French Geography Quiz #1

Answer these questions about the geography of France and its territories.
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Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: September 12, 2020
First submittedApril 29, 2020
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What is the tallest structure in Paris?
Eiffel Tower
What was the Roman name of France?
What is the highest mountain in the Alps - shared by France and Italy?
Mont Blanc
What is the main river flowing through Paris?
River Seine
What is the most common birth country of foreign-born French residents?
What city served as the capital of unoccupied France during World War II?
What is the largest island in the European part of France?
What mountain range can be found on the border with Spain?
What is the smallest country that borders France?
What city near Paris was home to Louis XIV's palace?
What major lake is located between France and Switzerland?
Lake Geneva
Which French city is the official seat of the European Parliament?
What is the longest river located entirely in France?
Which French city is connected to Great Britain via the Channel Tunnel?
Someone from Paris is known as a Parisian. Someone from Brittany is a ...
What is the main island of French Polynesia?
With what country does France share the Caribbean island of Saint Martin?
Which French region is located in South America?
French Guiana
What city holds a 24 hour auto race?
Le Mans
What town was the site of the evacuation of British troops in 1940?
Level 84
Aug 5, 2020
Not bad but:

1) New Caledonia is France's largest island if you consider all of the territories, not just departments.

2) I think you should accept Léman and Lac Léman for Lake Geneva... after all, this is a quiz about France ;).

Level 74
Aug 5, 2020
But it is also a quiz an English language quiz, so only the English name should be accepted. Otherwise you might as well ask to accept Corse, Gaule, Dunkerque etc.
Level 69
Aug 28, 2020
Le Léman accepted now.
Level 50
Aug 28, 2020
Léman and Lac Léman didn't work, we don't say "Le Léman"
Level 84
Aug 5, 2020
Ok, maybe "should" was a bit strong. Still I think it would be nice to accept it.
Level ∞
Aug 5, 2020
Fixed the New Caledonia question.
Level 71
Aug 28, 2020
I put 'Corse' and it was accepted :)
Level 85
Aug 5, 2020
For this particular quiz I was thinking in French, so for the lake I put in "Lac Léman" which is what it's called. Maybe accept Leman? (I did eventually figure it out.)
Level 71
Aug 6, 2020
I second the fact Léman should be added as a valid answer for the lake. Both name are used either in France and Switzerland.
Level 56
Aug 12, 2020
More than a 100,000 French soldiers were also evacuated from Dunkirk. That should really be reflected in the question.
Level 56
Aug 28, 2020
But mostly The French were left behind.
Level 64
Aug 28, 2020
I agree with the above comments that Léman should be accepted for Lake Geneva as this is also an official name of the lake.
Level 69
Aug 28, 2020
I thought I didn't know much about the geography of France and I'm pretty sure I still don't despite my 20/20. Must be a quiz for non-Europeans/Canadians.
Level 83
Aug 28, 2020
I got 20/20, too. I'm sure you and I know more about French geography than the average person. Probably even more than the average European. Maybe less than the average Frenchman.
Level 83
Aug 28, 2020
For some reason it always takes me a while to remember Strasbourg. Then it seems very obvious after I've remembered it. This time for whatever reason I couldn't get Bordeaux out of my head.
Level 71
Aug 28, 2020
20/20 I love my French neighbours <3 It was very easy though, maybe the Monaco question could be expanded to the '3 smallest countries' Lux, And, Mon. Perhaps a question about the non-French countries that have hosted the 'grand départ´of the Tour de France (actually quite easy to guess though). French region that produces the most wine? Not a stereotype, a genuine point of pride in Bordeaux, like cheese production in the north!
Level 77
Aug 28, 2020
Good thing it's French Geography #1 !
Level 57
Aug 31, 2020
Well the region which produces the most wine is not near Bordeaux ;)

It was Languedoc Roussillon (near Montpellier) before the former regions merge, now it is Occitanie (around Toulouse and Montpellier).

Level 52
Aug 30, 2020
Nice quiz! Thank you. My only suggestion is that it may be a bit of a stretch to say that Versailles has ever been a city...
Level 67
Nov 12, 2020
Adding "Leman" as an answer for "Lake Geneva" caused me to get credit when I was typing in "Le Mans." I did not in fact know the answer to the Lake Geneva question.
Level 50
Apr 3, 2021
France doesn't share the Mt Blanc with Italy, it has always been French, and the conflict is really recent.
Level 63
Apr 6, 2022
Roman name of modern-day France should be Gallia instead of Gaul, which, despite appearing similar, is a Germanic word and a false cognate of Gallia.