The Power of five - Characters (large)

Guess the names of the characters from the Power of five book series (also known as 'The Gatekeepers') using the clues provided
Contains SPOILERS!!!
Some character are accepted by their first name if that is what is most commonly used in the books
However most characters require either a full name or just a surname
Quiz by Jc123
Last updated: November 15, 2021
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Ipswich Juvenile delinquent and First of the five
Matthew Freeman
#1's friend who stabs a security guard
Kelvin Johnson
Detective Superintendent interested in #1
Stephen Mallory
Aunt and guardian of #1
Gwenda Davis
Foster parent of #1, part of the LEAF project
Jayne Deverill
#5's sister
Claire Deverill
Farmhand who works for #5
Cat and familiar of #5
Farmer who attempts to help #1, and dies
Tom Burgess
Journalist at the Greater Malling Gazette
Richard Cole
British Nuclear scientist who collects matchboxes
Sir Michael Marsh
Blind medium and Nexus member
Susan Ashwood
Professor and Nexus member
Sanjay Dravid
Peruvian Nexus member
Private school bully
Gavin Taylor
American tech mogul and Nexus member
Nathalie Johnson
Australiant Nexus member
Harry Foster
Assistant Commissioner of New Scotland Yard and Nexus member
David Tarrant
1500's monk branded as mad, writer of a notorious diary
St. Joseph of Córdoba
Extremely paranoid bookseller
William Morton
Peruvian multi-millionaire attempting to aide the old ones
Diego Salamanda
Peruvian street urchin and Second of the five
Corrupt and brutal Peruvian police captain
Captain Rodriguez
Owns a home for beggars and thieves in poison town
Inca who rescues the gatekeepers at the hacienda
Brother of the above
Expert on the Nazca lines
Professor Joanna Chambers
Third of the five, and Reno stage performer
Jamie Tyler
Fourth of the five, and twin brother of the above
Scott Tyler
Guardian of the twins who sells them to Nightrise
Don White
Partner of the above, found dead in her house
Marcie White
Nightrise thug involved in running Silent Creek
Colton Baines
Second Nightrise thug, strangled by the first
Kyle Hovey
Nightrise board member in charge of the Psy program
Susan Mortlake
Head of the Nightrise corpration
The Chairman
Saviour and friend of one of the twins
Alicia Maguire
Kidnapped son of the above
Daniel Maguire
Former foster parents of the twins
Ed and Leanne
American Democratic Senator running for President
John Trelawney
His head of security
Warren Cornfield
Opposition candidate for the Presidency, backed by Nightrise
Charles Baker
Head prison warden at Silent Creek
Max Koring
Native American prison warden
Joe Feather
Native American healer called to save one of the twins
The Shaman
The past version of one of the twins, died at Scathac Hill
The past version of the Fifth of the five, a girl
Friend and protector of the above
Past version of the First of the five
Past version of the other twin
Past version of the second of the five
Modern incarnation of the Fifth of the five
Scarlett Adams
Her adoptive father, a lawyer for Nightrise
Paul Adams
Her adoptive mother
Vanessa Adams
Her closest friend
Aidan Ravitch
Mad Ukrainian monk who kidnapps her
Father Gregory
Peruvian man who travels to Nazca with the diary
A man found only in the dreamworld
The Librarian
East Asian Nexus member
Mr Lee
Supposed Hong Kong housekeeper, actually a shape changer
Mrs Cheng
Supposed Hong Kong Chauffeur, also a shape changer
Triad Incense master and guardian of the Fifth of the five
Lohan Shan-Tung
Triad Lieutenant working for the above
Other Triad Lieutenant
The Master of the Mountain
Han Shan-Tung
The King of The Old Ones
Villager who sees a teenager fall through an empty door
Practically the brother of the above, dies defending her
Teacher who betrays the Third of the five along with her entire village
Mrs Keyland
Mysterious individual who owns a canal boat and who attempts to help the five
The Traveller
New head of the Nightrise corporation
The Chairman
Nightrise executive tasked with turning one of the five
Jonas Mortlake
French Nexus member who guards the Great Pyramids
Albert Remy
Leader of the Egyptian resistance
Military commander of Egypt serving the Old Ones
Field Marshall Karim El-Akkad
Italian servant who helps the second of the five escape
Giovanni Amati
Uncle of the above
Francesco Amati
Brazilian drug lord who buys #1
Dubai co-pilot
Zack Martins
Dubai pilot held in captivity
Larry Carter
Ruler of Dubai
Sheikh Rasheed al Tamin
Wife of the Sheikh
Jaheda al Tamin
British Police commander serving the Old Ones
Eleanor Strake
Leader of the cannibals in Little Moulsford
Major Michael Higham
Wife of the above
Dorothy Higham
Brother of the Traveller
Will Fletcher
Close Friend of the Traveller
Italian academic who helps the second of the five
Carla Rivera
Priest who cannot accept the powers of the five, son of the above
Silvio Rivera
Terminally ill sister of the above
Maria Rivera
Commander of the world Army and the USS Pole Star
Commander David Cain
Appears to all of the five as a mother in the dreamworld
The Woman
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