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115,6602019-05-30 Fast Food Logos Quiz
52,1982020-01-08 Name a Valid Asian Country
33,2922019-10-05 Most Powerful Countries Bordering Each Other
31,4702021-10-20 Countries with Most Nobel Prizes by Continent
30,7562022-01-18 Countries That Produce the Most Spices
18,7382020-04-18 Podaj nazwę pasującego państwa azjatyckiego
13,4542020-05-14 Państwa z największą liczbą nagród Nobla według kontynentów
13,2142020-04-10 Pays qui battent la France
10,3152020-01-20 Najpotężniejsze kraje graniczące ze sobą
7,8572019-10-11 Nommez un pays asiatique valide
6,0802019-10-05 Pays voisins les plus puissants
5,5932019-07-11Superheroes By Logos
5,3972020-06-10Who did That in Avengers : Endgame - Multiple Choice
5,2342019-09-22Google Product Logos
4,7042020-05-14 Quiz o logach restauracji Fast Food
3,4092019-06-10Mobile Brand Logo Quiz
3,2422020-04-03The Only Three Countries in the World
2,9922020-03-15Merged Country Names
2,8982019-04-14 Pays qui produisent le plus d'épices
2,6672020-05-02Name a Valid Eurasian Country
2,2022020-04-28Name a Valid Americas Country
2,1232019-01-23Hollywood Celebrities By Pictures
2,0472019-03-28Easiest Maths But In 15 Seconds
1,8932019-03-22Science General Knowledge-Multiple Choice #1
1,8192020-03-31Random Name a Bordering Country
1,6122019-01-23Fruits By Pictures By First-Two Letters In 15 Seconds
1,6092019-04-17Celebrities By Pictures #2
1,3782019-04-14The Only Two Countries in the World
1,1562019-01-06Super-héros par logos
1,0002019-03-26Connaissances générales en sciences - Choix multiple
9772020-10-11Sports By Pictures
9772019-01-10Non-Bordering Countries | Multiple Choice |
9242018-04-15Top Footballers By Pictures
6702018-03-08Landmarks Of The Country By Pictures
6472018-05-01Objects By Pictures
6352018-04-28Easiest Maths But In 15 Seconds#4
5962019-08-17Countries That Contain D
5822019-06-13Birds By Pictures
5512019-04-21Countries That Contain E
5492019-04-18Countries That Contain C
5382020-03-31Losowe państwa sąsiedzkie
5362019-01-23Most Visited Cities In Europe By Picture
5102018-03-22Countries That Contain G
4782018-05-01Fictional Superheroes By Pictures
4472018-06-21Top 100 Most Common British Surnames
4362019-04-18Science General Knowledge - Multiple Choice #2
4062018-04-30Countries That Contain R
3832018-03-08Countries That Contain O
3722018-05-10Hollywood Celebrities By Pictures
3682019-04-18Countries that Contain B
3622020-01-01Largest Countries Bordering a Random Country
3472019-02-05Greek Alphabet by Symbols
3452019-02-06Oiseaux par Images
3132019-03-20Quel pays ne correspond pas?
