Bear Safety

Bear safety according to Parks Canada. This is a summary of some of the information. For more visit:
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Avoid An Encounter
Make noise. Let the bears know you are there.
Watch for fresh bear signs like tracks and droppings.
Keep your dog on a leash at all times. Dogs can provoke defensive behaviour in bears.
Larger group sizes are less likely to have s erious bear encounter. Groups of 4 or more are recommended.
Use offically marked paths and trails.
If you come across a large dead animal, leave the area immediately.
Dispose of fish offal in fast moving streams or the deep part of a lake.
If You See a Bear
Stop and remain calm. Get ready to use bear spray. Do not run away.
If the bear is unaware of your presence, move away calmly and quietly.
If the bear is aware of your presence stay calm.
Back away slowly. Never run! Running is a trigger pursuit.
Speak to the bear. Talk calmly and firmly. This lets the bear know you are not a prey animal.
Make yourself appear big.
Do not drop your pack. It can provide protection.
If The Bear Approaches
Is it defensive? The bear is feeding, protecting its young, it sees you are a threat.
Try to appear non-threatening.
Talk in a calm voice.
When the bear stops advancing, start slowly moving away.
If it keeps coming closer, stand your ground, keep talking, and use bear spray.
If the bear makes contact, fall to the ground and play dead.
Is it non-defensive? The bear may be curious, after your food or testing its dominance.
Talk in a firm voice.
Move out of the bear's path.
If it follows you, stop and stand your ground.
Shout loudly and act aggressively.
Try to intimidate the bear.
If it approaches closely, use your bear spray.
Handling an Attack
Is it defensive? This is the most common stype of attack.
Use your bear spray.
If the bear makes contact, play dead.
Is it predatory? The bear is stalking you along a trail and then attacks. Or, the bear attacks at night.
Try to escape into a building, car, or up a tree.
If you cannot escape, do not play dead.
Use your bear spray and fight back. Intimidate the bear by shouting, hitting with branches or rocks, or whatever else it takes.
Backcountry Camping
Camp in designated areas where provided.
If random camping, set up cooking, eating, and food storage at least 50 metres downwind from your tent.
Keep your campsite odour-free.
Leave smelly cosmetics at home. Store toiletries with the food.
Store food, pet food, livestock feed, and garbage away from your tent.
Wash and store all dishes and food utensils immediately after use.
Pack out garbage. Do not burn or bury it.
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