Harry Potter Trivia - Order of the Phoenix

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Quiz by andwer21
Last updated: June 15, 2018
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All summer, Harry is looking for news of Voledmort in what?
The Daily Prophet
What attacks Harry and Dudley?
A dementor
Who is Mrs Figg furious at because he should have been watching Harry at the time of the attack?
Mundungus Fletcher
What does the howler Petunia receives by owl say?
"Remember my last, Petunia"
What do the witches and wizards who come to take Harry away call themselves?
The Advance Guard
Who is a Metamorphmagus?
Nymphadora Tonks
What is 12 Grimmauld Place the headquarters of?
The Order of the Phoenix
Where is Fleur Delacour working now?
Who has a portrait hidden behind curtains to stop her yelling?
Sirius's mother
What does Cornelius Fudge beleive Dumbledore is after?
His job
Voldemort is after something. What is Sirius able to say it is before Molly and Lupin ask him to stop?
A weapon
What is the name of the Black family's house elf?
Who was Sirius's younger brother?
Regulus Black
What number is used to enter the Ministry of Magic through telephone booths?
Who is Cornelius Fudge seen meeting with right before Harry's trial?
Lucius Malfoy
Who is acting as head of the Wizengamot, overseeing Harry's trial?
Cornelius Fudge
What is Molly Weasley's worst fear?
The death of her family and Harry
What Hogwarts house is Luna Lovegood in?
What can Harry see pulls the Hogwarts carriages?
Who is the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor?
Dolores Umbridge
Who does Harry argue with over their mother beleiving the Daily Prophet about Harry and Dumbledore?
Seamus Finnigan
Who is the new Gryffindor quidditch team captain?
Angelina Johnson
What does Umbridge make Harry write with his own blood during detention?
I must not tell lies
Who was chosen as the Gryffindor quidditch team's new Keeper?
Ron Weasley
Who was arrested for breaking into a top secret room at the Ministry of Magic?
Sturgis Podmore
What position is Umbridge appointed by the Minister of Magic?
Hogwarts High Inquisitor
Where do the students interested in starting a group to learn defensive magic from Harry meet in Hogsmeade?
The Hog's Head
What is the group called?
Dumbledore's Army
What room does Dobby show Harry as an ideal location for secret meetings?
The Room of Requirement
What was the name of the Giant's Gurg before Golgomath killed him?
Who does Harry see being attacked by Nagini at the Ministry of Magic in a dream?
Arthur Weasley
What is the wizarding hospital called?
St Mungos
Whos parents are in St Mungos after being tortured to insanity?
Neville Longbottom's
Which former Hogwarts professor is staying in the hospital?
Gilderoy Lockhart
What does Snape begin teaching Harry?
What paper does Hermione blackmail Rita Skeeter into writing a favourable article about Harry in?
The Quibbler
Who replaces Trewlany as the Divination teacher when she is fired by Umbridge?
How does Dumbledore escape Hogwarts after Dumbledore's Army is revealed?
Fawkes takes him away
What is Snape's worst memory?
Being bullied by James Potter
What method of transportaiton do Fred and George use to leave Hogwarts?
They fly on broomsticks
What is Hagrid's half-brother's name
What O.W.L is Harry taking as Umbridge tried to evict Hagrid from Hogwarts?
In which department of the Ministry of Magic does Harry see Sirius being tortured in his dream?
The Department of Mysteries
What exactly has Voldemort been seeking all year?
A prophecy
Fill in the blanks 1
The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches...
Fill in the blanks 2
... born to those who have thrice defied him...
Fill in the blanks 3
...born as the seventh month dies...
Who kills Sirius Black?
Bellatrix Lestrange
What does Sirius Black fall backwards through to his death?
A veiled archway
What does Voldemort attempt to do to Harry as he battles Dumbledore?
Possess him
Why did Voldemort mark Harry as his equal?
Because they are both half-blood wizards
What has Sirius given Harry so they could always communicate?
The two-way mirror
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