3132019-08-12Countries That Produce Most Movies
3072018-04-19Spellings Of Words That Are Different In British And American English
3052018-11-09Pays qui produisent le plus de films
3042018-05-31Easiest Maths But In 15 Seconds #5
2952018-04-29Peoples By Pictures And Hints
2872018-04-15Most Common Drugs By Their Effects
2862018-03-28Easiest Maths But In 15 Seconds#2
2672018-05-31Fruits par des images par premier-deux lettres en 15 seconde
2612018-12-30Indian General Knowledge
2482019-08-09Countries with Best Software Developers
2452019-01-23Most Visited Cities in the World
2442018-03-28Easiest Maths But In 15 Seconds #3
2412018-10-2025 villes les plus photographiées d'Europe
2232018-10-20Choses historiques par pays
2192019-09-21Top 25 Most Famous Countries
2102019-08-11The Only Country In The World
2082018-04-29La maggior parte delle città visitate in Europa per immagine
2062019-02-06Countries That Produce The Most Tea
2002018-08-15Villes les plus visitées dans le monde en images
1992018-05-01Countries That Contain L
1962018-04-15Countries That Contain M
1942019-03-08Highest, Largest, Biggest in the World by Pictures
1902018-06-01Repères Du Pays Par Photos
1882018-04-17Countries That Watches Television The Most
1882020-05-13How Smart are You? - Easiest General Knowledge
1862018-05-01Countries With Most Positive Image Ratings From Americans
1842018-03-14Countries That Contain P
1832018-03-03Countries That Contain U
1822020-03-20Nom aléatoire d'un pays limitrophe
1812018-06-17Indian Cities By Pictures
1792018-07-23Geographical Group of Countries Quiz
1762018-04-29Cidades mais visitadas da Europa por imagem
1742018-04-01Countries That Contain K
1732018-06-23Foods That Are Yellow
1712018-03-28Countries That Produce The Most Cars
1702018-05-13Easiest Maths
1702018-03-10Most Visited Cities In United States By Pictures
1682018-05-02Countries That Contain S
1682019-01-09Superlatifs de pays - Choix multiple
1652018-07-04Most Common Girl Names in 2000s in USA
1622018-06-02Países que ganharam independência de Portugal
1622019-10-04Merged Country Names Sequel
1592018-05-08Les deux seuls pays du monde
1572018-03-29Countries That Contain H
1572019-01-11Pays non frontaliers | Choix multiple |
1552018-03-16Countries That Contain F
1542018-06-24Most common countries that will be accepted as answers in most Jetpunk quizzes
1532018-05-02The Ultimate Avatar Movie Quiz
1512018-05-16Countries With Highest Divorce Rate
1492018-06-20Popular US Baby Names That Are Also Parts Of Country Names
1482018-04-30Countries That Have the Most English Speakers
1472019-02-03Pays les plus influents du monde
1462018-08-10Countries with Most Indians
1462019-09-27Countries by Bordering Countries
1462018-08-15Countries with Most Pakistanis
1452018-04-15Countries with the Harshest Drug Laws in the World
1442018-05-01Words That Rhymes With You
1442018-07-06Countries with Most Railway Passengers
1432018-04-01Countries With Most Tigers
1432019-03-18Countries That Produce the Most Milk
1412018-03-07Countries That Contain Z
1392018-02-16Most Visited Countries By Indians
1372018-06-21Pays les plus consultés sur Wikipédia
1322018-08-19Countries with Most Japanese
1312018-04-16The Only Country In The World #2
1302018-05-23Countries With Biggest Road Networks
1292018-06-28The Hinduism Quiz
1292018-06-20Most Viewed Countries On Wikipedia
1292018-05-17Countries That End In N
1272018-03-03Countries That Do Not Contain A And I
1252019-01-30Most Influential Countries in the World
1242018-05-30Countries That Exports Arms The Most
1242018-05-10Most Multicultural Countries In the World
1232018-04-14Countries That Contain V
1232018-06-21Les 15 pays les plus googlés au monde
1232018-04-29La plupart des villes visitées en Europe par l'image
1222018-04-10Largest Economies By GDP(PPP) By Year
1212019-04-13United Nations - Multiple Choice
1202018-01-29OLDEST LANGUAGES of the world
1202018-06-02Pays VOUS aimez le plus
1192018-02-10"1 to 10" typing test "in words"
1192019-09-20Countries That Contain Y
1182018-08-15Pays avec le plus de français
1182018-04-24Countries With Most Intelligent Peoples
1172018-10-18Famous Americans
1162018-04-30Countries With Most Hindi Speakers
1162018-03-11Countries That Don't Contain A
1162019-04-13Countries With Most JetPunk Traffic
1152018-04-19Disasters By Picture
1142018-03-31Countries That Contain J
1122019-04-12Which City in the World? A - Z
1112018-06-24Natural Landmarks Of The Countries By Pictures
1102018-03-03Countries And Their Landmarks
1102018-04-14Countries That Consume Most Food
1102018-05-31Pays les plus peuplés d'Europe
1092018-05-27Countries That Gained Independence From Portugal
1082018-05-16Countries With More Than One Words
1082018-08-15The Non-Sense Quiz |The Logic Quiz|
1082019-03-18Environment General Knowledge
1072018-06-13Expressions By Pictures
1072018-06-20Foods That Are Red
1072020-04-10Plus grandes villes par catégorie
1062018-03-10Countries That Contain W
1062019-04-20Countries By First Three Letters
1062019-03-20Which Country doesn't Match?
