Statistics for Songs with National Parks in the Lyrics

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John Denver_____ ________ HighThe Colorado {Rocky} {Mountain} high / I've seen it rainin' fire in the sky
Woody GuthrieThis Land is Your LandFrom the California to the New York island / From the {Redwood} forest, to the gulf stream waters
John DenverTake Me Home, Country RoadsAlmost heaven, West Virginia / Blue Ridge Mountains, {Shenandoah} River
Bob MarleyIron Lion ___I had to run like a fugitive just to save the life I live / I'm gonna be iron like a lion in {Zion}
Van Morrison_______ TreeOh {Redwood} tree / Please let us under / when we were young we used to go / under the {Redwood} tree
Bob Dylan__________Oh, {Shenandoah}, I long to hear you / Look away, you rolling river
Red Hot Chili PeppersDani CaliforniaNorth Dakota man / Wasn't gunnin' for the quota / Down in the {Badlands} she was saving the best for last
Joe Walsh_____ ________ WaySpent last year / {Rocky} {Mountain} way / Couldn't get much higher
Randy NewmanBurn OnThere's a red moon rising / On the {Cuyahoga} river / Rolling into Cleveland to the lake
Joey Bada$$BabylonAs fast as I can to Mount {Zion} / I'm running away, I'm running away
George StraitHow 'Bout Them CowgirlsI've criss-crossed down to Key {Biscayne} / and Chi-Town via Bangor, Maine
The Wind and the Wave_____ ______Don't die, you're just a baby, yeah you're way too young / You haven't lived till you've been to the {Grand} {Canyon}
MuseSupermassive Black Hole{Glacier}s melting in the dead of night / And the superstars sucked into the supermassive
Flanagan and AllenUnderneath the _____Underneath the {Arches} / We dream our dreams away / Underneath the {Arches} on cobblestones we lay
Led ZeppelinImmigrant SongWe come from the land of ice and snow / Of the midnight sun where the {Hot} {Springs} flow

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