Albania Country Quiz

🇦🇱 Can you guess these facts about the country of Albania?
Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: June 28, 2022
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Capital of Albania
Most common religion
Second most populous city
Countries that border Albania
North Macedonia
Peninsula on which Albania lies
Deepest and oldest lake in
Southern Europe, a UNESCO site
Lake Ohrid
Empire it was part of, 1480–1912
Ottoman Empire
Country that invaded in 1939
Military alliance Albania formally
withdrew from in 1968
Warsaw Pact
Parts of the Mediterranean that
Albania borders
Adriatic Sea
Ionian Sea
Animal that appears on its flag
Golden Eagle
Currency of Albania
Nobel Peace Prize-winning nun
Mother Teresa
Albanian-born Muhammad Ali-
Pasha is regarded as the modern
founder of this country
Vegetable used as filling in Byrek
Dictator of Albania from 1944–1985
Enver Hoxha
Level 85
Jun 3, 2020
Level 83
Jun 6, 2020
Hmm Mother Teresa doesn't really belong in this COUNTRY quiz. She was from what is today Northern Macedonia.
Level 90
Jun 8, 2020
Level 77
Jun 8, 2020
it's the same as Muhammad Ali Pasha who was born in today Greece but they both were Albanian
Level 83
Jun 9, 2020
Then remove him as well, it's not a quiz about Albanians.
Level 31
Apr 16, 2021
She is born in Skopje, North Macedonia and died in Kolkata, India
Level 40
Jan 8, 2022
Level 36
May 5, 2022
buddy macedonians dont exist anymore
Level 55
Jun 10, 2020
A question about Scanderbeg might be a good addition
Level 72
Jun 10, 2020
There was one, but QM removed it.
Level 67
Jun 19, 2020
St. Teresa of Calcutta should be counted as well as Mother Teresa.
Level 74
Aug 30, 2020
The world's heaviest smoker, Zog I.
Level 42
Jun 5, 2021
King Zog sounds like a name from star trek
Level 54
Oct 29, 2020
Misread 'religion' as 'region.' Pretty big facepalm moment. I mean, misreading happens. But the fact that my brain never corrected itself when it was so obvious something Islam-related was going to be on the quiz somewhere, plus the fact that I distinctly remember Albania being 58% Muslim. Ugh.
Level 44
Nov 7, 2020
The vegetable filling of byrek answer is arbitrary. Spinach is one of many possible vegetable fillings - others in Albania can be onions, potato, tomato, peppers, pumpkin, nettles, leek, cabbage... The question needs to be revisited. Perhaps changed, or replaced.
Level 73
Nov 16, 2020
I agree completely. Byrek is a Balkan dish, varieties of which can be found under different names in all Balkan countries. So I knew what it is and I also tried all the vegetables/legumes ptilinopus listed but nettles and cabbage... and spinach. It seems arbitrary to accept one filling as correct and exclude all the others. Here's the wikipedia page on this dish and its Albanian varieties:
Level 89
Nov 16, 2020
I'm surprised I remembered the Ionian Sea. I haven't heard about it since high school.
Level 45
Nov 16, 2020
Would you accept Warsaw for Warsaw Pact?
Level 73
Nov 16, 2020
But why? One is the capital of Poland, the other is a historical alliance. If someone talks to you about London, would you directly think of the London Blitz?
Level 83
Dec 7, 2023
I would if our conversation's context were about famous bombing campaigns, yes. Just like this question's context is about military alliances, not capital cities.
Level 73
Nov 16, 2020
Instead of Mother Theresa (Though Albanian in ethnicity, born in modern day North Macedonia under the Ottoman Empire) and Muhammad Ali Pasha (Again, though Albanian in ethnicity, born in modern day North Macedonia under the Ottoman Empire) questions, having questions on Skanderbeg, Zog I, and maybe on the 1997 civil war would work better - I think.
Level 71
Nov 16, 2020
Don't know about how others feel, but as an American I've never heard of any of those people/events. On the other hand, I think everyone knows Mother Teresa and I remember learning a bit about Muhammad Ali-Pasha in high school. Even if there are some answers that are more directly relevant to Albania, I think it's still worth including these answers for those who are unfamiliar with the details of Albanian history (which I'm guessing is most people).
Level 73
Jan 6, 2021
Also, Mother Theresa was the worst.
Level 15
Oct 11, 2021
What the hell are you talking about mate?!
Level 51
Nov 16, 2020
I can not be the only one who typed in qindar, qintar, and qindarka for the currency-I remember the subunit of the lek but not the actual lek LMAO
Level 46
Nov 16, 2020
I went to Albania in the September of last year with a family member and a few friends from North Macedonia. As a Serb, I was sceptical and scared, for obvious reasons, but I ended up having a blast of a time! The sea was beautiful, the food was delicious and the people were actually quite chill! They didn't have a problem with me being a Serb. Be nice, be cool, be respectful, don't pick fights with anyone, no one's gonna a pick a fight with you. We had plans to travel again this year, but that didn't happen, again for obvious reasons. Hopefully, that would change the next year!
Level 32
Nov 18, 2020
why did i put theresa may instead of mother theresa

and why did that count

Level 75
Oct 19, 2022
Theresa is accepted, since it's a very common variant of her name, you wouldn't have had the chance to put May after it.
Level 77
Oct 19, 2022
Yes, he would have. It just didn't count, and he'd have had to remove it again when writing his next answer.
Level 55
May 7, 2024
This quiz needs one more entry for symmetry. Highly suggest Dua Lipa!