History of England

Can you answer these questions about the English history?
Check also out the histories of Ireland, Scotland and Wales
Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: January 8, 2021
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What Lord Protector made England a republic?
Oliver Cromwell
Who was the first Norman king of England?
William the Conqueror
What Celtic queen of the Iceni tribe led an uprising against the Romans?
What war did England fight with France between 1337–1453?
Hundred Years' War
The oldest surviving copy of what epic Old English poem was written in 1010?
Name either the father or the mother of Elizabeth I.
Henry VIII | Anne Boleyn
For what disease did Edward Jenner invent a vaccine?
What nickname was given to to the Richard I of England?
What novel was written by Jane Austen in 1813?
Pride and Prejudice
Which royal house won the War of the Roses?
House of York
What prehistoric monument in Wiltshire was constructed somewhere
between 3000 BC to 2000 BC?
Who was the first English captain to circumnavigate the Earth?
Francis Drake
What English city was called "Aquae Sulis" by the Romans?
Which Scottish king became king of England and Ireland in 1603 - thus forming a
personal union of the three kingdoms?
James VI
What was invented by computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee in 1989?
World Wide Web
By what nickname was William Shakespeare sometimes known as?
The Bard
During what 1688 "revolution" was England invaded by the Dutch?
Glorious Revolution
What city's team won the 2016 Premier League despite 5000-1 odds?
What English colony became known as the "Lost Colony" - due to the unexplained
disappearance of its population in 1590?
What event almost completely destroyed London in 1666?
Great Fire of London
On what sport did the Queensberry rules become generally accepted?
What was the name of the civil war that took place in England between 1135–1153?
(hint: word for a stateless country)
The Anarchy
Level 56
Dec 3, 2020
There's always one in these quizzes which I can't get! Argh
Level 59
Dec 7, 2020
Me too.
Level 75
Dec 9, 2020
If you want to learn about the mysterious story of Roanoke, there's a Lemmino video on YouTube that you'll find fascinating.
Level 57
Jul 7, 2021
Not sure on what basis the Yorkists can be said to have won the wars of the roses. Henry VII was a Lancastrian.
Level 60
Aug 17, 2022
Henry Tudor was a Lancastrian in terms of these wars. He may have started the Tudor dynasty by beating Richard III but he ended the wars at Bosworth. And although others keep saying it elsewhere, it's the WARS of the Roses, not 'war'.
Level 54
Sep 24, 2022
Good quiz but what stopped me from nominating it was the lack of acceptance of alternative answers. The Internet should definitely be accepted for World Wide Web. Richard the Lionheart and The Lionheart should also be accepted for Lionheart.
Level 60
Jul 28, 2023
'Couer de Lion' was his proper title and too well known not to be allowed.
Level 82
Jan 14, 2024
The Internet should absolutely not be accepted for the World Wide Web. The two are completely different things and Tim Berners-Lee had nothing whatsoever to do with the invention of the Internet.
Level 71
Jan 14, 2024
As a layperson I definitely thought internet and World Wide Web were pretty much interchangeable.
Level 70
Jul 16, 2023
fantastic quiz just spotlighted!
Level 79
Jul 23, 2023
Shakespeare is and was also sometimes known as the Swan of Avon.
Level 66
Jan 14, 2024
A few amendments required. P&P was written in 1796/97, amended 1811/12, and published in 1813. Change 'written' to 'published'. Most of the ancient walled city of London was destroyed in the fire, but by 1666 London had grown far outside the walls. Most of the city was not touched by the fire. Anarchy means no government.
Level 56
Jan 17, 2024
Henry Tudor was a Lancastrian not a Yorkist, which is why the reigning monarch has the Dukedom of Lancaster as one of their titles, while the Dukedom of York is for a lesser royal. The answer in this quiz of York is wrong.