Adolf Hitler

How much do you know about this World War Two dictator?
Quiz by Velaris
Last updated: February 13, 2022
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First submittedNovember 30, 2020
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In which country was Hitler born?
While living in Vienna, what did Hitler want to study?
which country did Hitler fight for during World War 1?
What was the name of his book?
Mein Kampf
Hitler was once arrested for his part in what?
Beer Hall Putsch
Who was Hitler's wife?
Eva Braun
Which religion did Hitler attempt to eradicate?
What did Hitler turn the Weimar Republic into?
A dictatorship
When was Hitler appointed Chancellor of Germany?
Who was the German President when Hitler became Chancellor?
Paul von Hindenburg
Hitler died in 1945. How did he die?
What event of Hitler's dictatorship sparked the onset of World War 2?
Invasion of Poland
Concept embraced by Hitler's Nazi Party
Which treaty was Hitler vehemently opposed to?
What Hitler sought for Germany in Eastern Europe.
Living Room
City that was the headquarters of the Nazi party
Which race did Hitler believe was superior to all others?
The Nazi party set up these across Occupied Europe during World War 2.
Concentration camps
What was Hitler's title when the offices of CHancellor and President merged?
In 1939, Hitler was nominated for which award?
Nobel Prize
Level 24
Apr 17, 2021
I thought this was a good quiz 😊. Challenging for me. I actually learned a lot from this
Level 59
Nov 1, 2021
There needs to be some flexibility of answers here. For instance, the Nazi Party set up many different things across Europe; Versailles should be an adequate answer rather than Ttreaty of Versailles (as Treaty is mentioned in the question); he turned the Weimar Republic into the Third Reich; he wanted to study art; he was arrested for the Munich Putsch (or other variants); concept of racial hygiene is just one concept embraced by the Nazis, and again perhaps too precise for a quiz such as this.
Level 58
Feb 11, 2022
I totally agree with this.

"a dictatorship" is true but pretty random, "Third Reich" is the first thing that came to my mind.

"Invasion of Poland" - there are more different formulations needed, I tried "attacking Poland" and "Invading Poland".

"Lebensraum" - This didn't come to my mind although I'm german. I tried "space" and "space for people" but never got the idea that the answer might be a german word.

"Fine Arts" - I think "Arts" should also count as an answer.

Level 83
Feb 11, 2022
EXTREMELY picky. "Beer Hall Putsch" should be more than adequate. "Art" should work for "fine arts."
Level 66
Feb 12, 2022
Agree. Putsch was not accepted, which is odd. Suicide is not really a satisfactory answer. The correct answer, gunshot, was not accepted. He wanted to study art, not arts, which is a completely different branch of enquiry. And why was Nobel Peace Prize not accepted - Nobel Prize is too vague.
Level 50
Feb 14, 2022
Same here. I tried those answers and when they didn't work I was very confused.
Level 65
Feb 11, 2022
Agree with all of these especially the Munich Beer Hall Putsch and Fine Arts. Also, Eugenics should be allowed for "Racial Hygiene" and Nobel Prize or Peace Prize for "Nobel Peace Prize". I also would accept 1933 for "January 1933".
Level 61
Feb 11, 2022
100% agree, I gave up halfway through because i knew the answers but couldn't get them to work. Should also be specified that both a year and a month is needed for his appointment of chancellor. I kept going back and forth as i thought I only needed the year.
Level 70
Feb 11, 2022
Sorry but this quiz needs a lot of clean up. "Beer hall putsch" should be acceptable. "What did Hitler turn Weimar into?" could be many things. "Art" or "painting" should be accepted for "fine arts." "Versailles" alone should be accepted, since the question already says "treaty."

Also, Hitler didn't try to eradicate "Judaism." He tried to eradicate Jews as an ethnicity. It wasn't like they were given the option to convert and be let out of the camps.

Level 54
Feb 11, 2022
Please just accept 1933 for when he was appointed chancellor, and just take Nobel Prize itself
Level 73
Feb 11, 2022
Horrible quiz. Who made this, Adolf Hitler?
Level 77
Feb 11, 2022
This isn't a well-crafted quiz, but no need to be mean about it. I just quit taking it after about 30 seconds when it wouldn't accept "art", "Beer Hall Putsch", and "1933" and rated it one star.
Level 42
Feb 11, 2022
4/20 hehehehe
Level 88
Feb 13, 2022
Way too vague.

Q: Concept embraced by Hitler's Nazi Party

A: Racial Hygiene

Fascism, social Darwinism, eugenics, survival of the fittest, antisemitism, the list is endless.

Q: What Hitler sought for Germany in Eastern Europe.

A: Lebensraum

Drang nach Osten, breathing room, living room, living space, petroleum, wheat, land, agriculture, extermination of Jews, extermination of Slavs, alliance with the U.S.A. fighting Communism....

If you edit and add a couple words of clarification here and there, you'll definitely have a decent, comprehensive quiz.

Level 65
Feb 14, 2022
This quiz definitely has some potential. I rather enjoyed it, when the answers worked. A little bit of polishing and flexibility and you will have a great quiz!
Level 67
Feb 18, 2022
Poorly-made quiz. Some of the questions are vague and demand specific answers when there are many options that fit the answer. Also, "Nobel Peace Prize" doesn't work. That's what he was nominated for.
Level 29
Jan 26, 2023
Either "Living Space" or "Lebensraum" could be acceptable for "Living Room" if you wouldn't mind