The Dictator Files: Fidel Castro

Can you answer these questions about the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro?
Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: January 28, 2021
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First submittedDecember 3, 2020
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What party did Castro lead?
Communist Party of Cuba
What is the name of Fidel Castro's brother?
Raúl Castro
What dictator did Castro overthrow in 1959?
Fulgencio Batista
What famous Argentian revolutionary fought alongside Castro?
Che Guevara
What U.S. sponsored invasion was launched to try to overthrow Castro in 1961?
Bay of Pigs
What country propped up Cuba's finances until 1991?
Soviet Union
What movement did Cuba join, and even chair, despite its close alliance
with the above country?
Non-Aligned Movement
What 1962 event nearly triggered WWIII?
Cuban Missile Crisis
Supposedly, the CIA once discussed killing Castro using an exploding ____.
What sport did Castro play?
What disease did Cuba contain by putting people testing positive in camps?
To what former Portuguese colony in Africa did Cuba send 18,000 troops in 1975?
What rum company fled Cuba after their property was nationalized in 1960?
During what event did Cuba ship 125,000 refugees, dissidents, criminals,
asylum patients, and homosexuals to the U.S. in 1980?
Mariel boatlift
With what Venezuelan leader did Castro develop a close friendship?
Hugo Chávez
Who was Castro's favorite writer? (Hint: an American who spent time in Cuba)
Ernest Hemingway
What Canadian leader effusively praised Castro upon his death in 2016?
Justin Trudeau
What city's Moncada Barracks did Castro attack in 1953?
Santiago de Cuba
What speech did Castro give in court to defend his actions in the above attack?
History Will Absolve Me
Ruling for 50 years, Castro had the longest reign of any non-_____ head of state
in world history.
Level 56
Dec 4, 2020
I can tell that, at this point, people realized that any quiz with "The Dictator Files" in it will be featured :)

Great quiz!

Level 55
Dec 4, 2020
The CIA attempted to assassinate him around 630 times.
Level ∞
Dec 4, 2020
Here's another fun fact. Jason Bourne was actually based on Castro's life. In both cases, the CIA kept trying to kill them but they couldn't because they were genetically engineered superspies.

Also, Bush did 9/11.

Level 71
Dec 6, 2020
What if it's called "The Wannabe Dictator Files"? Then we could add one about a certain US president whom I shall not name.
Level 82
Dec 7, 2020
True, FDR would make an interesting quiz!
Level 88
Jan 28, 2021
Does that mean if I change my Kim Jong-un quiz title to have it start with The Dictator Files, it will get featured?
Level 88
Feb 2, 2021
Well, I did it. I don't actually expect it to be featured, though. But if anyone would like to try it out, here's the link.
Level 75
Dec 5, 2020
Spelling: What city's..."
Level 74
Dec 6, 2020
Other options of royal? Maybe monarchical and hereditary?
Level 77
Dec 19, 2020
I tried 'ceremonial', 'regal', 'king', 'queen' etc. Could any of those be accepted?
Level 74
Jan 28, 2021
Tried monarch.
Level 65
Dec 9, 2020
allow PCC por the first question?
Level 77
Dec 19, 2020
In question #4, 'Argentinian' is spelt wrong. And the answer 'AIDs' should be written as 'AIDS'.
Level 64
Jan 28, 2021
AIDS, not AIDs
Level 61
Jan 29, 2021
Please accept flamingo for cigar.
Level 71
Jan 30, 2021
I think Russia should be allowed for 'Soviet Union'.
Level 58
Mar 7, 2023
Only 50% of the USSR. Not the same thing.
Level 37
Jan 30, 2021
Never realised Justin Trudeau was dead!
Level 67
Apr 9, 2022
His dad
Level 62
Mar 27, 2023
Castro played basketball as well