Guinea Country Quiz

🇬🇳 Can you guess these facts about the country of Guinea?
Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: June 26, 2022
First submittedMay 21, 2019
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Capital of Guinea
Official language of Guinea
Bordering countries
Ivory Coast
Sierra Leone
National animal
African Elephant
Major river that starts in the Guinea highlands and empties in Nigeria
Niger River
Dominant religion
Disease that Guinea suffered a major outbreak from in 2014
In Great Britain, a "Guinea" was a gold coin with a value of twenty-one _______
Guinea has world's largest reserves of Bauxite, used to produce this metal
Largest ethnic group (starts with F)
63% of Guinean women are _____ before the age of 18,
one of the world's highest rates
Level 84
May 21, 2020
Guinean footballer, Naby Keita (NAB-bee KAY-tuh), who currently plays for Liverpool got the nickname on Merseyside of "Baby Keith" because of how auto-correct handled his name.
Level 67
Sep 14, 2020
This is a most excellent fact.
Level 88
May 22, 2020
How many of you tried 'guinea pig' as national animal? :D
Level 90
Aug 7, 2020
And guinea hens/fowl.
Level 75
Jul 22, 2020
No complaints about aluminium?
Level 76
Jul 31, 2020
That was the only one I didn't get..
Level 90
Aug 7, 2020
Why complain? Aluminum is accepted.
Level 84
Sep 14, 2020
yes, and Americans don't spend so much of their time on this site complaining about stupid crud like this, as some others do.
Level 75
Sep 27, 2021
Congratulations. I was wondering how you would bring the comments section (of a quiz about an unrelated subject) to America.
Level 66
Nov 22, 2021
Bruh you're the one who brought up the aluminium/aluminum distinction *and* the one who was surprised there weren't complaints about it. It's YOU who brought the comments section to the United States X,D
Level 74
Sep 14, 2020
Well, since you ask, I have a complaint about the wording of that question: Aluminium - or any metal - is first of all an element and doesn't need to be "produced". Any manufacturing would only be involved if the product was an alloy.
Level 76
Aug 18, 2021
yeah i thought that was weird too. I tried steel, brass, bronze, and even pewter before i started trying elements.
Level 68
Sep 14, 2020
Lol I got elephant on the first try with a random guess.
Level 84
Sep 14, 2020
pretty easy to guess that one. I missed the ethnic group. My first guess was Ferengi.
Level 45
Sep 14, 2020
learned the Fulani question from the Guinea Geography Now! Video, very informative.
Level 71
Sep 14, 2020
And are the Borg the largest ethnic group in Luxembourg?
Level 84
Sep 14, 2020
Pretty sure they are from Sweden.
Level 53
May 7, 2021
no you must be thinking of bork
Level 87
Sep 14, 2020
I have a small cycle of African animals that go through my head whenever a question like this pops up. I got elephant on my fourth guess.
Level 58
May 10, 2021
Same lol.