1042018-07-14Countries With Most Universities
1022019-09-12Les villes les plus sûres au monde
1022018-04-28Countries With Most Handsome Men
1012018-05-09Capital Cities Through Which Rivers Flows By Rivers
1012019-02-05Countries Without A
1012019-09-03Safest Cities in the World
982019-06-10Pays avec le plus de prix Nobel par continent
982018-06-13Countries That Do Not Recognize North Korea
972018-08-13Countries with Most Australians
972018-04-19Three Countries In The World
962018-06-07Countries With Highest Alcohol Consumption Per Capita
962019-01-09Country Superlatives - Multiple Choice
952018-04-28Countries With Most Beautiful Womens
942018-06-14Geographic Word Chain
942018-04-28Countries With The Highest Average IQs(Intelligence)
932018-05-07Languages By Their Origin Of Country
932018-04-10Largest Empires In World History
922019-04-15Countries That Produce Most Maize
922018-05-07The Top Countries By Groups
912018-06-07Countries With Highest Cancer Rates
902020-03-24Countries With Most Cities Having 1 Million+ Population
892018-03-05Biology quiz
892018-05-09Country YOU Like The Most
892018-05-27The Only Country In The World
882018-03-06Countries That Are Most Searched On Google
882018-08-15Countries with Largest Diaspora
872018-03-12Most Visited Cities In Australia By Pictures
872018-03-06Top 15 Most Powerful Nations
862019-09-24Largest Cities By Category
862018-05-31Electronics By Picture In 15 Seconds
852018-06-27Countries That End In O
852018-04-17Top Wine Producing Countries
842019-01-24S.I. Units of Physical Quantities | Multiple Choice |
822018-04-18Factions Of Divergent
822018-03-11Most Visited Cities In Africa By Pictures
822018-08-15Most Visited Cities in the World By Pictures
812018-04-14Countries With Most Vegetarians
812018-03-15Countries That Contain Q
812018-10-18Countries with Most World Heritage Sites(with Surprise)
802019-09-28Les plus grandes villes de la péninsule arabique
792018-03-29Largest Water Bodies In The World
792018-03-03Countries Of Origin By Foods
792018-03-03Countries With Highest Population By Religion
792019-03-28Two Countries in the Pattern
792018-06-27Countries That End In S
792018-05-27Names Of Chemicals By Chemical Formulas
782018-03-27Most Beautiful Cities In The World
782018-05-29History Of Britain Quiz
782018-08-18Countries with Largest Oil Consumption
782018-09-02Countries with Most Chileans
772018-06-16Countries That End In A
772019-09-20Countries by Flag Symbols
772018-08-10Countries with Largest Cattle Production
772018-06-15Three Countries In The World
762019-04-18Literary Devices Recognition Quiz
762018-10-06Historical Things by Country
752018-05-27Oldest Empires In The World
752018-08-06African General Knowledge #1
752018-03-31The Ultimate Indian Quiz
752018-06-13Countries That Do Not Recognize South Korea
742018-05-07Countries That Start And End With A
742018-05-09Countries With Longest Rail Networks
742018-05-15Countries That End In E
732018-08-04Countries with Most Mobile Phones
722018-06-15Countries By Picture - B
722018-06-16Countries That End in D
722018-03-03countries with highest electricity consumption
702018-01-29oldest religions of the world
702018-05-15Countries That End In A
702018-06-12Three Countries In The World
702018-04-15Countries Ending In N By Their First Letter
702018-05-01Countries Of Origin Of Different Religions
692018-03-04Countries With Most Agricultural Land Area
692018-07-12Countries that Produce Most Milk
692019-04-20Countries by Name Related Hints
692018-03-03countries that start with a VOWEL
692018-03-03CountriesThat Start And End With A
682018-03-05Top 10 Most Educated Countries
682018-08-18Most Visited Cities In Asia By Pictures
682018-04-02Countries That Contain X
672019-01-27English Words Derived From Hindi
672018-05-27Countries That End In A But Not IA
672019-09-25Largest Cities in Arabian Peninsula
672018-02-18Most Beautiful Countries In The World
672018-03-03Largest Trading Partners Of India
662018-03-03World’s 15 Most Googled Countries
662018-04-28Countries With Most Migrations
662019-01-17Old Name of What Geographical Region?
