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Random Fast Typing0-4.64416,131
Fast Math - Double That Number!0-4.73475,950
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Divided World City Name Puzzle #10-4.9232,898
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Fast Math - Subtraction Quiz0-4.5040,785
Short Term Memory Test0-4.95152,027
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Word Scramble - European Countries0-4.42104,193
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European Map without 10 Random Countries0-4.97220,762
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Random World Capitals on a Map0-4.9098,240
World Map Without 20 Random Countries0-4.975,832,894
Vocabulary Mega-Challenge #10-4.63112,938
Wolfcam's Random History General Knowledge0-4.4218,161
Random African Capitals on a Map0-4.9242,082
Random Asian Capitals on a Map0-4.7339,549
Random European Capitals on a Map0-4.9692,991
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Countries in Squares of the World Map0-5.00127,074
Random Name a Valid Country0-4.99112,501
Empty World Map without 20 Random Countries0-4.9075,805
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World Map with 10 Random Extra Borders0-4.97274,253
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Random Sequential Asian Countries on a Map0-4.9995,027
Random Sequential Countries on the World Map0-5.00396,337
Capitals in Random Squares of the World Map0-4.9059,338
Guess a Top 5 Last Name by Country0-4.6733,402
Random African Capital to Country0-4.9668,214
Name a World Capital A-Z0-5.00123,102
Category Elimination - European Geography #10-4.96175,866
Fast Math - Square Roots0-4.4237,394
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Random Cities by Clue0-4.5229,663