Islam A-Z

For each letter A-Z, guess the answer that pertains to the religion of Islam.
Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: June 23, 2020
First submittedApril 19, 2020
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Language that was spoken by Muhammad
Possibly the largest city in the world during the "Islamic Golden Age"
Following the example of Abraham, most male Muslims
have this done to them as a baby
Muslim shrine on the Temple Mount of Jerusalem
Dome of the Rock
The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in this country in 1928
Daughter of Muhammad and the wife of Ali
What "Akbar" means in the phrase "Allāhu Akbar"
Term that mean "permissible", often referring to food
Country with the most Muslims in the world
Word that means "struggle" and sometimes "holy war"
Small cube-shaped building that is Islam's holiest location
"Sharia" is a term for Islamic ___
Holiest city in Islam
Garment of clothing that covers the face, worn by some Muslim women
The last caliphate, it was dissolved after WWI
Ottoman Caliphate
This practice is tolerated in Islam, with men who can afford it being
allowed to have up to four wives
Central religious text of Islam
Month of the Islamic calendar where fasting is observed during daylight hours
Branch of Islam followed by about 90% of Muslims
Some shias believe that this imam's appearance will bring about the end times
Twelfth Imam
Largest of the Islamic caliphates, it stretched from India to France
Umayyad Caliphate
According to one controversial hadith, believers will be rewarded with
72 of these in the afterlife
Fundamentalist branch of Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia
Region of China where heavily-persecuted Uyghur Muslims live
Islamic version of the Biblical character Joseph
The practice of giving 2.5% of ones wealth to charity each year
Level 51
May 2, 2020
Good quiz, Ramadan mubarak
Level 76
May 3, 2020
The soundtrack for this quiz, randomized by youtube, was "Ritual" by Ghost (B.C.) Coincidence or not? We shall never know.
Level 85
May 5, 2020
Love that band!
Level 52
May 4, 2020
First lets not bring false information into this platform,

Niqab is NOT an Islamic practice, yes it practiced by many women in some Islamic countries, but it doesn't belong to Islam.

Biggest evidence is that its forbidden to wear it while performing the great pilgrimage or Haj in Mecca as well as Jews and Christians used to wear it decades ago.

And polygamy is also present in other religions as Mormon christians and orthodox jews

Level 87
May 6, 2020
The question doesn't say that the niqab is a universal Islamic practice, simply that *some* Muslim women wear it. And the polygyny question similarly doesn't say "Islam is the only religion", it simply states that it is tolerated. Neither of those are false statements.
Level 61
Jun 23, 2020
Joey, don't infringe on anyone's right to be outraged over nothing.
Level 70
Jun 23, 2020
As a Muslim (largely non-practicing), I can affirm that most Muslims take their religion too seriously, and can be outraged by the slightest remark over Islam.
Level 62
Jun 23, 2020
As we are trying to set the record straight, Mormons haven’t sanctioned the practice of polygamy for over 100 years. I’m not sure you should include them in the list of those who practice polygamy since polygamy is now a cause for excommunication. Just sayin...
Level 45
Jun 23, 2020
That's just false. Have you ever studied fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) ? The practice of covering one's face has existed since the beginning. It was mandatory for Muhammad's wives and there are narrations that show that others women did it. However, the vast majority of jurists don't view it as mandatory, as there is much evidence it's not. Do you really think jurists don't know about the evidence you are talking about ? It's been written about over and over.

I would say it qualifies as Islamic, as there are some Muslims who believe it is sanctioned by Islam and others who wear it with a religious intention.

Level 70
Jun 23, 2020
Am I the only one that thought for a moment that Muhammad and the wife of Ali had a daughter together?
Level 55
Jun 23, 2020
26/26 with 16 seconds to spare. I'm not even Muslim , just a white, atheist eastern European.
Level 67
Jun 23, 2020
Weird flex but okay.
Level 74
Jun 23, 2020
I think in Islam, circumcision is usually done at a later age.
Level 72
Jun 23, 2020
Depends on the country and tradition. In most cases it is done as a baby, but some do it at the age of seven or later. Turkey is one example where its traditional to do it that way.
Level 70
Jun 23, 2020
No,it is almost always done when the person is still a baby, normally withing the first 3 months after birth. I was surprised to learn that some parents wait for their sons to have reached the age of 5-6 to get it done.
Level 45
Jun 23, 2020
"No, it is almost always done when the person is still a baby" Don't make statements like that when you don't know how it really is in other countries/cultures. In North Africa, it is usually done later, and I know it's not the only region that does it that way. There is no age set in stone in the texts, so the original comment is neither right nor wrong.
Level 60
Jun 23, 2020
Please add type-ins for Arabic words like "Niqab". In South Asian countries, it is pronounced and spelled "naqab". As translation of Arabic phonetics to English is done poorly, it seems fair that type-ins should be added. Suggested ones: "naqab", "Makkah", "jehad", "zakah" and "zakaah".
Level 65
Jun 23, 2020
All I could think of was "niqqud."
Level 45
Jun 23, 2020
Makkah is already accepted. Since Makkah and Madinah are the official transliterations, they are always allowed as type-ins on Jetpunk.

Zakah ends the same way as words like Makkah, Madinah or Kaabah, but for some reason, "zakat" is more popular in transliterations. It should always be allowed a type-in however (same for salah/t). Zakaah is asking to much in my sense.

I understand that some people transcribe "i" as "e" in words like jehad, but a word naqab is just a local distortion, and quizzes don't have to accommodate all local distortions, especially when they are not used in English texts.

Level 56
Jun 23, 2020
OMG I mixed up 'circumcision' and 'castration'...
Level 58
Jun 23, 2020
You'll only make that mistake once.
Level 59
Jun 26, 2020
Level 45
Jul 6, 2020
My doctor did the same when I was a baby :(
Level 45
Jun 23, 2020
"Allāhu Akbar" doesn't mean "God is great". Great in Arabic is kabīr, akbar is either a comparative ("greater") or a superlative ("greatest"), depending of the context. As God is not compared to something in this phrase, akbar has to translated as greatest.
Level 45
Jun 23, 2020
"Islamic version of the Biblical character Joseph" is wrong : it's just the Arabic equivalent of his name. Christian and Jews who speak Arabic also call him that way.

Even when Muslims use a specific name, as they do for Jesus and John the Baptist, it refers to the very same person, so it is weird to talk about a "version".

On another note, the hint for zakah is OK but slightly inaccurate. What you described is zakah on gold and silver or their modern equivalents. There also are other types of zakah that are less known as they don't affect most people. They are paid on crops, minerals, merchandise, cattle and some other stuff, using different calculation rules

Level 26
Jun 26, 2020
Yusuf is not the "Islamic version" of Joseph. It is simply the Arabic term. Arab christians use the term Yusuf to refer to Joseph.
Level 59
Jun 26, 2020
Level 59
Jun 26, 2020
Great quiz
Level 59
Jun 26, 2020
4 wife part has lots of interpretations, if you read the Quran in most English translations, you sort of feel the implication that there really is no limit to how many wives one can have. Also, the Quran uses a lot of specific numbers that aren't always meant to be taken literally, and just to exaggerate or prove a point. But most communities that do practice polygamy make the max 4 because that was the most the prophet had at one point
Level 59
Jun 26, 2020
Got 12th Imam, that's the Itna Ashari community
Level 47
Jul 14, 2020
Could you accept plural marriage for polygamy?
Level 57
Sep 23, 2020
when you get xinjiang but not mecca