Battles of World War II

Name these famous battles/campaigns/operations during World War 2.
Quiz by leecc2
Last updated: October 4, 2022
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Turning point of World War II on the Eastern Front
Siege of Stalingrad
Turning point in the North African Campaign
Second Battle of El Alamein
German attempt to defeat the Soviets by occupying its capital during 1941. Soviet victory and Germans pushed back
Battle of Moscow
German and Finnish blockade of a Soviet port city on the Baltic which lasted for 2 years from Sept 1942 to Jan 1944
Siege of Leningrad
Last major German offensive campaign on Western Front- attempt to push Allies out of German territory into Belgium
Battle of the Bulge
Final battle on the European front which results in the fall of Nazi Germany in 1945 and the occupation of East Germany by the Soviets
Battle of Berlin
Attempt by Anzac and British troops to repel German paratroopers off a large Mediterranean island.
Battle of Crete
Longest naval battle in history. Allied attempt to break through German U-boat blockade which eventually succeeded.
Battle of the Atlantic
1940 attempt by the German Luftwaffe to invade Britain by executing destructive air raids over England. RAF successfully defends Britain.
Battle of Britain
1940 naval battle where the British air force crippled the Italian navy
Battle of Taranto
1940 invasion of the southernmost Balkan state by Germans and Italians. Ended when Athens was occupied by the Axis
Battle of Greece
Allied assault to capture a hill in order to break the Gustav Line and take Rome from the North in 1944.
Battle of Monte Cassino
Code-name for the German invasion of the USSR
Operation Barbarossa
Code-name for the Allied invasion of German-occupied Western Europe
Operation Overlord
Invasion of an Italian island- first major Allied assault on Axis territory in 1943
Allied Invasion of Sicily
Mass evacuation of Allied soldiers from northern France to the UK in 1940
Dunkirk Evacuation
Daring Allied attempt to shorten the end of WWII in 1944 by using airborne forces to bounce across the Rhine
Operation Market Garden
June 6th,1944
September 1st, 1939
Invasion of Poland
Valentines Day bombing of an East German city in 1945. Allied victory
Dresden Bombing
Japanese occupation of the Chinese port city partly occupied by UK in 1937
Battle of Shanghai
Japanese occupation of the Chinese capital which resulted in a massacre
Battle of Nanking
Japanese retreat after being encircled in the largest city in Hunan in 1942
Battle of Changsha
Soviet invasion of Japanese territory in 1945 shortly before the US dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki
Soviet invasion of Manchuria
Canadian and British defeat after Japanese break through the Gin Drinkers line
Battle of Hong Kong
December 7th, 1941
Attack on Pearl Harbor
Campaign where Allies retrieved Mandalay, Rangoon after they were occupied by Japan
Burma Campaign
Japanese occupation of British territory in 1942 which ended when Johor fell
Malayan Campaign
British troops outnumbered Japanese troops, but still lost this city in 1942.
Battle of Singapore
1942 battle which resulted in a Death March in which 12000 Americans and 63000 Filipinos were forced to march to Camp St Donnell in the Philippines.
Battle of Bataan
Decisive Japanese naval victory in 1942 against the Dutch, which led on to the fall of the Dutch East Indies
Battle of Java Sea
Strategic 1942 naval victory for Allies which repelled the Japanese invasion of New Guinea
Battle of Coral Sea
Turning point of Pacific Theatre
Battle of Midway
Decisive 1943 Allied victory in the Solomon Islands
Guadalcanal Campaign
Decisive 1944 Allied naval victory which destroyed the Japanese air carrier fleet
Battle of Philippine Sea
Large-scale 1945 naval battle in the Philippines in which the Americans crippled the Japanese navy. First use of kamikaze pilots by the Japanese.
Battle of Leyte Gulf
Costly Allied invasion of the largest island in the Ryukyu chain in 1945
Battle of Okinawa
1945 American invasion of the Japanese volcano islands
Battle of Iwo Jima
1945 battle which resulted in the liberation of the northern Philippines
Battle of Luzon
1943 campaign in which the Allies liberated an Alaskan island chain
Aleutian Islands Campaign
Level 74
Mar 22, 2022
Very good. The clue for Operation Market Garden is missing the words "bombs" after the word "bounce".
Level 77
Mar 23, 2022
Think you might be thinking of Operation Chastise...Barnes Wallis and his bouncing bomb.
Level 59
Feb 15, 2024
Totally different event. Market Garden was Arnhem and Nijmegen etc..
Level 67
Mar 22, 2022
Great quiz! One suggestion though: Changsha is the largest city in Hunan, not Henan.
Level 61
Mar 22, 2022
Smolensk is already filled in?
Level 76
Mar 22, 2022
Market Garden was at the lower Rhine (Netherlands), not the upper Rhine (that would be in Switzerland)
Level 68
Mar 22, 2022
Battle of the philippine sea was in 1944, not 1943.
Level 69
Apr 8, 2022
Where's the Kursk Battle?
Level 80
Oct 1, 2022
Good quiz. One suggestion, where the answer includes the word 'the' it would be more obvious if that was included in the visible answer text. In those cases I was trying to think of a single word answer. The time is also quite tight to read and answer 40 questions.
Level 58
Dec 12, 2023
This is amazing
Level 59
Feb 15, 2024
Nanking was before WWII.