Homophone Pairs

Each answer consists of two homophones. Each pair of homophones forms a phrase that corresponds to the clue.
The answer is a phrase. For instance, Pome Fruit Duo could only be Pear Pair.
Homophone pronunciations are based on Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary
We're dealing with homophones, so spelling counts!
Quiz by Dimby
Last updated: October 31, 2022
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First submittedFebruary 3, 2022
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Raspy Stallion
Hoarse Horse
Penny Odour
Cent Scent
Earnings Soothsayer
Profit Prophet
A Delay at the Scale
Weight Wait
Masculine Parcels
Male Mail
Atmosphere Inheritor
Air Heir
Frail Seven Days
Weak Week
Reasonable Toll
Fair Fare
Complete Perforation
Whole Hole
Abdomen Squander
Waist Waste
Auditory Perception Hither
Hear Here
Forbidden Group of Musicians
Banned Band
A Chomp of 8 Bits
Byte Bite
Rabbit Fur
Hare Hair
Beloved Buck
Dear Deer
Money Stockpile
Cash Cache
Shoplift Iron Alloy
Steal Steel
A Precipitation Dynasty
Rain Reign
A Tossed Fancy Chair
Thrown Throne
Ocean Giant's Sorrowful Scream
Whale Wail
Murder Toboggan
Slay Sleigh
Consumed 1000 in Binary
Ate Eight
Hardly Noticeable Decoy Strike
Faint Feint
Aquatic Warfare Bellybutton
Naval Navel
Level 59
Feb 3, 2022
I think you should accept the reverse order on ones like weight wait and morning mourning. If they are answered the way the clue is presented, then the answers are the reverse of what you have as the correct answer.
Level 78
Feb 4, 2022
Thanks for the feedback! I would think that mourning morning means that you would be grieving for the morning itself. I’m not sure “wait weight” could actually mean. I think of a wait to see your weight as a weight wait, as you’re, you know, waiting for a weight.
Level 89
Mar 10, 2023
Yeah, the way it's stated, I tried bite byte because of the word order, but obviously byte bite makes the grammatical sense.
Level 67
May 30, 2024
Agreed - I tried both bite byte and wait weight assuming you wanted the same word order as in the clue.
Level 88
Apr 8, 2022
Fun idea!
Level 78
Apr 8, 2022
Thanks! :D
Level 60
Apr 20, 2022
Great job! Can you accept 'Byte Bite' for 'Consumed 1000 in Binary' since a byte would be 8 bits, which represent a digit in binary? Might be a bit of a stretch but it's a neat coincidence—but it costed me a minute and a half, so I ran out of time. :(

Nominated, again.

Level 78
Apr 29, 2022
I like that one. I replaced morning mourning with it. :)
Level 67
May 5, 2022
I tried every variation/plural combination of 'wage sage' :(
Level 69
May 5, 2022
Me too!
Level 76
May 5, 2022
Could "fine fine" also work for "reasonable toll"? The instructions don't say that the homophones can't also be homonyms.
Level 78
May 5, 2022
Fair point, but I understand a fine to be a monetary punishment rather than something like bus fare. I do like the sound of fine fine, though.
Level 77
May 5, 2022
My first thought for "penny odor" was "Lincoln Stinkin'" - obviously not a homophone but made me laugh