652018-06-21Countries That End In I
652018-03-08Countries Through Which Equator Passes
642018-04-11Countries With Most Natural Resources
642018-01-24Science ability Quiz #3
642018-06-21Foods That Are Green
642018-05-27The Ultimate Country Name Quiz -Scramble + Completing Country Names + Countries That Contain _ + Countries That Contain _ And So on
632018-03-03Guess Largest Producers Countries #Agriculture
632018-06-08Countries By Sports That Originated There
622018-04-11Countries With Most Wikipedia Traffic
622019-04-13Non-Member UN Countries that are Member of JetPunk Countries
622019-03-26Countries with Monarchs
612018-06-07Countries With Most Language Diversity
612018-03-29Largest Trading Partners Of United Kingdom
612019-02-04Word Scramble - Indian Cities
612018-09-07Countries with the Most UNESCO World Heritage Sites
612018-06-07Countries With Highest Global Competitiveness
612018-03-23Biggest Ports In The World
612019-09-25Countries With Negative Population Growth Rate
612019-01-25Complete the Country Names
602018-08-12Countries with Most British
602018-03-03World Population By Religion
602018-06-28Age Group To Which you Belong!
602018-05-01Countries By Their Original Names
592018-03-03Countries That Contain O
592018-06-01Pays ayant le plus de trafic JetPunk
592018-04-02World's Most Valuable Brands
592018-03-03Top 10 Countries That Have Largest Water Area
582018-04-17Countries With Highest Government Budget
582018-05-27First Country In The World To...
582019-02-06Comment êtes-vous intelligent?
582018-06-02Widest Rivers In The World
582018-04-06Countries Whose Currency Is Euro
582018-03-30Largest Trading Partners Of The United States
582018-05-27Countries That Start With The Letters Of "Country"
572018-06-28Countries That End In Y
572018-01-24Science ability Quiz
572019-09-22Movies Set in India
572020-04-10Countries in a Tabulation
562018-08-17Countries with Most Facebook Users
562018-03-28Smallest Country In Each Continent
562018-06-15Geographic Word Chain
562018-06-23Countries That End In Land
562018-03-0310 Largest Countries in 15 Seconds
562019-03-05Most Abundant Element in the Milky Way
562018-03-28Chemical Symbols In 15 Seconds
562018-06-20Largest Country by Category
562018-06-21Country Of Which You Are A Citizen
552018-05-07Countries That Start And End With Same Letter
552018-01-24Science ability Quiz #2
552018-08-13Countries with Most French
552018-04-16Poorest Countries Of Asia
552018-04-19Countries By Largest GDP By Past Years
552018-03-04Top 8 Most Competitive Countries In The World
552018-05-01Countries With The Most Protestant Christians
542018-05-15Countries That End In L
542019-06-02All Participants of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019
542018-04-28Largest Economies In The World By Past Years
532018-04-19Countries With Highest Rainfall
532018-03-28Countries With Most Industrial Output
532019-03-06Countries by Things
532018-06-28Countries That End In U
522018-03-03biggest EXPORTERS in the world
522019-03-27"Étranges interdictions" dans les pays
522018-08-10Asia General Knowledge #1
522018-08-19Countries with Most Spaniards
522018-02-02Countries With The Most Arable Land
512018-07-15Most Beautiful Capital Cities In The World
512018-05-01Find Hidden Countries Among 196 # Easier Version
512018-05-15Reach "Geography" By Geography Questions
512018-03-14Most Visited City In South America By Pictures
512019-03-31Best Countries For Business
512018-05-12Countries With The Most Sheep
512018-03-03Top 10 Countries With Highest Numbers Of Vehicles
512018-06-07Countries With Highest Electricity Production
502018-04-14World's Most Influential People by Picture
502018-06-26Countries That End In M
502019-03-28Countries with Longest Constitutions
492018-03-21Five Letter Country Names In Asia
492018-06-07Countries With Most Car Exports
482018-10-17Famous Indian
482018-05-04Singers By Songs
482018-05-12US States That Start With A
