Puerto Rico Trivia

Can you guess these facts about the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico?
Try all the U.S. territories: AS | G | NMI | USVI
Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: January 31, 2021
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Biggest city and capital
San Juan
Sea in which Puerto Rico lies
Caribbean Sea
Island chain Puerto Rico is part of
Greater Antilles
In 2017, Puerto Rico was visited by Irma and Maria. What were they?
Singer of "Livin' la Vida Loca"
Ricky Martin
Singer who holds the record for most-viewed YouTube music video
Luis Fonsi
Song featured in the above
War in which the United States acquired Puerto Rico
Spanish–American War
Actor who starred in "Joker" and "Gladiator"
Joaquin Phoenix
Nearest foreign country (not counting overseas territories)
Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico marks the southern point of this mysterious region
Bermuda Triangle
Meaning of "Puerto Rico" in Spanish
Rich Port
First European explorer to "discover" Puerto Rico
Christopher Columbus
El Yunque is the only one of these type of forests in the U.S. forest system
Tropical rain forest
What type of animal is a Coquí, named for the sound that it makes?
Puerto Rico is one of five organized territories in the United States.
Name one of the others.
Guam /
U.S. Virgin Islands /
Northern Mariana Islands /
American Samoa
What are Vieques, Culebra, and Mona?
Name one of the five most populous cities other than the capital.
Bayamón / Carolina /
Ponce / Caguas
In Arecibo, you'll find a giant dish-shaped structure over 300 meters in diameter.
What is it?
Radio telescope
What are Puerto Ricans exempt from that other Americans are not?
Federal income tax
Level 85
Sep 12, 2020
51st State or Independence.
Level ∞
Sep 12, 2020
Seems unlikely.

Independence would be very bad for Puerto Rico since it would mean the end of free movement to the rest of the U.S.

Statehood seems like a better option. Unfortunately, it's a political football. If Puerto Rico would be a "blue" state, it would need to be offset by a corresponding "red" state. Maybe eastern California could become its own state.

Long term, statehood seems more likely. Hispanics are generally more socially conservative than the average voter. Within a decade or two, I wouldn't be surprised if most Hispanics vote Republican. Which means there could be a time when Puerto Rico is a purple state, at which time admission becomes much more likely.

Level 76
Oct 6, 2020
Thanks - this is really good information to have for a non-American
Level 72
Mar 7, 2021
I thought Puerto Rico was likely going to be a swing state - though the population is majorly hispanic, a significant portion of the people are staunchly conservative as you said about hispanics.

Therefore, at the moment in Puerto Rico, Democrat-alligned PPD has 13 seats in the senate and 26 seats in the house while GOP-alligned PNP has 9 seats in the senate and 21 seats in the house.

Level 53
Mar 7, 2021
Give DC and PR statehood, balance out the aesthetically pleasing number of 50 as the number of states the US has by merging the Dakotas and either the Carolinas or the Virginias.
Level 68
Mar 7, 2021
two demonrat states? no thanks
Level 60
Mar 7, 2021
carrow - merging the Dakotas or the Carolinas would mean that Republicans would lose seats in the Senate as well as electoral votes. It's unlikely to pass and would probably be unpopular with some people in DC and PR.
Level 71
Mar 7, 2021
Yeah, I think Puerto Rico already would be considered a "swing" state. Also, statehood seems pretty popular among Puerto Ricans. Even though Republicans are opposed to it right now, I hope there's serious discussion of admitting Puerto Rico as a state in the coming decades.
Level 75
Mar 23, 2021
Which is stupid. Because the real issues at play in statehood are things like equitable funding of social services and disaster relief.

The fact that mainlanders hold these real, personal, immediate considerations hostage to stupid partisan politics is horrible.

Level ∞
Mar 24, 2021
There is one more issue that I didn't mention which is that Puerto Ricans pay no federal income tax. The savings can be substantial, and there are many wealthy people who choose to reside in Puerto Rico (for at least 153 days a year) to avoid tax. So there is a powerful constituency who wants to maintain the status quo.
Level 33
Oct 15, 2020
Make this a Series I've been looking for Day 1 for Hours!
Level 56
Nov 25, 2020
Baby Shark has more views than Despacito.
Level 77
Dec 9, 2020
Is that the radio telescope that collapse recently?
Level 78
Mar 7, 2021
Yes. Unfortunately they wont repair it.
Level 82
Dec 17, 2020
Baby Shark du du dudu dudu!
Level 52
Mar 7, 2021
Yep. A video of cheesy singing sharks overtook a professional music video in views.
Level 88
Mar 7, 2021
That video has more views than the total number of people living on the planet.
Level 46
Mar 7, 2021
Only one thing: Puerto Rico is not a state!
Level 57
Mar 7, 2021
RIP Arecibo Telescope
Level 43
Mar 7, 2021
Next series?
Level 69
Mar 7, 2021
"visited" - quite a euphemism
Level 59
Mar 7, 2021
Thanks to my 7th grade spanish teacher (from puerto rico) for teaching me what the coqui is
Level 74
Mar 10, 2021
Coqui are wonderful, one of my favourite animals. They're lovely to listen to, they give the night a real depth of sound.
Level 43
Mar 8, 2021
It’s only me that thought we would have D. C.?
Level 64
Mar 8, 2021
Lol now Despacito is not the most viewed video on Youtube. It's Baby Shark.
Level 55
Mar 8, 2021
50 states, 50 quizzes. Day 51
Level 37
Mar 10, 2021
I'm disappointed that Lin Manuel Miranda wasn't on here:(
Level 77
Jan 23, 2022
Isn’t it Joachim Phoenix?
Level 55
May 5, 2022
Can you please accept "Spanish" for Spanish-American?
Level 53
Feb 15, 2023
13/20 i said Spanish War instead of Spanish–American War and it wouldn't accept.
Level 65
Mar 6, 2023
15/20, not bad. Thanks for the quiz!
Level 66
May 11, 2023
Maybe accept 'Rich Harbour'?