Trinidad and Tobago Country Quiz

🇹🇹 Can you guess these facts about the country of Trinidad and Tobago?
Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: August 12, 2020
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Capital city
Official language
First European to land on the island of Trinidad
Christopher Columbus
Sea which borders Trinidad and Tobago
Caribbean Sea
Nearest mainland country
Group of islands that Trinidad and Tobago are part of
Lesser Antilles
Type of drum original to Trinidad and Tobago used in calypso music
Trinidadian activity that finds out "how low you can go"
Mythical city that Sir Walter Raleigh was looking for when he landed on Trinidad in 1595
El Dorado
147,000 people from this country were brought to Trinidad as indentured
servants from 1845–1917
Currency of Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidadian cricketer who has the only quadruple century in test cricket history
Brian Lara
Most important export
Natural gas
Female rapper who recorded "Starships" and "Super Bass"
Nicki Minaj
Most populous municipality
Largest city in Tobago, named after a town in Yorkshire with a famous fair
Celebration held for two days before Ash Wednesday
Level 82
Jun 13, 2020
Some additional facts :

1) Trinidad and Tobago is the smallest country by area to ever play a FIFA world cup.

2) Haddaway, known for What is Love, is one of the most famous trinidadians.

3) Trinidad and Tobago have won 15 of their 19 olympic medals, including their 3 gold medals, in athletics.

Level 84
Jun 13, 2020
To that extent... Jamaica is even more of a "one-trick pony":

They have won 78 medals, of which only one wasn't won in athletics (David Weller's bronze medal in cycling, at Moscow '80). Furthermore, all but 3 of those 77 medals were won in sprint events.

Thus, sprint event-related medals make a whopping 94.87% of Jamaican medals!! In comparison, T&T's athletics medals make a 78.95% share.

Level 95
Jun 16, 2020
Since the Nicki Minaj hint has a typo, I think it should be replaced altogether with Haddaway. That song's totally gonna be in my head all day now...
Level 66
Oct 16, 2023
Nicki Minaj is more famous than Haddaway.
Level 56
Apr 5, 2024
Nicki Minaj sucks though (not debatable).
Level 76
Sep 22, 2020
I feel like Nicki Minaj is arguably more famous than Haddaway, especially because people actually know her name. "What is Love" is quite widely known, but the artist and the rest of their music, not so much. Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj has over 100 songs on the Billboard Hot 100.

Being the creator of a song that's more of a meme than an actual song doesn't really give you any kind of recognition. No one knows who sings Man's Not Hot, For the Damaged Coda, or Shooting Stars but I'd bet most people know what the songs sound like

Level 82
Nov 2, 2020
It may be a meme now, but What is Love was a big thing in the nineties.
Level 90
Nov 30, 2020
Saturday Night Live helped make it popular too.
Level 67
Nov 30, 2020
It is inextricably tied to that skit in my mind.
Level 73
Sep 17, 2021
Ethiopia has 55 olympic medals, every single one in long-distance running. Quite remarkable for a country of 120 milion.
Level 85
Jun 14, 2020
Nice quiz! Was kinda hoping for a question about Angostura Bitters...
Level 74
Jun 25, 2020
could you accept just "steel" for the drum?
Level 81
Jul 28, 2020
Agreed. You accept steel drum, but not steel, when the question asks 'what kind of drum.....?' It makes no sense. It is called a steel drum in the UK.
Level 70
Aug 17, 2020
Agreed! In Canada it's just steel drum as well.
Level 85
Nov 30, 2020
Not accepting "drum" (but accepting "steel drum") for the question, "What type of drum..." doesn't really make sense.
Level 67
Jul 31, 2020
If you're not into cricket....than that question totally makes no sense. xD (not complaining, just stating). :P
Level 78
Nov 14, 2020
If you're not into rapping, the rapping question is equally impenetrable. Live with it.
Level 59
Nov 30, 2020
If you're not into rapping but you've listened to the radio within the last 5 years, you should know who Nicki Minaj is.
Level 56
Nov 30, 2020
Not really. Most people would change the radio channel as soon as her song comes on.
Level 31
Dec 1, 2020
Level 66
Sep 26, 2023
Most people would not do that.
Level 56
Apr 5, 2024
I don't even listen to the radio but I (sadly) know who Nicki Minaj is.
Level 74
Nov 30, 2020
Capitalise "Test" in "Test cricket" please.
Level 31
Dec 1, 2020
Just Missed the India question because i was trying everywhere in west africa
Level 72
Feb 6, 2021
Tough one that. But more leeway on the spelling of the penultimate answer would be nice.
Level 55
Apr 1, 2021
Lucky enough to have visited Tobago once. Beautiful island!
Level 83
Apr 9, 2021
Thank you Simon and Garfunkel. :-)