Huge List of U.S. Bodies of Water

Name these bodies of water that border the United States based on their clue.
Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: October 21, 2022
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River in New York that is named after a British explorer who worked for the Dutch
Hudson River
Washington D.C. overlook this river
Potomac River
Small lake that Detroit borders to its east
Lake St. Clair
George Washington crossed this river to launch a surprise attack on Trenton in 1776
Delaware River
The gorge of this river in West Virginia was designated a National Park in 2021
New River
A city of swords at its western end and a city of bovines at its eastern
Lake Erie
Lewis and Clark reached the end point of their journey where this river
meets the Pacific Ocean
Columbia River
Group of fjords that form a national park in southern Alaska
Kenai Fjords
Separated from the Atlantic Ocean by the Delmarva Peninsula
Chesapeake Bay
Where Deepwater Horizon spilled oil in 2010
Gulf of Mexico
This river was once popularly known as the "Cherokee River"
Tennessee River
The longest bridge (causeway) in the U.S. crosses this lake north of New Orleans
Lake Pontchartrain
A Canadian territory is named after this river that flows mostly through Alaska
Yukon River
Pueblo, Wichita, Tulsa and Little Rock all lie on this river
Arkansas River
Chris McCandless crossed it
Colorado River
Largest lake in Florida
Lake Okeechobee
Ocean in which Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and Hawaii are located
Pacific Ocean
Strait that is the northernmost part of the above
Bering Strait
The above connects that ocean to this other ocean
Arctic Ocean
Lowest of the Great Lakes
Lake Ontario
Destination of the Mormon pioneers
Great Salt Lake
Strait that contains a current that is the beginning of the Gulf Stream
Straits of Florida
Waterway that empties the water of the Great Lakes into the Atlantic Ocean
St. Lawrence River
In the stories of Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer floated down this river
Mississippi River
The Washo tribe call it "Dáʔaw", meaning the lake
Lake Tahoe
"Serpentine" river that traverses the entire length of the state of Idaho
Snake River
Pond in New England where Thoreau sojourned
Walden Pond
Longest river that is entirely located within Texas
Brazos River
Makes the entire northern border of Kentucky
Ohio River
Oceanic inlet Anchorage overlooks - named for a British circumnavigator
Cook Inlet
You can sail from Duluth to Sault Ste. Marie in this body of water
Lake Superior
Bay in which the Alcatraz prison island is situated
San Francisco Bay
Where you'd find the Kodiak Island and the Alexander Archipelago
Gulf of Alaska
Boston Harbor is a part of it
Massachusetts Bay
Saginaw Bay, Georgian Bay and Thunder Bay are all parts of it
Lake Huron
Makes the border between Texas and Mexico
Rio Grande
Sound on which Seattle and Tacoma lie
Puget Sound
Two rivers with this name make the North Dakota–Minnesota
and the Texas–Oklahoma border
Red River
Vermont's most populous city lies on this lake
Lake Champlain
Wether you're in Bismarck, ND or in Jefferson City, MO, you'd still be by this river
Missouri River
The valley of this river was the destination of Oregon Trail pioneers
Willamette River
Most of the coastline of Connecticut borders this sound
Long Island Sound
Largest lake by area in the world that is entirely located in a single country
Lake Michigan
Alaskan sound where Exxon Valdez spilled oil in 1989
Prince William Sound
Strait between Washington and Vancouver Island
Strait of Juan de Fuca
Lake between California and Oregon with namesake of a type of waterfowl (bird)
Goose Lake
Lagoon that separates Miami from Miami Beach
Biscayne Bay
Level 85
Jun 6, 2019
I think Boston overlooks the Bay rather than vice versa.
Level 73
Jun 6, 2019
Whoops, fixed it.
Level 85
Jun 6, 2019
It looks like the name Michigan was used for the lake before the state existed.
Level 73
Jun 6, 2019
My bad. Rephrased it
Level 74
Jun 6, 2019
This is a really great quiz, good job!
Level 66
Oct 20, 2022
"Oke..." is not accepted for "Lake Oke..."
Level 89
Oct 20, 2022
Why is "Lake" required for Okeechobee? Other rivers and lakes don't require the word "Lake" I tried a dozen different spellings of Okeechobee and couldn't get any that it would take.
Level 73
Oct 21, 2022
Fixed that.
Level 56
Oct 24, 2022
Thunder Bay is actually on Lake Superior :-)