482018-06-03FIVE letters country names
482019-01-14Cities by Clues- A
482018-02-10BIOLOGY ability #3 diseases
482018-06-27Countries That End In R
482018-04-30Pays du monde
482018-05-10Countries By Facts
472018-03-30Les pays qui contiennent Z
472019-03-06Most Patriotic Countries
462018-03-03Largest Producers Countries (Agriculture)
462018-06-22Capitals Of Indian States
452018-03-07Most Biodiverse Countries
442018-01-22general IQ quiz
442018-02-08previous name of different countries
442019-04-13Yugoslavian Countries Map Quiz
442018-06-02Countries Whose Size Is About Same As That Of Alaska
442018-08-15Countries with Most Canadians
442018-05-23Geography Of The United States Of America Quiz
432020-05-09Happiest Cities in India
432018-03-03Country with Most Islamic Population
432019-10-07Countries with Most Vowels
432018-04-10Most Populous Countries In 15 Seconds
432018-06-22Indian Independence Struggle
432018-05-17Countries With Lowest Divorce Rate
422019-03-27"Strange Bans" in the Countries Quiz
422018-03-26Most Populated Countries In 1989
422018-06-13Countries That Do Not Recognize Armenia
412018-03-31Oldest Cities In the World
412019-03-28Two Countries in the Pattern #2
412018-08-13Countries with Most Chinese
412020-07-23India Multiple Choice
412018-02-01countries with most millionaires
412018-04-16Countries With Most Freshwater
412018-05-13International Alliances(Groups) Of Countries
402018-07-15Happiest Cities in the World
402018-04-30Most Polluted Countries
402018-01-24BIOLOGY ability
402018-08-17Asia General Knowledge #2
402018-04-15Countries With Most Golds In Commonwealth 2018
392018-08-11Countries with Most Americans
392018-04-18Most Successful Countries In The World
392018-06-27Countries That End In T
392018-05-27Consonants In Their Order In 15 Seconds
392018-02-08FIVE letter country names
392018-03-06Most Searched Websites On Google
392019-04-06Most Visited Cities in the United States
392019-03-18Most Populated Countries in Comparison to Their Continent
392018-07-14Nicknames of Different Countries
382020-08-26The Six Nation Comparison |Multiple Choice|
382018-03-04Countries Whose First Letter Is Same That Of Its Capital
382018-07-22Fastest Growing Cities In the World
382018-04-18Most Innovative Countries In The World
382018-05-01Flags Of Countries
382018-05-15Reach "Geography" By Geography Questions
372018-07-19Asian Countries By Two Hints
372018-03-03nicknames of indian states
372018-08-04Countries with Largest Freshwater Withdrawal
372018-06-26Countries That End In Lands
372018-06-16Vegetables By Picture In 15 Seconds
362018-03-10The Third Country In These Series
362018-05-13US States That Start With C
362018-05-23Largest Cities In India
362019-04-11Capital with Four Letters
362019-03-28FIFA World Cup Winners and Runners-Up Quiz
362018-05-12Countries With Most Cows
362018-03-03Countries And Their Longest River
362018-04-30Most Dangerous Countries In The World
352018-05-27Reach "Geography" By Geography Questions
352018-01-23previous names of different countries
352018-07-09Countries With Comparable Size As Of That Of USA States
352018-03-28Biggest Country In Each Continent
352018-03-03Countries With Most Hindu Population
352018-03-28Most Populated Countries In Each Continent
352018-05-27Countries With Most Carbon Dioxide Emissions
352018-03-27Richest Cities In The World:
342018-03-03Top 10 Most Visited Cities
342019-01-17India by Picture
342018-03-05Countries That Border Pacific Ocean
342019-06-09Numbers in Geography Quiz
342019-03-08Cities by Clues - B
342018-08-15Colors of Rainbow in 15 Seconds
332018-01-24BIOLOGY ability #2
332018-05-15US States Start With D
332018-06-21Countries That End In C
332019-06-14Rings of Olympics - Symbols of Continents
322018-03-22Countries That Start With J
322018-05-02Countries With Least Chances Of Disasters
322018-03-18Most Populated Countries In 2050
322018-03-11Capitals That Contain Z
