Do You Know Your... Computer Hardware?

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Quiz by 06stockm
Last updated: July 22, 2013
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Used to store data; also known as primary memory
This aluminium radiator draws heat away from components in direct contact with it
Used to store data; contains both platters and flash memory; used to speed up notebooks
Solid State Hybrid Drive
Screen type - most common nowadays; fair colour quality; flat screen; usually widescreen; acronym is LCD
Liquid Crystal Display
Used to store data; often used in cameras, smartphones and legacy games consoles
Memory Card
Data storage type - acronym is WORM
Write Once; Read Many
This is a noiseless cooling solution and is much more effective than air
Water Cooling
Screen type - becoming increasingly popular as TVs; high colour quality; flat screen; usually widescreen; acronym is OLED
Organic Light-Emitting Diode
Contains all the components and protects them from electrostatic discharge, dust and careless visitors
Used to store data; maximum capacity is 25 GB per layer
Blu-Ray Disc
All the other components are plugged into it
Contains the Arithmetic Logic Unit and the Control Unit. Comes in dual-, quad-, hex-, oct- and dodeca- varieties
Central Processing Unit
Used to store data; relatively slow, high-capacity; contains spinning platters
Hard Disk Drive
Screen type - rounded; high colour quality; used electron beams
Cathode Ray Tube
Used to store data; required for the computer to boot
Interacts with the CPU and RAM; part of the chipset
Data storage type - acronym is EEPROM
Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
Used to store data; supersedes floppy disks as primary portable storage medium; can have incredibly high capacities
Flash Drive
Interacts with the peripheral controllers, such as USB, PCI and the BIOS; part of the chipset
Also contains an ALU and a CU, but is only used to render polygons
Graphical Processing Unit
Interface used to connect high-speed peripherals to the computer; commonly comes in x16 and x1 varieties
Legacy interface used to connect medium-speed peripherals to the computer; one size; acronym is PCI
Peripheral Component Interconnect
This is a transformer that steps the voltage down from 240V/110V AC to about 12V DC. Comes in modular and linear varieties
Power Supply Unit
Used to store data; maximum capacity is 700 MB
Legacy interface dedicated to connection of medium-speed graphics devices to the computer; one size
Accelerated Graphics Port
Connection used to connect HDTVs to the computer; acronym is HDMI
High Definition Multimedia Interface
This directs air through the computer to cool it
Connection which consists of a 15-pin connector with two thumbscrews; acronym is VGA
Video Graphics Array
The most common form factor for custom-built computers
Connection which consists of a red, a white and a yellow jack
Circular connector used to connect audio equipment to the computer
3.5mm Jack
Rectangular connector used to connect nearly every external device to the computer; acronym is USB
Universal Serial Bus
Used to store data; maximum capacity is 4.7 GB per layer
Pointing device used to manipulate objects on the screen; commonly has two buttons and a scroll wheel
Used to store data; very fast, non-volatile; mostly used for storing the operating system
Solid State Drive
Flat device used to insert characters into areas of the screen
Radio protocol used to connect two computers together, commonly known as Wi-Fi
Data storage type - found in SSDs, SD cards and SSHDs
Rectangular connector also known as RJ-45
Used to store data; legacy; contained high-capacity magnetic tape
Zip Drive
Heat-conductive compound which helps conduct heat away from hot components
Thermal Paste
Connection used to connect HDDs to the computer internally
Technology created by Nvidia which allows two GPUs to render the same image faster; acronym is SLI
Scalable Link Interface
Used to store data; maximum capacity is 1.4 MB
Floppy Disk
Technology created by AMD which allows two GPUs to render the same image faster
Irregularly-shaped connector commonly found in Europe which has 21 pins and is used to carry standard-definition video
Term used to define the manual tweaking of components to make them run faster
Level 13
Aug 7, 2013
Wow, not a lot of time to think, if you don't know the answer immediately, you just have to move on. I guess that's fine, but I would have preferred a few more minutes. So many questions where you give the acronym and I'm like "yeah, I know that... but I don't know what it stands for!" but I guess that was kind of the point. I like it, it's quite comprehensive.
Level 38
Nov 21, 2013
Good quiz. The only part I have a complaint about is 'Rectangular connector also known as RJ-45'. Ethernet can be carried over other mediums such as fiber, and RJ-45 can be used for non-ethernet connections, i.e. serial.
Level 84
Feb 29, 2016
Right, "power supply" isn't good enough, it really has to be "power supply unit".
Level 48
Jan 23, 2022
And why can't it just be "PSU" or power supply(like you said), I mean, wouldn't you assume that most people taking this quiz know what they're doing and are used to acronyms? There's a lot that require the full name, but this one didn't.