History of Austria

Can you answer these questions from Austrian history?
Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: February 23, 2020
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What composer died in Vienna at the age of 35 in 1791?
Wolfgang Amadeus
What classic musical film is set in the city of Salzburg?
The Sound of Music
What muscular Austrian served as the 38th Governor of California?
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Who is considered to be the founder of psychoanalysis?
Sigmund Freud
What royal house ruled Austria from 1278 until 1918?
Who was the only female ruler of the above?
Maria Theresa
What daughter of the above was married to the King of France, but was
guillotined in 1793?
Marie Antoinette
What empire's expansion into Europe was halted and reversed by the
1683 Battle of Vienna?
Ottoman Empire
What royal heir was assassinated in 1914, sparking World War One?
Franz Ferdinand
What noble rank was held by the above?
Who was the longest-reigning ruler in Austrian history?
Franz Joseph
What people established the city of Vienna during the 1st century?
The Romans
What was the currency of Austria before Euro was introduced in 1999?
What country was Austria joined with between 1867–1918, forming an empire
composed of two technically equal countries under the same king?
What country was "partitioned" between Austria, Prussia and Russia starting in 1772?
Which Austrian city has hosted the Winter Olympics twice?
What Austrian territory was annexed by Italy in 1918 as a result of WWI?
South Tyrol
In 1864, an Austrian royal named Maximillian accepted an invitation to become
the emperor of what New World country?
(He lasted 3 years before getting executed by firing squad)
What symbolist painter painted "The Kiss"?
Gustav Klimt
What book was published in 1952 by Austrian mountaineer Heinrich Harrer?
Seven Years in Tibet
Level 71
Feb 21, 2020
Did you mean "classic musical" as opposed to "classical"?
Level ∞
Feb 21, 2020
Level 82
Mar 16, 2020
Didn't help -- I still read it as "classical music", rather than "classic musical" and couldn't figure out what it could be besides "Amadeus."
Level 76
Feb 21, 2020
Also accept Franz Josef? There is a town (and glacier) of that spelling in the South Island of New Zealand, which is named after this emperor.
Level ∞
Feb 21, 2020
Level 77
Feb 22, 2020
Austria was not joined with Hungary exactly. It was Austrian empire before and it become Austria-Hungary. So one monarchy become dual monarchy because Hungary was strong part of the Austrian empire in that period of time.
Level 78
Feb 23, 2020
Fun Fact: "The sound of music" is far more popular in the USA than in Austria itself! I've never seen it, and I had never even heard about it in my youth.
Level 62
Feb 25, 2020
As an Austrian, I learned about it when the first person in the US asked me about it^^
Level 78
Mar 15, 2020
That's crazy. Parts of the 1965 film was filmed in Salzburg. I went there a few years ago and toured many of the filming locations!
Level 70
Feb 28, 2020
Maybe you could accept Maria Theresia as she is known in German
Level 55
Mar 15, 2020
Actually partitioned country was Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, so answers like Lithuania or Rzeczpospolita should be accepted
Level 75
Mar 15, 2020
I'm sure a lot of us are wondering why Rzeczpospolita wasn't accepted. :)
Level 66
Mar 16, 2020
can you accept Antonia for Antoinette? After all, her name was Antonia, but in France they changed her name
Level 78
Mar 16, 2020
Do you call her Antonia in Austria? We call her Antoinette in Germany.
Level 77
Apr 14, 2021
Wow very surprised at how well we did. Viva Austria!