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Times taken 2,036
Quizmaker Rank # 4,899
3492019-12-01Allgemeinwissen 1
2302020-12-12Countries Whose Sovereignty Is Disputed
1432020-02-27IPL 2018 Players (Non-Indian)
992018-08-14Länder, deren Souveränität umstritten ist
812020-07-31The Mahabharata War
802021-09-10Top 10 Grand Slam Winners
782018-08-02Countries By Orthographic Projection
782018-08-01Indian Celebrities
742019-05-08Guess The Marvel Character 1
642020-03-05Cricket: IPL Winners Edition
612018-08-20Chess: Rapid and Blitz
552019-01-18Studio Albums by Panic! At The Disco
532020-02-26Taoiseachs of Ireland
502020-06-01Eine Frage pro Fandom: Einfach
502018-08-15Chess Pictorial Quiz
482019-02-06The Avatars of Lord Vishnu
452019-02-26The Hindu Pantheon
432018-08-11Beethoven: How Much Do You Know Him?
412022-09-24Captains of the 2022 FIFA World Cup
372019-05-08Guess The Marvel Character 2
362018-08-16Countries By Orthographic Projection 2
322019-01-12Name the Political Leader of India
322019-10-09Top 10 Grand Slam Winners: Picture Version
232019-05-08Legends Of The Game: Cricket
212020-04-24Países con soberanía en disputa
212018-10-25The Nations of SAARC
172022-08-23Os capitães da Primeira Liga na temporada 2022-23
142020-04-30Heads of the German Confederation
142019-07-30Guess The Marvel Character 3
132019-02-23Scandinavian GK 1: Denmark
132018-04-15Celebrities : North America
102019-02-16Someone's GK Fix: India-Centric Edition
62020-03-04Cricket: Wicketkeepers Edition
62018-12-04Someone's GK Fix #2
62021-05-03Indianapolis 500 Winners in the 21st Century
52020-02-27Cricket: Bowlers Edition
52019-08-05Country Capitals By Flag: Past
32018-12-04Someone's GK Fix #1