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4,3372018-03-11Fast typing ''Opel'' 20 times in 15 SECONDS!
2632018-02-23The Netherlands
2142019-03-28All Countries in Africa in 1936!
1382019-12-05In How Many Languages Can You Say This Sentence?
1212018-03-11Roman numerals
1182018-02-26Dutch words that look like English words
892018-03-11Fun differences between British English and American English
802018-03-30In how many languages can you say hello/good day?
792019-12-05Guess the Language
782018-03-10All languages of the European Union
672018-03-10Which religion?
632018-03-15German and Dutch people can understand this both!
592018-03-13Biggest cities by European language
532019-03-28Every Capital City By Every Germanic Country
532018-03-26Biggest Nation where they speak [...]
492019-03-28Guess the emo band by songname
472018-03-15Name that Dutch named languages in English!
442018-02-23Country sizes (15 biggest)
432018-03-10Countries that I think that you MUST KNOW as beginner!
392018-03-08Some world territories that we always forget! #1
352018-03-10What European Country?
352018-03-17Guess what subjects the Dutch get on Highschool (every level)
342018-03-17Name that Dutch named countries in English!
332018-04-02Counting 0-10 in European languages
332018-03-11Hello in useful languages
312018-03-21Guess the English name for this country
312018-03-02Country by their own name
272018-03-17Europe - Provinces of the Netherlands
252019-03-28Typing BMW 30 times in 15 seconds!
242018-03-11The Benelux
232018-03-09Some world territories that we always forget! #3
222018-02-22The ...stan countries by size
212018-03-09Spanish and Portuguese people can understand this both!
202018-03-06Some world territories that we always forget! #5
192018-03-1010 Largest Castles
162018-03-06Some world territories that we always forget! #2
162018-03-09Continents of the world
162018-03-17All countries that border a large country!
162018-03-10Where is this located?
152018-03-08Some world territories that we always forget! #6
142018-03-06Some world territories that we always forget! #4
142019-12-05Max Speed in Europe Quiz
12018-03-09Oxygen - Fill in the lyrics