Doom Eternal- Demons

Guess all demon types found in Doom Eternal, including bosses and demonic leaders
Quiz by Jc123
Last updated: November 7, 2023
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First submittedMarch 28, 2020
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Khan Maykr
Icon of Sin
Lost Soul
Maykr Drone
Cyber Mancubus
Dread Knight
Hell Knight
Pain Elemental
Super Heavy
Baron of Hell
Doom Hunter
Level 63
Apr 12, 2020
This quiz needs to be edited to allow for 'soldier' as a type-in. Everything else is singular, and doesn't require the plural for the answer, so I never thought of typing in soldiers for the life of me.
Level 58
Apr 16, 2020
Cheers for that, will do
Level 62
Aug 15, 2020
I thought Doom Hunter is a boss..?
Level 58
Aug 17, 2020
In the codex for the game its listed as a super heavy, i think the distinction with bosses is that they don't reappear as normal enemies later in the game, which the doom hunter does
Level 62
Aug 15, 2020
Buff Totem is also Ambient
Level 58
Aug 17, 2020
Is the buff totem really an enemy though, the other ambient demons actually move around at least, plus the games codex doesn't list the buff totem does it? if it does my mistake and ill add it in
Level 23
Sep 23, 2020
Great quiz, but idk about having the Hell Priests as bosses. Like yes, they're high-ranking enemies that you need to destroy but given you never actually fight them (just dismember them in various fashions during cutscenes)....? IDK maybe we have different criteria for what a boss is. Great quiz though!
Level 58
Sep 24, 2020
Cheers for the comment, i wasnt sure about including them but i thought i should seeing as theyre such a big part of the game, but i can tell it catches quite a few people off guard. Im planning on updating the quiz when ancient gods comes out so i might remove them then
Level 58
Oct 21, 2020
I will update this quiz for the ancient gods update once ive played it, but that might not be soon so if the new demons are missing thats why
Level 58
May 7, 2021
Maykr Drones are not fodder, they are classified as heavy (you need 3 chainsaw pips to saw them). Also, as some have mentioned, I wouldn't really count Hell Priests as bosses. But it was a fun quiz all in all.
Level 58
May 9, 2021
I was just working off the in game codex when i made this quiz, and in there theyre classified as fodder (unless the codex has been updated i havent played the game super recently), so ill probably keep that where it is. As for hell priests i probably will remove that when i update the quiz for ancient gods i just havent got round to playing it yet, hopefully that clears it up