Liberia Country Quiz

Can you guess these questions about the country of Liberia?
Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: July 23, 2020
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First submittedAugust 24, 2019
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Capital city of Liberia
Official language
Bordering countries
Ivory Coast
Sierra Leone
Liberia was founded as a place for freed slaves from this country
United States
President of that country for whom the capital was named
James Monroe
Historical name for Liberia (hint: a spice)
Pepper Coast
As a popular "flag of convenience", Liberia technically has the second-most
_____ tonnage of any country
Currency of Liberia
Tree product that accounts for 11% of Liberia's exports
Footballer who won the Ballon d'Or in 1995 and was elected President in 2018
George Weah
By law, a Liberian man may have as many as four ____
Brutal warlord convicted of crimes against humanity by the Hague in 2012
Charles Taylor
Level 70
Apr 17, 2020
The way you have it worded, it sounds like you're asking what vehicle is 11% constructed in Liberia. They don't build 11% of ships there, they register 11% of them there.
Level 72
Apr 17, 2020
Changed the question.
Level 71
Oct 30, 2020
Can someone explain that? I just got that one right by guessing. What does "flag of convenience" mean and why do so many ships register with Sierra Leone?
Level 71
Oct 30, 2020
All ships are required to be registered in a country, and thus fly that country's flag. As per maritime law, a ship is subject to all the rules and regulations of the country it is registered in. You can probably tell where this is going.

A "flag of convenience" is when a ship's owner has registered it in a foreign country, in order to take advantage of more less restrictive laws, like safety and tax regulations. Liberia has especially lax laws, and makes it easy for foreign owners to register ships, so that's why it is such a popular flag to carry.

Level 70
May 31, 2020
Deadweight for the flag one?
Level 65
Jun 4, 2020
I really like the quiz. I think it is fair. I would just like to ask if you could put a question about the lady in the picture, at the end of the day, she not only was the first woman in Africa to become President of her country, among other acheivements.
Level 86
Jun 8, 2020
Please accept latex for rubber, as in other quizzes.
Level 90
Oct 30, 2020
second that
Level 79
Jan 15, 2022
third that
Level 70
Aug 21, 2020
it'd be cool to add a clue about Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first female head of state in all of Africa
Level 90
Oct 30, 2020
Sirleaf sounds like a better name to remember than Taylor, at least for me.
Level 72
Aug 28, 2020
Seriously, nothing about Ellen Johnson Sirleaf?
Level 67
Oct 30, 2020
I studied the Charles Taylor case at some length in law school and I just couldn't summon his name. Unrelated: it is absolutely blowing my mind that rubber comes from trees.
Level 47
Feb 9, 2021
Only natural rubber, caoutchouc, latex etc. Synthetic rubber is still more widespread.
Level 70
Oct 30, 2020
Charles Taylor was convicted in The Hague, by the Sierra Leone Tribunal. The hint now says 'by the Hague' and it's clear enough but it looks weird.
Level 82
Oct 30, 2020
You should have put on a question about General Butt Naked, instead of Taylor.

Fun facts for those not aware: this isn't just a reference to the Ugandan warlord character in The Book of Mormon. He's a real guy from Liberia. He was at least as evil as Tayor; probably worse. He killed tens of thousands of people, employed child soldiers, performed human sacrifice to the devil and cannibalized children. He earned his nickname because he literally liked to fight butt naked. He is now a preacher. Not making this up.

Taylor did many of the same things in Sierra Leone before being elected to public office in Liberia.

Level 69
Nov 2, 2020
There is a documentary about him on VICE channel on youtube, it is well worth a watch if you haven't already seen it.
Level 63
Apr 22, 2021
not so fun fact: Charles Taylor's Slogan was "he killed my ma, he killed my pa, but i will still vote for him." he won.
Level 51
May 30, 2021
I get thay Charles Taylor was terrible but maybe add something positive like one of Africa's first female Presidents. This is more recent history