Jerusalem City Trivia

Can you guess these facts about the city of Jerusalem?
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Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: June 25, 2022
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Holiest site to the Jewish people
Western Wall
Islamic shrine located on the Temple Mount
Dome of the Rock
Biblical king who built the First Temple
King Solomon
Empire that destroyed the First Temple in 586 BCE
King who built the Second Temple
Herod the Great
Closest world capital to Jerusalem
Most common nickname of Jerusalem
The Holy City
Jerusalem hill whose name is synonymous with Israel
Prophet who attempted to sacrifice his son Isaac on Temple Mount
Jerusalem is considered the third-holiest in Islam after these two cities (name either)
Mecca | Medina
Animal that is the symbol of the city, dating back to biblical days
Name of the Parliament of Israel
Smallest of the four quarters of Jerusalem
Busiest airport of Jerusalem (named for an Israeli Prime Minister)
Medieval Christian attempts to capture Jerusalem
Mountain ridge on which the most important Jewish cemetery is located
Mount of Olives
Where Jesus was crucified, according to the canonical Gospels
Israel's official memorial to the victims of the Holocaust
Yad Vashem
First inhabitants of Jerusalem, according to the Bible
Arabic name of Jerusalem
Empire that rebuilt the city walls for a last time around Jerusalem in 1538
Ottoman Empire
Level 85
Aug 24, 2020
Level 65
Nov 8, 2021
Ben Gurion airport is in Tel Aviv
Level 82
May 29, 2022
fine quiz. couple things:

The Temple Mount itself is holier to Jews than the Western/Wailing Wall... in fact it's so holy that you're not supposed to step foot on it. This is where the Holy of Holies used to be- god's literal address. That's why the Western Wall is as close as you can get to it, for most observant Jews.

The Al Aqsa Mosque is also built on the Temple Mount; though maybe not considered a "shrine."

Zion is more synonymous with the city of Jerusalem than with Israel, though sometimes it was used as a name for the "Land of Israel" as a whole - different from the state of Israel.

The place where Jesus was allegedly crucified is now the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

The Temple Mount didn't exist when Abraham allegedly went on top a hill to murder his son based on the advice of the voices in his head. According to Genesis, this happened on Mt Moriah. According to Jewish, Christian, and Islamic tradition, the specific hill where this happened is the site where...

Level 82
May 29, 2022
... Solomon later constructed the First Temple. The Babylonians destroyed that temple and took the Jews there into captivity. After those Jews were freed by Cyrus the Great of Persia, they returned to Jerusalem led by Zerubbabel who built the 2nd Temple supposedly on the same spot. However, everyone was bummed out because the 1st Temple was so much cooler. Hundreds of years later, Herod, half-Jew half-Arab Roman stooge, trying to appeal to his Jewish subjects and also aggrandize himself and the province he governed, undertook a massive expansion and renovation of the 2nd Temple. His plans were so ambitious that the mountain upon which the 1st and 2nd temples were built wasn't big enough... thus he had an artificial platform constructed to give him more space. This platform is what is now called "The Temple Mount"

So... anyway... 1. Abraham didn't try to kill his son on the Temple Mount, but Mt Moriah, and 2. Herod didn't build the 2nd Temple, he expanded it.

Level 82
May 29, 2022
After the 2nd Temple was destroyed by the Romans, it was never rebuilt. Christians turned the place into a dung pile and garbage heap, as an insult to the Jews. Later, Arab Muslims conquered Jerusalem, had the site cleared of dung and debris, and constructed the Al Aqsa Mosque at the southern end of the platform, and the Dome of the Rock over top of "the rock" - by tradition the remains of the peak of Mount Moriah - which you can still see if you enter of the Dome and descend below - it's under the Temple Mount not on it.