Statistics for Animals That Start With The Letter C

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HintAnimal% Correct
Domestic Pet That Likes To Sit On Your LapCat
Used In Deserts And Can Carry Lots Of Water Inside There BodiesCamel
Usually Found On Farms And It Lays EggsChicken
This Animal Is Very Fast And Is Said To Be The Fastest Animal On The PlanetCheetah
This Animal Is A Bit Like An Alligator And Likes To Swim In Creeks And SwampsCrocodile
This Animal Is Found In Farms And Is A Popular Source Of Meat When CookedCow
Insect That Has The Same Name As A Popular Sport And This Insect Also Makes Lots Of NoiseCricket
This Bird Likes To Sing And Some People Have Them As Pets In Bird CagesCanary
This Bird Likes To Munch On Your Old Food Scraps And Is Found In Schools A Lot Eating Peoples Old Food ScrapsCrow
Type Of Fish That Has A Nother Animal In Its NameCatfish
An Insect That Comes Out At Christmas Time In Australia And Makes Lots Of NoiseCicada

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