Slovenia Country Quiz

🇸🇮 Can you guess these facts about the country of Slovenia?
Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: August 12, 2020
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First submittedDecember 29, 2019
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Capital city
Official language
Countries that border Slovenia
Country from which Slovenia gained its independence in 1991
Currency of Slovenia
Currency before the above
Ethnic group that includes Slovenians, Russians, and Poles
Slovenian-born model who became First Lady of the U.S.
Melania Trump
Part of the Mediterranean that Slovenia borders
Adriatic Sea
Name one of the three major rivers that run through Slovenia
Sava | Drava | Mura
Tallest mountain, which appears on the flag
Mount Triglav
Range in which the above is located
Julian Alps
Second most populous city
Type of building you can visit on a tiny island in the middle of Lake Bled
Blind aquatic salamanders known as "olm" inhabit Slovenia. Where would you find them?
In a cave
Between 1880–1910 an estimated 1/6th of Slovenes emigrated, mostly to this country
United States
Western Slovenia is known as the Slovene Littoral. What is the meaning
of the word "littoral"?
Level 35
Jun 10, 2020
Excellent quiz with many interesting questions! Rated it with 5 stars.
Level 83
Jun 10, 2020
Slovene/Slovenian are interchangeable, both should be accepted.
Level 69
Jun 10, 2020
I agree with that.
Level ∞
Jun 10, 2020
Level 75
Jun 10, 2020
You should've asked for the littoral meaning of littoral
Level 89
Nov 24, 2020
How can you be so shore?
Level 95
Jun 10, 2020
Thanks for this quiz. In the final question, 'world' should read 'word'.
Level ∞
Jun 10, 2020
Level 78
Aug 5, 2020
Could 'Marburg' (the German name for Maribor) be accepted?
Level 73
Nov 24, 2020
But why? The quiz is in English. And German is not in any way connected to Slovenia. It's not like accepting München for Munich or Köln for Cologne.
Level 78
Nov 24, 2020
To quote Wikipedia: "Like most Slovene ethnic territory, Maribor was under Habsburg rule until 1918"; "The Slovene name Maribor is an artificial Slovenized creation, coined by Stanko Vraz in 1836. [...] The name Maribor was accepted among Slovenes only 25 years later".
Level 63
Aug 12, 2021
@MayaB I get your point, but non-native names have a habit of sticking around in English and other languages. Just because in this case it is not common to refer to Maribor as Marburg (or Ljubljana as Laibach), it will still happen. Neighbouring Croatia makes an excellent case for it, as its two most well-known coastal cities (Split and Dubrovnik) are still very commonly referred to by their Italian names Spalatro and Ragusa.
Level 81
Nov 20, 2020
Surely "coastal" is the meaning, not "shore."
Level 86
Nov 24, 2020
The meaning is shore or coast. Littoral is a noun.
Level 45
Nov 24, 2020
Beautiful country! Would love to visit it again after this whole Coronavirus mess is over!
Level 55
Nov 26, 2020
ok, shall I name all of the counties of slovenia now?
Level 78
Dec 14, 2020
Sad Žižek sniffs, and so on and so on.
Level 68
Jan 19, 2022
1000 points per level now??? ahhhhh!
Level 48
May 22, 2022
*gets 100%* *happy slovenian noises*
Level 50
Jul 18, 2022
accep chapel for church?
Level 71
Dec 20, 2022
Can we please get Luka Doncic on this quiz?
Level 60
Feb 10, 2023
15/20 and from UK. Lol, can't believe I couldn't spell Lady Trump's first name.
Level 75
Feb 7, 2024
I demand a question related to Slavoj Zizek and so on.
Level 46
Mar 8, 2024
The greatest Slovene of all time Anze Kopitar needs to be on this quiz.