Vienna City Trivia

Can you guess these facts about the city of Vienna?
Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: October 9, 2023
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First submittedSeptember 25, 2020
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Country that Vienna is the capital of
River on which Vienna is located
Primary language spoken in Vienna
Name of Vienna in that language
Royal dynasty that was based in Vienna from 1278–1918
Empress who ruled that dynasty in the 1700s
Maria Theresa
National capital located just 55 km away from Vienna
Founder of psychoanalysis who lived in Vienna
Sigmund Freud
Empire that besieged Vienna in 1529 and 1683 but failed to capture it
Ottoman Empire
Type of meat that Wienerschnitzel is made from
What Schönbrunn and Hofburg are
Summit that redrew the map of Europe after the Napoleonic Wars
Congress of Vienna
Composer who died in Vienna in 1791 at the age of 35
Wolfgang Amadeus
Crescent-shaped food which originally came from Vienna, but is
now also associated with France
Vienna is famous for its many places to drink _____, the first
of which was founded in 1685
Circular road which surrounds the central part of Vienna
Symbolist artist who painted "The Kiss" around 1907
Gustav Klimt
Johann Strauss was the "king" of this type of music in 3/4 time
Future dictator who lived in Vienna as an aspiring painter
Adolf Hitler
The only city that starts with V with a larger urban area population than Vienna
Level 80
Aug 12, 2022
Nice Quiz.

Guessed Vancouver - but its urban population is less than 700k, so much lower than Vienna at about 1.9 million!

Level 77
Aug 12, 2022
Vancouver urban area (urban area includes Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond etc) is 2.5 million. Your 700K is likely only the city of Vancouver itself, not the whole urban area.
Level 77
Aug 13, 2022
I visit Vancouver regularly. Yup, it’s urban area is huge, sprawling across Surrey, North Van, Burnaby, Langley, etc. Maybe one day I’ll travel to Vienna to compare…
Level 75
Aug 12, 2022
Without the "as an aspiring painter", the future dictator who lived in Vienna could also have been Stalin or Tito. They even lived there at the same time and regularly frequented the famous coffeehouse Cafe Central, together with Trotzky, Freud and others. To imagine they might have sat there playing chess and sipping coffee together...
Level 89
Aug 12, 2022
Doesn't Varanasi (4 million +) have a higher area population than Vienna?
Level 71
Aug 12, 2022
Varanasi’s urban area only has around 2.0 million people, according to this quiz, which though is a bit outdated.
Level 81
Sep 22, 2022
Wikipedia and both have Varanasi's metro as about 1.4 million, so that seems not unreasonable.
Level 82
Sep 22, 2022
Only missed the Kiss painter. Beautiful city. Though also, IMO, overrated. Would a question on Beethoven make this quiz too classical music-centric?
Level 75
Sep 22, 2022
Valencia, Venezuela might have a larger urban area population than Vancouver.
Level 74
Sep 22, 2022
Could you please accept 'kipferl' for 'croissant', that's what the ones "invented" in Vienna are actually called.
Level 57
Sep 22, 2022
Great job on the quiz and a varied selection of questions. Don't feel like the last one has much to do with Vienna however.
Level 67
Sep 26, 2022
Nice quiz! Scored 19/20 on my first try :)

Maybe the last question can be replaced with one that has to do more with Vienna - for example: Who founded Vienna?

Level 73
Mar 19, 2023
Did anyone else try "Mother"?
Level 67
Jan 21, 2024
Level 67
Nov 20, 2023
Wait, doesn’t Vadodara have a higher urban population than Vienna?