Harry Potter Trivia - Goblet of Fire

Like the books, the quizzes are getting longer.
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Last updated: June 15, 2018
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Who is the caretaker of the Riddle family mansion, killed by Voldemort?
Frank Bryce
What town is the Riddle family mansion located in?
Little Hangleton
What candy does Fred and George give Dudley, making his tounge grow?
Ton-Tounge Toffee
How do the Weasleys, Harry, and Hermione travel to the Quidditch World Cup?
Using a portkey
Who is head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports?
Ludo Bagman
What countries are playing in the Quidditch World Cup?
Buglaria and Ireland
What is the name of Barty Crouch's house elf?
Whos wand is she caught holding in the forest?
Harry Potter's
What do the Death Eaters cast in the sky in the campground after the match?
The Dark Mark
What touranment is happening at Hogwarts this year?
The Tri-Wizard Tournament
What does Moddy transfigure Draco Malfoy into as a punishment?
A white ferret
Who are we told the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor is?
Alistor "Mad-Eye" Moody
What is the killing curse?
Avada Kedavra
What club does Hermione create to promote house elf rights?
Society for the Promotion of Elvish Welfare
Who is the head of Beauxbatons?
Madame Olympe Maxime
Who is the head of Durmstrang?
Igor Karkaroff
What do Fred and George grow when they try to enter the tournament?
They grow beards
Who oversees the Weighing of the Wands?
Mr. Ollivander
Where does Hagrid show Harry the dragons for the First Task?
The Forbidden Forest
In what country did Bertha Jorkins disappear?
What do the champions have to retreive to pass the First Task?
A golden egg
What dragon does Harry have to pass?
A Hungarian Horntail
What does Cedric Diggory transfigure a rock into to pass the Swedish Short-Snout dragon?
A dog
Where are Dobby and Winky working now?
In the Hogwarts kitchens
What does Rita Skeeter write her scandalous articles for?
The Daily Prophet
Who does Harry have a crush on?
Cho Chang
Who does Ron ask out for the Yule Ball before Hermione?
Fleur Delacour
What does Rita Skeeter reveal Hagrid is?
Who is spying on Harry in the Prefect's Bathroom as he tried to figiure out clue for the Second Task?
Moaning Mrytle
What does Harry use to swim under water in the Second Task?
Who does Viktor Krum have to rescue from the Merpeople?
Hermione Granger
Where are Sirius Black and Buckbeak living near Hogsmeade?
In a mountain cave
What creatures does Hagrid have students looking for gold coins with?
Who do Viktor Krum and Harry discover emerging fromt he forest, asking for Dumbledore?
Barty Crouch
When Harry has a dream of Voldemort torturing someone for allowing someone to escape, who is being tortured?
Peter Pettigrew
What does Harry find in Dumbledore's office to see his memories?
A pensieve
Who was Barty Crouch Jr. convicted of torturing with the Cruciatus curse?
Alice and Frank Longbottom
What has been hurting Harry since the summer?
His scar
What do the champions have to navigate for the Third Task?
A maze
What do the champions have to find to win the Tournament?
The Tri-Wizard Cup
Who does Viktor Krum attack in the Third Task?
Cedric Diggory
What is the answer to the Sphinx's riddle?
"spyder" or spider.
Where in Little Hangleton are Harry and Cedric transported?
The cemetery
What does Voldemort say to Wormtail before Cedric is killed?
Kill the spare
Flesh: What does Wormtail cut off himself?
His right hand
Blood: What does Wormtail take from Harry?
Bone: Whos bone dust does Wormtail place in the cauldron?
Tom Riddle Sr.
What colour is Wormtail's new hand?
What effect occurs when Harry and Voldemort's wands meet?
Priori Incantatem
What potion has Barty Crouch Jr. been using to appear to be Alistor Moody?
Polyjuice potion
What potion does Snape bring to force the truth from Brty Crouch Jr.?
What curse had Barty Crouch Sr. been using on his son to keep him under control?
The Imperius Curse
What did Barty Crouch Jr. transfigure his father into after killing him?
A bone
What group does Dumbledore dispatch Sirius to reinstate?
The Order of the Phoenix
Level 43
Jun 18, 2023
Can you also accept graveyard as well as cemetery?