Geography of Germany

Can you answer these random questions about the geography of Germany?
Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: June 29, 2020
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First submittedMay 10, 2019
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What is Germany's largest state by area?
What is the most populous and capital of the above?
In which German city is the European Central Bank headquartered?
What are the two longest rivers that flow through Germany?
What is the birth country of the greatest number of foreign-born German residents?
What polycentric urban area are the cities of Essen, Duisburg, and Dortmund parts of?
The Ruhr
What two seas does Germany border?
Baltic Sea
North Sea
What canal connects those two seas?
Kiel Canal
What major peninsula does Germany share with Denmark?
What is Germany's highest mountain? (Hint: starts with Z)
What city, starting with a double-A, is the westernmost in Germany?
What state completely surrounds Berlin?
What name was given to the best-known crossing point between East and West Berlin?
Checkpoint Charlie
What river flows through the city of Hamburg?
What river makes the northern part of Germany's border with Poland?
What French city would you be in if you drive westward from the German town of Kehl?
What large lake borders Austria, Germany, and Switzerland?
Lake Constance
What region in the southwest is probably Germany's most famous forest?
Black Forest
Level 75
May 10, 2019
I officially predict that this will be featured
Level ∞
Jun 7, 2019
You are psychic!
Level 76
Jun 7, 2019
The Z question doesn't quite make sense - maybe ask what is Germany's highest point?
Level 64
Jun 7, 2019
Definitely had no idea what that question was attempting to ask
Level 79
Jun 8, 2019
Not sure what else it could have been attempting to ask
Level 86
Jun 8, 2019
Nice one, good job. I agree with Jerry though, and I think the Turkey question is a bit unclear too.
Level 70
Jun 8, 2019
Indeed it would be great to see a source for the Turkey question.
Level 63
Nov 19, 2019
No source needed. Just walk around a major German city and you won't doubt it. Not complaining, just saying.
Level 44
Jun 3, 2020
Althpugh it's almost been a year, here is a source:
Level 84
Jun 9, 2019
Arguments for and against accepting "Konstanz" for Lake Constance?

I missed it because I had thought the lake shared a name with the town - now that I'm looking more closely perhaps nobody spells it Lake Konstanz? Only Constance or Bodensee?

Level 86
Jun 9, 2019
Yes, it's always called Bodensee in German. Lovely place by the way.
Level 50
Sep 20, 2019
For a German, "Kiel-Canal" is also quite confusing. In Germany said canal/channel is solemnly known as NORD-OSTSEE-KANAL
Level 80
Sep 21, 2019
^ This
Level 48
Sep 24, 2019
Had the same Problem, the only answer that is missing (after I tried several Versions of spelling Constance ;-)
Level 61
Sep 20, 2019
you should accept Konstanz for constance
Level 71
Sep 20, 2019
And Boden as well. That is the local name (Bodensee), and also in hungarian.
Level 73
Sep 20, 2019
I can only ever think of the river names in German and didn't realize the quiz would take them until I entered one at the very end...great quiz!
Level 26
Sep 20, 2019
Can you please accept Ostsee for Baltic Sea and Straßburg for Strasbourg?
Level 90
Sep 20, 2019
Please accept Nord-Ostsee for Kiel Canal.
Level 61
Sep 20, 2019
Please accept German spelled names.
Level 84
Feb 6, 2020
12-of-20 for 1 point. Better than expected, though. I thought I was only gonna get nein points. :-P
Level 68
Nov 23, 2021
Too many river and sea questions 🙄
Level 87
Dec 6, 2022
Yes, it's is too water-centric for a geography quiz!!
Level 73
Feb 22, 2023
I was surprised only 30% got the Kiel Canal.
Level 49
Jul 27, 2023
Im from Germany and everyone calls it "Nord-Ostsee-Kanal". I´ve never heard it being called Kiel Canal
Level 36
May 26, 2023
"Schwarzwald" should definetly be good as "Black Forest" ^^