312019-02-06Word Scramble - National Capitals and Countries
312018-04-18Least Peaceful Countries
302018-05-27Most Populous Countries In Europe
302018-03-03Countries Whose First Letter Is Same That Of Its Capital
302019-01-16Capital Superlatives | Multiple Choice |
302018-03-07Country And Capital Word Scramble
302018-04-15Countries By Hints
292018-03-07Complete These Country Names
292018-06-07Countries With Largest Diamond Exports
292019-04-13Countries with Highest JetPunk Traffic - Alexa
292018-06-27Countries By Hints #3
292018-06-07Countries With Largest Cement Production
282019-09-25Smallest Countries by Population with Exceptions
282018-06-03SEVEN letter COUNTRY NAMES
282019-01-05Countries With Longest Waterways Length
282020-05-08Capitals Closest to a Random European Capital
282018-05-02Countries With Most Chances Of Disasters
272018-03-29Most Polluted Cities In The World
272018-04-14Most Meat Consuming Countries
272018-05-28Geography By Letters Of "Geography"
272018-05-27Letters Through Which No Country Starts
272018-04-28Busiest Cities In the World
272018-04-15Geography By Definition
272018-05-05Countries With Most Hindu Population With Exceptions
272018-03-03countries that start with "V"
272018-03-03countries that united states visits most
262019-06-16The Leftover Chess Match
262018-03-23Countries And Their Largest City
262018-04-30Most Peaceful Countries In The World
262018-05-10Top Agricultural Countries In 2017
262018-06-21Most Popular Websites in USA
252018-05-29E7 Nations-The Emerging Seven
252018-05-17US States That Start With F
252018-02-03general KNOWLEDGE or IQ quiz
252018-03-23Twelve Letter Country Names
252020-07-03Indian Cities with Most COVID-19 Cases
252018-04-19Seven Continents In 15 Seconds
252019-06-13Things That Make Confuse
242018-01-21world geographic
242019-01-16Asia Capitals - One Minute Sprint
242018-03-28Longest River In Each Continent
232019-01-17Two's Table in 15 Seconds
232018-06-02Most Densely Populated Cities In The World
232018-08-15Countries with Highest JetPunk Traffic- SimilarWeb
222018-01-24Chemical symbol
222018-04-17Top Coffee Producing Countries In 45 Seconds
222018-08-14India's Past and Present
222018-06-21Countries By Things - B
222018-06-21Countries By Things They Are Famous For - C
222018-06-15Countries By Things
222018-06-23Countries That End In K
222018-03-11Largest Island Countries Quiz
222018-04-18Fastest Growing Nations
202018-01-23iq quiz #2
202018-05-18Facts About History Of India
202019-01-13Proverbs by Contradictory Proverbs |Duelling Proverbs|
192019-02-06How Smart are You?
192018-05-01Friendliest Countries In The World
192018-07-04The Non-Sense Quiz
192018-04-18Countries By Hints #2
192019-06-12Geometric Shapes By Hints
192018-06-24The World War I Quiz
182018-06-27Capitals on River Danube
172018-05-04Most Livable Cities In The World
172018-03-06Countries Through Which Tropic Of Cancer Passes
172020-05-03Closest Capitals to a Random Asian Capital
172019-04-18Countries That Contain All Vowel
172018-06-07Countries With Largest Silver Production
172018-04-14Top Cricket Teams
162018-03-11Countries' Landmarks
162018-03-06Countries Through Which Tropic Of Capricorn Passes
152018-01-23iq #4
152020-04-16Cities in a Tabulation
152019-03-05Most Populous Countries in Eurasia
152018-06-02Countries Whose Size Is About Same As That Of Texas
152018-03-06Countries Through Which Prime Meridian Passes
152018-05-15Reach "Science" With Science Questions
142018-02-08general iq quiz #2
132018-06-21Top BBC Books
122019-04-07Lucknow Map Quiz
122018-01-27most traded currencies
122018-03-28Highest Peak In Each Continent
122018-06-13Countries That Recognize Taiwan
112019-03-26भारतीय सामान्य ज्ञान | Indian General Knowledge
102018-04-19IPL Teams
62019-03-26Hashtags by Country | Country Ranks
62020-07-13Indo Talks - Social Media
52019-04-18Random JetPunk Quotes to Author
12020-04-25Lucknow by Picture