History of Scotland

Can you answer these questions about the history of Scotland?
Check also out the histories of England, Wales and Ireland
Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: January 8, 2021
First submittedFebruary 25, 2020
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What popular sport is thought to have originated in Scotland in the 15th-century?
What historical Scottish hero was portrayed by Mel Gibson in "Braveheart"?
William Wallace
What antibiotic did Alexander Fleming discover by accident in 1928?
Who wrote the "Wealth of Nations" and is considered to be the "father of economics"?
Adam Smith
Which one of Shakespeare's plays was set in Scotland?
What people invaded Scotland in the 8th-century?
What fictional detective first appeared in print in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's
"A Study in Scarlet" in 1887?
Sherlock Holmes
What was the ancient Roman name for Scotland?
The words in "Flower of Scotland" refer to the Scottish victory at what battle?
Battle of Bannockburn
What group of Celtic-speaking peoples inhabited eastern and northern Scotland
during the British Iron Age?
What king led the Scottish to independence in the 14th-century?
Robert the Bruce
Which Scottish king became king of England and Ireland in 1603 - thus forming a
personal union of the three kingdoms?
James VI
Which Queen of Scots was found guilty of plotting to assassinate Elizabeth
in 1586 - and was beheaded the following year?
What Canadian province briefly became a Scottish colony between 1629–1632?
Nova Scotia
What treaty established the border between England and Scotland in 1237?
Treaty of York
What machine did James Watt greatly improve in the 18th century,
helping to spark the Industrial Revolution?
Steam Engine
What Scottish Labour politician served as Prime Minister between 1997–2007?
Tony Blair
What Scottish Enlightenment philosopher famously said that "Reason is, and ought
only to be the slave of the passions"?
David Hume
What Scottish tennis player won the Wimbledon championship in 2013 and 2016?
Andy Murray
What traditional province of Ireland was settled by Scots starting in the 17th century?
Level 74
Feb 25, 2020
Good quiz. Thanks to Monty Python, I was able to guess the philosopher that others missed! "_ _ could out-consume etc."
Level 85
Mar 10, 2020
Yes, and I remember their famous version of "The Death of Mary, Queen of Scots".
Level 76
Mar 4, 2020
Fun fact: South Korea has professors in their SKY (elite 3) universities who teach that "golf is a S.Korean invention".

Not the only funny thing they teach you over there.

Level 73
Mar 4, 2020
Korean nationalists claim a ton of things are actually Korean. Confucius is another big one.
Level 87
Mar 4, 2020
When I was there they were even trying to claim Korean Abdul Jabbar.
Level 82
Mar 4, 2020
How did Andy Murray win the Wimbledon championship in 2013 three years later in 2016?
Level 84
Mar 5, 2020
He's just that good.
Level 86
Mar 5, 2020
In addition to being an amazing tennis player he's also a time traveler.
Level 76
Mar 6, 2020
Typo in the second to last question - should be "2013 and 2016".
Level ∞
Mar 6, 2020
Fixed :)
Level 74
Nov 30, 2020
I've never seen Macbeth written like that. It's a lower case 'b'.
Level 76
Nov 30, 2020
Yes, it's a lower-case 'b'.
Level 81
Nov 30, 2020
Yeah, MacBeth looks weird.

Is there any convention to Mac names though or is it just random? Macpherson but MacGyver, Macbeth but MacBook...

Level 71
Nov 30, 2020
First time I've seen Blair referred to as a "Scottish Labour politician" - that usually refers to politicians who come from a Scottish family and/or represent a Scottish constituency.

(e.g. Gordon Brown - Scottish family, Scottish constituency, Scottish accent, Prime Minister of the UK 2007 - 2010...)

Level 63
Nov 30, 2020
Yes, I just had to google him. Despite being born and raised in this country I had no idea he was born in Scotland.
Level 51
Dec 2, 2020
He was born in Edinburgh
Level 71
Dec 2, 2020
Yes we know, but nobody thinks of Tony Blair as a "Scottish politician". It would be better if it said, "UK Prime Minister 1997-2007 born in Scotland" - at least that wouldn't be trying to crowbar him into a Scottish identity just to fit the quiz.

I just made the point that the PM after him, Brown, has a very well-known and deeply-rooted Scottish identity.

Level 52
Dec 3, 2020
I think of Blair as a Scottish politician!

The lack of general awareness is probably 99% to do with his accent. But as any fule kno, the poshest Scots talk with the same accent as the poshest English people, and Tony Blair is nothing if not a total posho. He went to Fettes, after all. I watched a programme not long ago on BBC Alba where they were talking to the Countess of somewhere in the north-west, and she sounded as English as English could be (no Gaelic of course).

Level 78
Dec 1, 2020
Tried Britons, I guess the Picts were similar but had different customs and lived north of the wall. Interesting. They were the wildlings.
Level 46
Mar 2, 2021
Good quizz, but nothing about the "Auld Alliance" ??