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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Jc123
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Times taken 2,602
Quizmaker Rank # 4,139
7172020-04-16Doom Eternal- Demons
2002020-03-29Doom Eternal- Weapons
1692019-09-09Castles of the North - A Song Of Ice And Fire
1512019-07-11A Song of Ice and Fire - Rebellions and wars of Westeros
1342022-11-07Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order characters
1032020-03-29Doom Eternal- Levels
862020-07-23Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order destinations
772020-08-17Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Bosses
572021-11-16A Song of Ice and Fire - Knights of the Kingsguard
512019-08-02Castles along The Wall - A Song Of Ice And Fire
502018-07-12Castles of the Riverlands - A Song Of Ice And Fire
492020-08-19Doom & Doom Eternal Bosses
472019-07-09Castles of the Vale - A Song Of Ice And Fire
462018-07-12Castles of the Westerlands - A Song Of Ice And Fire
432019-08-02Castles of the Reach - A Song of Ice and Fire
432021-11-16Halo Trilogy all levels
422019-08-02Castles of the Crownlands - A Song Of Ice And Fire
392019-08-02A Song of Ice and Fire - Houses chain
382020-08-20Gears of War series - all enemy units
372020-08-19Gears of War - Squadmates
372019-06-02Castles of the Stormlands - A Song of Ice and Fire
362020-07-23Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order creatures
352021-01-27Doom Eternal - all toys
352020-03-29Shovel Knight Treasure Trove- All Bosses
352021-04-12Castles of Dorne - A Song of Ice and Fire
342018-07-12Castles of the Iron Islands - A Song Of Ice And Fire
302019-07-09A Song of Ice and Fire - Valyrian steel swords
302020-07-23Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order enemies
282020-08-19Doom (2016) - Demons
272020-08-19Doom (2016) - Weapons
192020-08-20Gears of War series - all boss battles
192021-01-27Doom (2016) - Levels
162021-11-15All Halo Levels
92020-03-29Shovel Knight Treasure Trove- Magical Items
72022-03-19Doctor Who - Of The Daleks
42021-11-16Halo: The Reclaimer Saga all levels
42020-08-17Gears of War 2 - Acts & Chapters
32021-11-16Halo Wars all levels
32020-04-05Void Bastards enemies
32020-08-17Gears 5 - Chapters
32020-04-05Void Bastards weapons
32021-11-15The Power of five - Characters (large)
22020-08-17Gears of War 3 - Chapters
12020-08-17Gears of War 4 - Chapters
02020-08-17Gears of War - Chapters