Solomon Islands Country Quiz

🇸🇧 Can you guess these facts about the Solomon Islands?
Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: August 12, 2020
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Capital of the Solomon Islands
Most popular sport
Rugby league
Most-spoken language
Country from which the Solomon Islands gained their independence in 1978
United Kingdom
Oceanian sub-region the Solomon Islands are part of
Country that invaded in 1942
Largest island, site of a bloody WWII battle
Sea that lies to the south
Coral Sea
Sea that lies to the west
Solomon Sea
Foreigners are not allowed to own this in the Solomon Islands
Nearest other countries
Papua New Guinea
Largest sector of the economy
These were used as currency prior to European colonization
Shell Beads
Level 87
Jun 19, 2020
A bit generic, this quiz. Nothing about the big civil war of the 1990s-2000s, or Bougainville that ethnically should be part of it except for western dealmaking, or what country's explorer "discovered" it, etc.
Level 74
Jun 20, 2020
"ethnically should be part of it"

Oh boy.

Level 87
Jun 20, 2020
What's inaccurate about that? Bougainvilleans are much more closely related to Solomon Islanders than to PNG people. The island group would have been part of the Solomons if not for outside (inter-western) meddling.
Level 74
Jun 21, 2020
The idea, that ethnicity determines what authority you have to listen to, is neither forward thinking nor anti-colonialism. People can and should decide for themselve, how to govern, without esoteric categories forcing them in a certain direction.
Level 72
Jun 22, 2020
Well, the Bougainvilleans have decided they don't want to belong to PNG anymore (98% vote in referendum) but PNG hasn't approved yet. They never chose PNG in the first place, it was chosen for them. By language and DNA, they're much closer to Solomon Islanders.
Level 67
Dec 11, 2020
The fact that they want to be part of Solomon Islands is all that matters. Their language and DNA shouldn't make a difference. It's a weird (and probably harmful) notion that ethnicity should set the mark for who belongs where. Self-determination should.
Level 60
Apr 30, 2021
Do they want to be part of Solomon Islands though? I thought that the referndum voted for independence, not for joining SI. And I also heard that PNG government isn't opposing the independence too much, I think Bouganville is on it's way to become the 197.
Level 78
Jun 20, 2020
Allow Pidgin English?
Level 78
Aug 9, 2020
Could 'Pidgin' be allowed for Pijin?
Level 68
Oct 26, 2020
Yes I put Pidgin. Didn't know what else it could have been. Learnt something new that it is spelt pijin.
Level 77
Nov 16, 2020
I too tried "pidgin".
Level 81
Oct 5, 2022
A couple years later, please accept Pidgin.
Level 79
Aug 27, 2020
Rugby League is not the largest sport in Solomon Islands by any measure.
Level 77
Dec 11, 2020
What is then?
Level 52
Jan 23, 2021
Giant soccer. The game is hugeeeeee!
Level 68
Oct 26, 2020
I would have said football for their national sport. That's what Google says, and all the Solomon Islanders I know play football.
Level 90
Dec 11, 2020
I just guess as many sports I can think of to see if one of them is correct.
Level 45
Oct 31, 2020
Allow pidgin for pijin? I know that pidgin can be a more general term, but the language can also be called solomon pidgin, so it seems legit.
Level 75
Dec 10, 2020
Source for rugby?
Level 70
May 17, 2021

Also, rugby union is the more popular form of rugby in the Solomons, so rugby league as an answer would be wrong even if rugby were more popular than soccer, which it isn't.

Level 77
Dec 11, 2020
It's Pidgin English
Level 55
Dec 12, 2020
Nice Quiz!
Level 88
Jan 23, 2022
Please fix the Solomon Pidgin type~in.

The other thing to add about the Solomons is just how beautiful they are, and how lovely the locals can be

Level 81
Feb 8, 2022
Any love for Tok Pisin as a type-in for Pijin? I know (or at least, I do now that I've looked it up) that it's officially known as Pijin in the Solomon Islands, but it's also basically the same language as Tok Pisin.
Level 43
Jul 5, 2022
I speak both languages, no they are not identical.
Level 40
Sep 18, 2022
As a Solomon Islander I can confirm that rugby league is not the most popular sport. It's football (Soccer).

Futsal and Rugby Union are more popular than Rugby League even.

Should fix that.

Level 43
Oct 7, 2022
most popular sport in Solomon Islands is football