Click Chain #3

Upon answering the first question, all subsequent questions will refer to the previous answer. Better not miss any!
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Quiz by Dimby
Last updated: April 9, 2024
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First submittedApril 11, 2023
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The best basketball player in NBA history is Michael:
... which became an emirate after the dissolution of:
... whose power was centered in modern:
... and in 10-pin bowling that is worth at least:
... which is the year Romans crushed an uprising led by:
... who lived in modern:
... who suffered the Blitz during:
... which provides the setting for the film:
... which is the largest city in:
... who claims possession of the disputed Western:
... which is the largest hot:
... which can have a small fertile patch called an:
... who released (What's the Story):
... which is a common term for a type of:
... which is a heterograph of:
... which can be used to make a:
... whose cultural origins are:
... whose largest diasporic population is in:
... who went to war with Spain over the:
... which sank in the port of:
... which is the capital of:
... whose dictator was:
... who was often seen with a:
... whose etymological origin is from:
... whose elite consumed beverages made with:
... whose top producer is:
... who fell under the 1843 "protection" of:
... who sold the United States the territory of:
... whose largest city is:
... whose Pelicans play in the:
Ivory Coast
Morning Glory
New Orleans
The Ottoman Empire
The United States
USS Maine
World War II
Level 59
Apr 11, 2023
I just realised the last tied back to the first!
Level 59
Apr 11, 2023
Make this a series?
Level 78
Apr 11, 2023
Yes, good point! Thanks.
Level 60
Apr 11, 2023
I guessed many of these because I have no clue for many of these. Technically, it's worth noting that the Louisiana sold by France was a territory, not a state. The territory would become numerous modern-day states. Perhaps replace state with territory?
Level 78
Apr 11, 2023
Good point. Updated!
Level 69
Apr 18, 2023
Level 78
Apr 18, 2023
Thank you! What good taste you have! :)
Level 76
Sep 25, 2023
"From Maya" sounds kind of awkward. It's not like there was a State called Maya. That confused me for a bit.

If you're referring to the language, then it would be Mayan.

Level 78
Sep 25, 2023
Level 38
Sep 30, 2023
It would either be "the Maya civilization" or "the Maya region".
Level 78
Oct 1, 2023
Alrighty, changed to Mayan. You’re right. The Maya language is a specific language, and is no longer a general term for all Mayan languages. Curse my age!
Level 69
Apr 1, 2024
But whose etymological origin is from... sounded to me like it requires a word... which is its etymological predecessor.

I saw sahara and I could imagine cigar and sahara have a similar source ( g & h are often interchanged, and the drop of the last vowel is also nothing strange).

And it might be me but "from Mayan" looks odd, from the/a Mayan language looks much better. (and might help with the aforementioned issue)

Level 76
Apr 9, 2024
"... which is the date of execution of": 'year' would have been clearer than 'date'. Also, Boudica was probably not executed. The ancient authors state that she poisoned herself or got sick and died.
Level 78
Apr 9, 2024
Interesting! Fixed.
Level 59
Apr 9, 2024
Isn't Jordan the Hashemite Kingdom rather than a mere emirate?
Level 78
Apr 9, 2024
It was the emirate of Transjordan until 1946.