Red Rising Characters

Can you name all the main characters mentioned in the Red Rising books?
Quiz by GazEls
Last updated: February 29, 2024
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Main Character (Red/Gold)
Darrow O’Lykos (Reaper)
Main Characters First Wife (Red)
Eo O’Lykos
Main Characters Second Wife,
Part of house Minerva at the institute. (Gold)
Virginia au Augustus (Mustang)
ArchGovernor of Mars,
Ordered the killing of the main characters first wife. (Gold)
Nero au Augustus
ArchGovernors Son,
Cuts his hand off. (Gold)
Adrius au Augustus (Jackal)
Main Characters ally in house Mars, turned enemy, turned ally once more.
Twin bother to Julian, whom the main character killed in the Passage. (Gold)
Cassius au Bellona
Main Characters ally in house Mars,
Founder of the Howlers,
Second in command behind the main character,
Eventual leader of the Sons of Ares (Red/Gold)
Sevro au Barca (Goblin)
Main Characters lieutenant,
Son of Volsung Fá. (Obsidian)
Ragnar Volarus
Lieutenant of the main character,
Wife of the leader of the Howlers. (Gold)
Victra au Julii
Queen of the Valkyries,
Sister to main characters Lieutenant,
Remained quiet which earned her her nickname. (Obsidian)
Sefi the Quiet
Richest man in the Society through ownership of the helium-3 refineries on Phobos. (Silver)
Regulus ag Sun (Quicksilver)
Main Characters uncle,
He is caught sabotaging the Jackal's satellites (Red)
Narol O’Lykos
Main Characters mentor in the Sons of Ares,
Now a powerful senator in the Republic and leader of the Vox Populi faction. (Red)
Dancer O’Faran
Former Sovereign of the Society.
She ruled for sixty years and is a staunch believer that the color system. (Gold)
Octavia au Lune
Former Proctor of Mars at the institute, father of the lead Howler. (Gold)
Fitchner au Barca (Ares)
Ally of the main character in house Mars,
Imperator of the Sovereign's Sword Armada (Gold)
Roque au Fabii (The Poet)
longtime ally to the main character and the new sovereign,
father of Daxo and the deceased well built Gold, we was the main characters ally in the institute. (Gold)
Kavax au Telemanus
Grandson and heir of the former Sovereign. (Gold)
Lysander au Lune
The former Sovereign's Protean Knight,
Known as the best swordswoman in the books. (Gold)
Aja au Grimmus
The former Rage Knight, master of The Willow Way.
The main character was his last student. (Gold)
Lorn au Arcos (Stoneslide)
Master carver, changed the main character from a Red to a Gold. (Violet)
Legionnaire secretly working for the Sons of Ares, and the main characters deputy.
Her brother Trigg is killed rescuing the main character and the lead howlers wife from imprisonment.
Loyal to the new sovereign. (Gray)
Holiday ti Nakamura
He is the supreme commander of the Sovereign's fleet, was killed by the main character in his sickbed. (Gold)
Magnus au Grimmus (The Ash Lord)
Companion of the Jackal and the leader of his Boneriders division,
She is placed on the Jackal's flagship to detonate nukes on Luna. (Gold)
Lilath au Faran
ArchGovernor of Io, he secedes from the Society in the Second Moon Rebellion.
Sovereign of the Rim Dominion. (Gold)
Romulus au Raa
The Ash Lord's daughter,
Eventual leader of the society. (Gold)
Atalantia au Grimmus (Venusian Fury)
The main characters and the Howlers break him and several other Golds of the Society Remnant out of Deepgrave as part of a plan to infiltrate Venus and assassinate the Ash Lord. (Gold)
Apollonius au Valii-Rath (The Minotaur of Mars)
Leader of the Ascomanni and an Obsidian agent of Legion Zero Pavor Nocturnus. (Obsidian)
Vagnar Hefga (Volsung Fá)
A very large and well-built Gold who attended The Institute with the main character.
Drafted into House Minerva with the main characters second wife. (Gold)
Pax au Telemanus
A lowRed of Mars, ex-member of the Sons of Ares, ex-leader of the Red Legion and leader of the Red Hand. (Red)
Harmony (Harmonia/Sister of Ares)
He served as the Fear Knight until 739 PCE, when the former sovereign sent him to the Kuiper Belt following the death of his friend.
Following the death of the former sovereign , he returned to the Core to fight on behalf of the Society Remnant. (Gold)
Atlas au Raa
He is an Obsidian warlord who served the main character.
He is a Royal Concubine to the Queen of the Obsidians.
He is considered the main characters greatest armoured cavalry commander.
He is also known as "Big Brother" by the other Obsidian, and "The Sky Bastard" by the Golds. (Obsidian)
Valdir (Unshorn/SkyBastard)
Level 51
Mar 28, 2024
Nice quiz! Best book series!!
Level 47
Mar 29, 2024
Thank you!

I totally agree with you there. An amazing book series. Looking forward to the final book next year.