Guatemala Country Quiz

🇬🇹 Can you guess these facts about the country of Guatemala?
Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: August 12, 2020
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First submittedAugust 27, 2019
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Capital city
Guatemala City
Official language
Bordering countries
El Salvador
Staple crop
Sea to Guatemala's east
Caribbean Sea
Major peninsula that includes
northern parts of Guatemala
Currency named for a green bird
Native civilization known for
pyramids, calendars, and writing
Ancient city of the above also
called Yax Mutal
City known for colonial architecture
whose name means "old"
"Fiery" volcano that erupted
in 2018, killing 190
Volcán de Fuego
Country with an estimated
1.5 million Guatemalan emigrants
United States
Level 71
Dec 12, 2019
In Guatemala they still call them Hurricanes, not Cyclones. Needs to either be changed or allow both answers to be accepted. Also, the last name is Garcia, not Gracia.
Level 76
May 20, 2020
Hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons are all the same thing, the name depends on what ocean they come from. In that case, there could definitely be a cyclone in Guatemala, as cyclones come from the Pacific.
Level 54
Sep 5, 2020
Well, the ones in the Northeast Pacific are called hurricanes, and the ones in the Northwest Pacific are called typhoons. They're called cyclones in the Indian Ocean and most of the Southern Hemisphere (along with a few other places), which are nowhere near Guatemala.
Level 72
Mar 25, 2020
The last question is tricky. If you ask for an author, the correct answer couldo also be MIGUEL ANGEL ASTURIAS. Should accepto both.
Level 83
May 20, 2020
No place for famous people, like Nobel prize winners? The aforementioned could be made into an easy enough question with a hint to a Spanish region.

And maybe the ocean to the south, to have more questions.

Level 86
May 20, 2020
"Volcán de Fuego" must have been named by the Department of Redundancy Department.
Level 78
Aug 24, 2020
The above comment is severely underrated.
Level 75
Sep 5, 2020
I took a wild stab at fuego - ashamed of myself for laziness. And voila.
Level 72
May 26, 2020
A quiz of two halves. The first column is very straight forward the second has one easy question, one guessable question and four I had no clue about at all.
Level 90
Sep 5, 2020
I found the second side fairly easy but not as much as the first.
Level 69
Jul 22, 2020
the 1954 coup is such a significant event in guatemalan history & latin-american history as a whole that i'm surprised there wasn't a question on it
Level 46
Sep 5, 2020
13/15 Man, I am doing better on lesser obscure countries, then I am on countries like Germany, France, India and South Korea.
Level 64
Sep 5, 2020
This is (so far) one of the easiest of the country trivia quizzes for making progress towards the badge.
Level 65
Feb 2, 2021
How did you combine the 'bordering countries' into a single row?
Level 72
Feb 2, 2021
Go to "Design Grid", first make the quiz manual. Then on the right row there you can do it with "Merge Cells".
Level 65
May 23, 2021
I only got the Quetzal bird currency when I was attempting the old city question with Quetzalcoatl. I should have got Tikal though.
Level 45
Dec 27, 2021
I arrived in Guatemala the day the eruption occurred on an 8th-grade school trip. Went to Antigua. Smoke in the air for days. Planned to hike the volcano but it got canceled. Craziest thing ever
Level 62
Jan 12, 2022
I can't believe I got the Quetzal question at the last second. It was a desperate stab after parrot didn't work and I couldn't think of any other green birds. The Resplendent Quetzal is one of my favorite birds!
Level 71
Dec 14, 2022
Nice quiz, was easy since I've been to Guatemala before.
Level 60
May 13, 2023
14/15 didn't get Tikal, kept thinking of Quetzaltenango.