History of Sweden

Answer the questions that are related to the history of Sweden.
Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: March 21, 2021
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What event was hosted by Sweden in 1912?
Summer Olympics
Which country used to be part of Sweden until 1809?
What city did Stockholm replace as the Swedish national capital in 1436?
The first of what in Northern Europe was opened in 1477 in that city?
What did Alfred Nobel invent in 1867?
What group of people inhabited modern-day Sweden between 793–1066?
Which country was the main opponent of Sweden during the Great Northern War?
What Germanic people, that originated in southern Sweden, played an important
role in the fall of the Western Roman Empire?
In what modern-day U.S. state was the colony of New Sweden established in 1638?
In what modern-day African country was the Swedish Gold Coast located?
What set of annual international awards were first awarded in 1901?
Nobel Prize
What political party has dominated the Swedish politics since World War II?
Social Democrats
Which Swedish prime minister was assassinated in 1986?
Olof Palme
The most widely used temperature scale worldwide was invented by and named after
what Swedish astronomer?
Anders Celcius
What mineral did Sweden mainly export to Nazi Germany during the WWII?
What bridge, that connects Sweden to Denmark, was opened in 1999?
Öresund Bridge
Who succeeded Gustavus Adolphus as Queen of Sweden in 1632,
converted to Catholicism, and was abdicated in 1654?
This French philosopher was invited to Sweden by that queen in 1649, but eventually
died in Stockholm in 1650 because of pneumonia. Who was he?
René Descartes
What book series, featuring Lisbeth Salander, did Stieg Larsson first publish in 2005?
With which of their song did ABBA get the first win for Sweden in Eurovision?
Which Swedish botanist is known to be the "father of modern taxonomy"?
Carl von Linne
Level 57
Jan 1, 2019
The question for the African colony should probably read "1650-1663". Great quiz tho, keep them coming.
Level 69
Jan 2, 2019
Nobel is spelled wrong.
Level 72
Jan 3, 2019
fixed :)
Level 70
Jan 11, 2020
Great quiz. Could you accept Anders Celsius?
Level 88
Mar 21, 2021
In the philosopher question I think you mean the death date was 1650, not 1950 :)
Level 68
Mar 21, 2021
The philosopher question has a typo with 1950 being the year of his death. I was trying to think of some weird philosophical thing that would fit, but then I figured it was just a typo.
Level 72
Mar 21, 2021