Mountain Ranges of the World (hard)

Can you name the mountain ranges pictured on this map?
Many thanks to Greg at, whose mountain range database was indispensable.
Mountain ranges are larger on the map than they are in real life. This is so you can see them.
In some cases, prominent sub-ranges are accepted as type-ins.
Quiz by MiracleMax
Last updated: August 26, 2021
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First submittedMay 28, 2020
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North America
Brooks Range
Aleutian Arc
Alaska Range
Wrangell Mountains
St. Elias Mountains
Coast Range
Olympic Mountains
Klamath Mountains
Sierra Nevada
Santa Monica Mountains
Mackenzie Mountains
Rocky Mountains
Columbia Mountains
Blue Mountains
Bitterroot Mountains
Salmon River Mountains
Teton Range
Wind River Range
Bighorn Mountains
Black Hills
Wasatch Range
La Sal Mountains
Front Range
Sangre de Cristo Range
San Juan Mountains
Guadalupe Mountains
Western Sierra Madre
Eastern Sierra Madre
Cordillera Neovolcánica
Southern Sierra Madre
Ozark Highlands
Ouachita Mountains
Torngat Mountains
Uinta Range
Mealy Mountains
Long Range Mountains
Cape Breton Highlands
Notre Dame Mountains
Laurentian Mountains
Longfellow Mountains
White Mountains
Green Mountains
Adirondack Mountains
Catskill Mountains
Allegheny Mountains
Cumberland Mountains
Blue Ridge Mountains
Great Smoky Mountains
South America
Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
Cordillera de Merida
Condor Range
Cordoba Mountains
Patagonian Andes
Espinhaço Mountains
Cordillera Occidental
Cordillera Oriental
Cordillera Central
Serra do Mar
Transantarctic Mountains
Atlas Mountains
Danakil Alps
Bongo Massif
Cameroon Mountains
Ruwenzori Mountains
Virunga Mountains
Maoke Range
Owen Stanley Range
McIllwraith Range
Great Dividing Range
Victorian Alps
Southern Alps
Middle East
Taurus Mountains
Pontic Mountains
Caucasus Mountains
Svanetian Range
Mount Lebanon
Zagros Mountains
Ural Mountains
Kuznetsk Range
Byrranga Mountains
Sayan Mountains
Baikal Mountains
Yablonovy Mountains
Khingan Range
Verkhoyansk Range
Chersky Range
Kolyma Mountains
Chukotka Mountains
Koryak Mountains
Altai Mountains
Tien Shan
Qilian Mountains
Kunlun Mountains
Altun Mountains
Tanggula Mountains
Pamir Mountains
Hindu Kush
Gangdise Mountains
Naga Hills
Arakan Mountains
Aravalli Range
Vindyha Range
Eastern Ghats
Western Ghats
Hamgyong Mountains
Taebaek Mountains
Central Mountain Range
Wuyi Mountains
Nanling Mountains
Annamese Cordillera
Grampian Mountains
Sierra Morena
Iberian System
Cantabrian Mountains
Massif Central
Armorican Massif
Jura Mountains
Black Forest
Ore Mountains
Bohemian Forest
Carpathian Mountains
Dinaric Alps
Level 81
May 28, 2020
Difficult but nice quiz.
Level 81
May 28, 2020
Why Middle East as a separate region instead of being part of Asia?
Level 73
Aug 24, 2021
To be honest, I'm middle eastern and I really liked this. I wish all maps had this division. We have more in common with Europe than East Asia. In fact, if cultural differnces are taken as a dividing criterion between continents (as is the case for Europe), one could divide Asia into 5 or 6 continents: Middle East (or western Asia), South Asia, Central Asia, East Asia, and South-East Asia. I would also make Siberia its own continent or merge it with central Asia.
Level 75
May 28, 2020
This is truly one of the best quizzes I have take in a long time. Good job!
Level 75
May 29, 2020
also I nominated
Level 65
Jul 11, 2020
maybe include Bale Mountains of Ethiopia
Level 73
Aug 24, 2021
Not a cool quiz. Did not include the Misty Mountains.
Level 74
Aug 24, 2021
Great map! Nominated!
Level 71
Aug 24, 2021
Very nice quiz. I made 26 guessing city/region names. I should only point there are two misspelling in the answers: "Condillera Occidental" and "Cordillerea Oriental". Both should be "Cordillera".

It felt weird to see only Serra do Mar and Serra do Espinhaço in Brazil, because we call lots of highlands "Serra" (literally means range). The one I missed the most was the Mantiqueira Mountains, but they are kinda the same range of Serra do Mar, separated by a graben. Anyway, geographer rambling here :p I'm looking that database as soon as I can to see why he didn't consider most of that Serras.

Level 74
Aug 26, 2021
Thank you for the spelling corrections.

The Brazilian ranges I included weren't actually from that database, I added them because I wasn't quite satisfied with its level of detail in that region. It's very hard to get reliable information on mountain ranges from a place you're not from, because divisions are so often colloquial rather than geographical. I spoke to the one Brazilian I know in choosing ones to add, but I'd very much welcome your feedback for further ranges that should be added/changed. The more primary sources I can get, the better!

Level 69
Aug 27, 2021
I'm a brazilian geographer as well. Brazil don't have very tall mountain ranges, but the highest point is in the northern region of Roraima, there are some high plateaus sharing border with Venezuela and Guyana, from where flows Orinoco river and some important rivers of the amazon basin. We called it Planalto das Guianas, or Guyana Shield in english.
Level 71
Aug 28, 2021
I liked the level of detail you had for US. By my knowledge, I would generalize everything north of UT/NV as "Rocky Mountains". This would be kinda difficult to do in Brazil, because as levic said most of our ranges are residual from very old formations. I'll talk with some geomorphologist friends to see which ranges they think should be highlighted, and bring you a more elaborated answer.

BUT, based on my knowledge, I would say you should include Mantiqueira Mts (between Serra do Mar and Espinhaço), Pacaraíma Mts (they are the most known from Guyana Plateau. but maybe the Plateau as a whole could be included - not sure about that tho), Serra Geral (in the very south, close to Uruguay) and the Borborema Plateau (in the northeast). It's up to you to consider plateaus as mountain ranges or not! haha

Level 68
Dec 11, 2021
Could you accept Tian Shan for Tien Shan?
Level 82
Sep 18, 2023
Level 60
Sep 16, 2023
Haha, I got Iberian from trying Siberian. I don't know much about mountains, but I had a lot of fun guessing random regions, especially when I got a mountain range in a completely different place.