biomass by Kingdom