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Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: November 7, 2020
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What empire ruled Peru at the time of the Spanish conquest?
Inca Empire
What was the capital of the above?
What Spanish conquistador conquered that empire?
Francisco Pizarro
What ruler of that empire did the above defeat at the Battle of Cajamarca and
captured him to control the empire?
What ancient city from that empire is Peru's most popular tourist attraction?
Machu Picchu
What mammal was the primary pack animal of the people of that empire?
Llama or Alpaca
What was the main language that was used by that empire?
What ancient god of sun was the national patron of that empire?
What Maoist guerrillas terrorized the country in the 1980s?
Shining Path
What former President rid the country of the above, but was convicted of human rights
abuses and fled to Japan in 2000?
Alberto Fujimori
What group of large geoglyphs were created by Andean people about 2000 years ago?
Nazca Lines
What type of fertilizer was once plentiful on the Chincha Islands?
What staple crop was domesticated in Peru before 5000 BC?
What society has been established as the oldest-known civilization in the Americas?
Norte Chico
What general is considered to be the "Liberator" of Peru?
JosΓ© de San MartΓ­n
In what 1883 war was Peru defeated by the Chilean Navy?
War of the Pacific
What raft was used by Thor Heyerdahl to sail from Peru to Polynesia?
What friendly bear from "darkest Peru"–with his old hat, was created by Michael Bond?
What Spanish imperial district was Peru part of between 1542–1824?
Viceroyalty of Peru
What country was formerly known as the "Upper Peru?
Level 75
Dec 9, 2020
Nice quiz, 20/20 proves I love my adoptive country!

P.S. the former president question makes it seem like he's in Japan now, when actually he's been in prison in Peru for more than a decade. There are still occasional arrests of 'Sendero Luminoso' members too, but broadly yes it was pretty much eradicated.

Level 66
Oct 18, 2022
In 1954 William Wallace recreated the KonTiki voyage. He assembled the raft in Ecuador, then transported it to Peru. The trip from Callao to Samoa took 4 months and has been described as "the greatest solo trip since Charles Lindbergh."

9 years later he returned to Peru to do it yet again. We were living there then, contacted him, and prepared dinner for him and his wife, Teddy. She never accompanied him on these voyages. He said that if she were lost then he couldn't go home. (He did have a parrot...'aargh..') I have a copy of the book he wrote about his first voyage, "The Gods Were Kind." In the acknowledgments he credits a number of Peruvian agencies as well as individuals of the Peruvian Navy, the Hotel Bolivar and the customs officials of Callao. He had christened this raft "Age Unlimited." (He was about 70 years old at this time.) 6 years later he disappeared on a solo voyage in the Atlantic. Life magazine featured him on the cover and wrote a 6-page story about his life.

Level 66
Oct 18, 2022
OOPS....major error here. William's surname was Willis, not Wallace. At 82, my memory is unreliable at best. Check him out on Wikipedia.